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Hi everybody,

It is very rainy here today, and it is supposed to hang on for a few more days. I want to curl up and sleep.

I'm eating a dreamy bowl of sausage-lentil soup, which aged beautifully in the frig this week. I'll have to go to the freezer for my fix after this.

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Hi everyone,

I am so totally excited about Christmas this year. DH got a great bonus and he bought me a full yrs. gym membership with 6 sessions with a personal trainer. He called and got a permission letter from my Hepatologist that stated I could join but I can't do the abdominal machines. I can do the water aerobics , the cardio stuff and the stuff to tone my arms and legs. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect gift. In return, I bought DH a yrs. membership to the golf course so he can play golf to his heart's delight (when he's not at work, LOL).

I've been wanting a gym membership for a long time and my MIL kept griping and telling me I have no business working out. Now, that it is Dr. approved, I am not going to listen to her.

Jessica, I saw your post about saving your bonus each year. This is the first time we've ever got a big bonus, and it is being spent for Christmas. He will get quarterly bonuses that we are planning on remodeling our home with. Hmm, maybe someday we'll get around to saving his bonuses. We are contributing pretty heavily to his 401K that the company matches.

Carolyn, hugs, I hope you can get the right combo of med's that is suitable for you. I know how stressful med. changes can be and how intimidating it is to be on one that can cause weight gain.

Our weather here is crazy. It's been in the 20's at night. Right now it's almost 70 degrees today.

I'm off to do more shopping for the kids. Hope everyone has a great weekend.
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Hey everyone,

Today hasn't been the best. My girlfriend, who has chronic migranes, has been having a migrane lasting three days. She can't take any more fast acting medication (and it isn't working for her right now anyway) and if she doesn't get any better, she's going to have to go to the ER. I hate seeing her in so much pain and ER's suck. For anyone who hasn't set foot in one, the rumors are true: you usually have to wait forever and a day, hospital beds are uncomfortable, and it's expensive as all ****. They even charge you $5 for a small bar of soap! I'm not even joking!

We're broke until Tuesday so I've been eating crap food for the last couple of days because that's what we have left.

On a lighter note, I finally caught "Return to Fat Camp" on MTV yesterday. It was just as delightful and hilarious as the first one. Show of hands... has anyone else watched it?

Lily - YAY, what an awesome gift! Your DH's (somewhat) new job sounds amazing.

Carolyn - I'm crossing my fingers for you - I hope this "third" med does what it is supposed to do without ruining your weight loss progress or making you miserable with the side effects.

Lisa - Mmmm Cheesecake Factory! Have fun (if you have not gone already). I actually considered becoming an English teacher myself, after contemplating being a music teacher first. The problem is that I feared exactly what you're facing: indifferent students making their best attempts to ruin my passion. Anyway, I am glad to see you got your love for Shakespeare back. I actually liked it in high school because reading lines from his plays as convincingly as possible helped my acting skills.

Wendalyn - here's a big hug for you. Were you very close to the aunt who died?

Pat - here is a hug for you, too, since you feel achy and tired. Nothing wrong with a day of extra sleep, though.
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Hi all!

I had a bit of a shock this morning. I forgot to weigh in yesterday and did it today instead. I was 140.6!!! I’ve been holding steady at 137 for over a month and my weight doesn’t fluctuate much so I was a bit freaked out. Besides, I've had it in my head that I'd like to lose 2lb to get to a nice round 135. Is it really possible that I’ve had a real 3lb gain in a week?

After beating myself up and recommitting to my food plan, I’ve decided that it isn’t possible and that it was just yesterday’s excesses resulting in some bloat. I’m going to be saintly all week and plan to be rewarded on the scale on Friday. B*stards. I’ve been feeling fat this week too, which doesn’t help. I did have a nice long bonus workout at the gym today. 50 mins with the weights and 20 mins on the elliptical. I have another party to go to tonight and I’ll be drinking too much (drinking too much fits within my idea of ‘saintly’ ) again and then a second party later on. Oy. The holiday season! Yesterday was the last day of classes and I talked a great big bunch of my colleagues into going out for a boozy lunch with me yesterday afternoon. Followed by a boozy party in the evening. It’s no wonder my weight was up today, really, even if I did opt for a salad to accompany my wine.

Carolyn, I wish you luck with your new meds. I hope they work for your brain chemistry. I’m not worried about your weight. Even if the meds do correlate with weight gain, a vigilant little pixie like yourself will still be able to be in control. I have total faith in you.

Allison, I teach at a college with only 1400 students and I feel certain that the extra money is worth it (provided someone can afford it, of course.) I went to a giant state school for college and really, there is no comparison with the kind of attention and access to faculty and resources that the kids get here. The feeling of community, too, is very strong. It's quite nice really.

Lisa, congrats on the low-weight! I shall be coming to you for tips in the Spring. I’ll be teaching Othello in my Great Books class and I’ve never even read it!

Shane, hope your gf is feeling better. That sounds like a bit of a nightmare.

to everyone else.

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Hi maintainers,

Lilly - what a perfect gift from your husband !!! Enjoy enjoy ! Does this also mean that you'll be able to hang out in the pool overthere when it is summer again ???

Shane - Sorry to hear about the GF migraine. My DD has had migraines and I felt awfull not being able to help her. Does the GF get sufficient B vitamins ? because a shortage can contribute to getting the migraines. With my DD we tried to figure out the cause, and with here it was linked to low blood sugar and to stress. In her case, the migraines have vanished with het father (my XH).

Hi to all the other maintainers,
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Shane, I'm really liking his job now. The bonuses will help greatly in our remodeling efforts. Plus, him being gone every other week seems to be working pretty well for us.

I can't wait to start hitting the gym. My membership starts Jan. 1st and is pre-paid. I'm sure some people wouldn't want this as a gift, but I wanted this more than anything. The only other thing I had hinted about was a new set of pots and pans, LOL.

Rabbit, yes this means with his golf membership that me and the girls will be able to use the swimming pool all we want again next summer.

I've decided to maybe splurge a little extra on Christmas and get my 3 yr. old grandson one of those battery powered Jeep's to drive around in our yard. Here's hoping he won't ride it into one of our cars.
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Pretty harmless really...
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Here's hoping your girlfriends headaches subside, what a horrible thing to have to endure. Yeah me and aunt we very close, but unfortunately I lost her long ago, she had alzheimers for many years, so it was a sad slow death really.

No worries about your crappy eating, you'll be ok and back on track.
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