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Bringin' Sexy Back
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Hey Chicks,

I've been slacking and it is taking it's toll...Thanksgiving wasn't the problem...did okay...then completely lost all semblance of sanity for absolutely no reason that I can figure out... I started slacking on my two glasses of soy milk a day and my Progestacare cream...that might have done it. Then I just ate, and ate, and ate, and ate, everything from Halloween candy to the paint off the walls. I avoided the scale until today but I knew I had to keep accountable at least once a week. Up to 158.5 ugh. I am not changing my ticker just yet though...TOM came early (due to the soy milk slacking!) so some of it could be water. Today has been good so far, I just finished my yoga and meditation...I am on track and feeling pretty good despite TOM. I don't know if it was related but my mood has really sucked as well...related to DH usually...fear is a b**ch. He is doing fairly well though they had to postpone this round of Chemo due to low platelets so he is off schedule...has to go be re-tested on Monday.

Great Wedding pix!! Beautiful!! You should be so proud!

Great news about the book Shane! I would love to be able to do fitness for a living...can you say dream job?

Sorry everyone else...I haven't had time to go through the back pages of posts... Hope everyone is doing well!
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Originally Posted by Megan1982 View Post
Carolyn, I wish I lived near you and was as tiny as you, so that I could come and steal your clothes.
You made me LOL! Why don't you come up an visit me and I'll take you to my two favorite stores - Goodwill and TJ Maxx.

Tonight's ensemble pairs a flared boot cut stone washed low rise jean with this sweater
sans t-shirt, rust colored leather cloggs by Bass, and a very fitted tweed 3/4 length coat that's overall a loden color with flecks of deep purple, plum, lime green, teal, and royal blue. To accent the outfit, I'm wearing a goregous opal ring my mother brought back from Australia and a Navajo silver bracklet with a Gasperite stone (looks like Tuorquoise only it's lime green) we got while on a ski trip in Jackson Hole, WY. Plus a silver necklace with a nichel sized pendent by Tiffany & Co. commemorating the 2005 World Cruise we went on. We're having dinner with the couple who we met on the ship who gave me the memento. We're finally delivering the framed version of Moon Dancers which you can see on my web site if you Google CLV guilts. (Picture of the triple matt and cherry frame that my DH made is in the camera to be loaded on my site at some future date)

Tomorrow's surprise b-day/dance party outfit starts with fitted black dress pants (no pockets, no pleats, side zipped) a scooped neck crinkle tee with a black background and fuschia and white swirls plus a shear shirt in the same pattern. (Shane, you'd love it!) I'll arrive in killer black pointy toed shoes with ankle straps before switching to my butter soft dancing shoes. A simple string of white pearls will adorn my neck.

Since I absolutely hate to sweat (one of the many reasons I never gather the will power to exercise other than dance) on Wednesday I raided my summer closet (yes, I have a summer, a winter, a formal dresses, and 3/4's of the downstairs coat, closets!) for a sun dress that wasn't too summery in it's pattern so I could wear it to the West Coast Swing Dance Lesson and Party. Then I put on not one but two black sweaters to wear for the lesson part where we mostly stand around under the ceiling fans and forced A/C and listen to the instructors. It only takes a dance or two to get me peeling those sweaters off once the party part begins. Got a lot of comps on the dress, so people must not have thought it was too out of season.

You've all been taking about all the chains you like to go to. I've rarely had a meal that I've really liked at a chain. We try to go to more Mom & Pop type places that are reasonably priced. But then again, we have so many choices between Philadelphia, Jersey City, Hoboken, and NYC. We're very spoiled.

Tonight we're going to an Italian restaurant that only has 8 tables. They make the dinners to your order. I wish I knew of some outrageously good thing that isn't on your standard menus. I'll probably have something with a meat sauce (Umm, Gravy) and some oil olive sauted spinach with garlic. I already know the food will be very good because the World Cruise couple picked the place and their standards are very high.

BTW, what does TOM stand for?

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Jessica - thanks soooo much for the info on Pandora! I have an office that is in the center of the library, and we have a metal roof, so I have no radio reception. I get tired of the same CDs all the time, and internet radio, well it cuts out a lot, and has ads for yummy places I can't get to. THis is perfect.....
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Carolyn, TOM = time of month
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Lisa, hey, I've been feeling the same way. We're both the same weight and the same height. How about we keep each other accountable through the holidays, then start picking it up after the first of the year? I want to see 150 next year, or at least a size 8, whichever comes first.

Joyofsix, icky on the flu! Not a good way to drop pounds, but I have to confess, I do like weighing in after I've been ill. It's the only okay thing about being sick. You're so right about it coming back, though.

What lovely photos, Meg. It looks like everyone had a wonderful time. Looking forward to seeing more.

Allison, yuck on getting up early on a Saturday. Hope you have a good time at the Nutcracker. I've seen it once--and the guy dropped the ballerina. Not once, but twice. Luckily, she saved herself from a concussion by throwing out her hands, but that soured me on The Nutcracker. Probably all ballet--I keep picturing the ballerina being dropped on her head, lots of gushing blood, etc. No ballet for me.

Hope everyone has a good weekend. It's Civil War Saturday (football) here in Oregon. Thankfully it's not in my college town this year, but I'm looking forward to watching the game on TV.

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Sheila, that sounds like a perfect plan! Keeping each other accountable through the holidays, I mean. I needed someone to keep me accountable tonight, because I ate a big old chicken and cheese calzone at dinner and then had a stupid box of Bunch-a-Crunch at the movies! Bunch-a-Crunch? What was I thinking? Soooo not worth it.

Surely you're wearing 8s in some pants now - you weigh less than I do and we're the same height, and I've got some 8s, though 10s are generally more comfy. Depends on where I get them, I guess, since sizes are different everywhere. I couldn't believe it the first time I bought an 8 -- just knowing that I'd gone from a 22 or 24 to a SINGLE digit! Craziness.

Jessica, I want to thank you too! Pandora looks really cool. I haven't had a chance to play with it much yet, but I plan to. Woohoo!!
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Thanks Meg (hot mama of the bride). Beautiful bride too. A whirlwind of fun, isn't it?
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Good morning, Susan!

How did it get to be December 1? What happened to November?

We all need to keep each other accountable this month. I have a distinct memory of sitting right here in front of the computer last December 1 and posting about what I wanted to weigh on January 1, 2007. I remember writing my weight down on a Post-It note and sticking it right here on my monitor. It worked and I maintained my weight all last December, so I'm going to do the same thing this year. Post-It now stuck on monitor: "January 1, 2008 - 140 pounds". I'm currently at the very top of my maintenance range after the crazy month I just had and would like to lose five pounds, but would be satisfied with staying the same, then hitting it hard in the new year.

Lisa, is it really ever worth it? It's not very often that I've eaten something that tasted as good as I imagined it would. And then I get mad at wasting the calories and watching the scale go up. Of course, once in a while it IS totally worth the calories but that seems to be the exception to the rule (at least that's what I keep telling myself!)

Here's a for Joy-Lisa! Hope you're feeling better soon. Didn't you know that moms aren't allowed to get sick?

Good to see you posting again, Anne! I hope you're seeing light at the end of the tunnel.

to everyone else!

Today is our monthly trek to my MIL's farm. We need to get out of there before the predicted freezing rain, snow, and sleet hits tonight so it will be a brief visit. She didn't make it to the wedding (New Mexico was too far for her to travel) so I'm taking my laptop with all the informal family snapshots to give her a sense of all that went on.

DS is sick with a nasty virus and I'm hoping not to catch it. Like I said, moms aren't allowed to get sick!

Here's to a lovely, healthy, restful weekend for everyone.
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3 + years maintaining
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Actually Meg, I remember a thread here at the Maintenance Forum asking where we want to be come January 2008 or something like that. I think I said that I wanted to be a maintainer. Maybe I should go find that thread and see how we all said and how we did.

Oh and Lisa, it's sooo rare that we actually say, "Oh that was definitely worth it, I'm just so thrilled to pieces that I ate that ___________." So incredibly rare.

Have a great weekend everyone.
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Happy Satuday everyone!!

This is the first saturday in a while I've stayed in B'ham and had NOTHING to do...I've been on the road for baby showers, football, and thanks giving for the past month! It was great waking up without an alarm too, even though I naturally got up around 8. I may not make it to the gym today..I have a lot I want to do around the apartment and then I'm finishing up my Christmas shopping and watching the SEC Championship game(Go Tigers!!). I may hit up the treadmill in the apartment complex for a few minutes though.

Its Dec.1st and I'm almost completely done Christmas shopping!! So I may be purchasing a few items for myself, haha.

Have a great day everyone!
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Morning everyone!

DGA, I can't believe you're already done with your Christmas shopping!!! Aside from some bf-present research, I haven't even started THINKING about it!

I need a kick in the pants. My food has been ok (not great, but ok although I haven't been logging properly) but I have been really slacking with the exercise. I've started making excuses not to exercise. Wtf? I love my exercise so I'm a bit confused by my sudden laziness. Also, I forgot to weigh in yesterday and didn't weigh in last week because I was away for T-day. I have a horrible feeling that when I get on the scale this morning I'm going to weigh more than 140 pounds. Bah!

I'm going to be spending most of today cooking food for a dinner party tonight and I need to do some reading for class and some class prep but I should try and go to the gym. If I were a good person I'd go running with my dog, but it's still snowing outside and that doesn't sound fun. Or maybe I'll just do that anyway.

Argh! I feel so lazy. And also still sore from my lifting on Thursday.

Hope everyone else is doing better.
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Ok. Phew. Just weighed and I'm 137.1 which is pretty much where I've been for all of November. No damage from Thanksgiving and no damage from not exercising enough this week. But it's still no excuse. I need to exercise. Besides, I think I'd like to get down to 135.

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Hi everyone,

Meg, the pic's are beautiful. It does look like a lovely wedding.

As others mentioned, although I'm a few lbs. above goal, I will be happy if I can just maintain until after Christmas.

I had a super stressful day yesterday. My son was missing for almost 20 hrs. and didn't show up at his work. I had to contact everyone I knew, plus the police and every nearby hospital. He ended up coming home last night, unharmed. He had went to Karaoke on Thurs. night and his EX gf showed up, so he left and told me he would meet me at the house. Instead of going home, he went down to what we call "the bottoms" in his jeep and was scouting out a place to set up his deer stand. He got stuck and couldn't get out. Some deer hunters found him late yesterday evening and pulled his jeep out of the mud. He had walked several miles and was freezing. (all he had on was a long sleeved shirt and jeans with no coat in 37 degree temps). The only reason he hadn't started walking earlier was fear of freezing. He did say that while he stayed with the vehicle he at least was able to turn the heater on every so often to warm him up. We talked to his job last night and they were very worried about him and were super glad he is OK. I don't know what made him do such a dumb thing in the first place except he was depressed seeing Laura and just wanted to get away by himself for a while. Today he is at his Army Drill. I'm so totally relieved that he is OK.

I'm keeping my grandsons overnight tonite. It should be a fun activity-filled evening.
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Chuggin' along...
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Hi everyone,

I typed a big, long post yesterday and the computer timed out when I tried to post. How annoying! (My roommate left her laptop here to entertain me on the couch, and I'm, umm...borrowing wireless from the neighbor? ) The dr. said my surgery went well and she didn't have to dig around much to find the pieces of the SEWING NEEDLE that were in my foot! She said it was oxidized and looked as if it had been in my foot for 1+ year. Eek! I'm not really allowed to walk, except to go to the bathroom, for a few days, and have to elevate and ice a lot, but it's not too painful. I've watched a lot of TV, done a lot of online Christmas shopping, and talked to just about everyone I know on the phone. I'm bored and restless! I do have to keep the stitches in for 10-14 days and I'm not sure what kind of activity I'll be able to do during that time. However since I can't walk, I can't go to the kitchen much and haven't been hungry anyway since I'm just lying here like a blob. My roommates and BF have been very nice and taking good care of me.

I agree that we're all here to keep each other in line during this particularly challenging time of year. I think at this point, my goal is to get my foot back into shape and maintain my weight. If I get clearance to work out sooner than later, that goal will change.

Meg, you look beautiful in your pictures! Your daughter does too. Congratulations to you for feeling so good in your own skin - you worked so hard to lose and keep on that weight, and I'm glad you felt so great about it on an important occasion.

Lily, OMG! Thank goodness your son is safe and sound! How scary.

Carolyn, we don't have any "good" goodwill or thrift stores but I also love TJMaxx, Ross, and Marshall's. I got 2 really cute purses a few weeks ago, some pants... so fun!


DGAdDawg, I do the same thing - I buy myself things when I mean to shop for others! Oops!

Robin, I agree - when I say to myself, okay, I'll eat this ___ as a special treat, I'm often disappointed. I really need to learn to stop eating it if I bite into it and am disapointed!

joyofsix, hope you feel better soon.

Ravengirl, it's ok, now that you've recognized it you can get back on track.

Shane, your ebook sounds awesome! Be careful on those roads! (Not that it's your fault, I know there are many crazy/bad drivers out there - I guess I'm saying be a defensive biker, like a defensive driver.)

Hi everyone else. I hope this posts this time!
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Working My Way Back Down
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Having a good Saturday here. The house is clean, I've been to the gym, had lunch, and the laundry is chugging away. DH is laying down for a bit then we'll be off to Anchorage to do some Christmas shopping and go to a free concert that one of my employees is in (Sweet Adelines).

It's a beautiful, though cold, day. Sun is out and making all the frosty trees sparkle. Sunrise - at 9:15ish - was beautiful this morning. Our living room faces east so we had a fantastic view.

Lily - glad your son is safe.
Megan - a sewing needle? that's scary! Hope you heal quickly. Meanwhile, enjoy being waited on.

Have a great weekend!
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