Maintainers Chat - Week of November 26 - December 2

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  • Hi all - still struggling... I went through a struggle on a smaller scale when I was bouncing around the 150 barrier, I have something psychological going on where I keep sabotaging myself, but I dont know what it is. Being sick is NOT helping.

    But as long as I keep battling I am not losing too much ground. I keep getting to 129, then binging my way back to 133. I think I have lost these 4 lbs 15 or 20 times now

    I was going to go read but ds just awoke.
  • Hi everyone!

    It's snowing here today! We've already had more snow this year than we've had in the last 2 winters that I've lived here. I don't teach today and I had a hairdressers appointment (color + cut = 2 hours) so I've decided to do my grading from home and skip the office until later. I should make myself a fire.

    Ennay, sorry to hear you're having troubles with the eating. I always feel distressed and out of control when I find myself behaving like that. It's not nice.

    Cheers to everyone!
  • TGIF!

    It's been a nutso week here, trying to regroup after the wedding and then realizing Christmas is right around the corner. My eating fell apart THIS week, not last, which is weird except that my stomach was in knots all last week. And I've only been to the gym once.

    So it's Back to Basics here: planning, gym, Fitday, counting, measuring, and accountability (that's you guys ). I need to stop this RIGHT NOW before it gets out of hand.

    I only have one decent snapshot so far of the wedding. The professional photos will be ready in about a week, but here's one of DH and me walking DD down the aisle (she's crying and my eyes are closed but it's the best I've got ):

    And here's DD with her new hubby and stepson, cutting the cake:

    At the risk of repeating myself, I have to again say that I am SO HAPPY that I'm not looking at photos of myself walking down that aisle at 257 pounds!!
  • Two things, Meg:

    1. Your daughter is beautful.

    2. So are you. I can't believe you're 53... you have really good skin.
  • Meg, Shane is right! Your daughter looks soooo beautiful, and you can't possibly be 53! Looks like a lovely wedding.
  • Beautiful pics Meg. Your daughter looks radiant. I love the picture with her new family by the cake. And you are looking quite excellent yourself young lady. Ahhhh.... weddings. Thanks for sharing.
  • Hi everyone ~ AWESOME PICS MEG! GORGEOUS both of you!

    Still yo-yo with 169-171....not complaining!

    Busy-busy with work and church.........

    Off to work - Have a great week-end gals.
  • Beautiful pictures, Meg!!

    I've had a great week exercise-wise and food wise. I skipped the gym wednesday because I got my haircut and my stylist styled it and told me I looked "too diva" to go to the gym and mess it up...haha, it didn't take much to convince me.

    Sad thing is, I'm slightly dreading the weekend cause I have nothing to do! My roommate moved out a few weeks ago for a job in NOLA...I have a few friends from the internship, but I met them thru her mostly. I emailed them all to see if they wanted to shop on Saturday and one said maybe. And then another and I are volunteering at the Ronald McDonald house on Sunday. But I have no plans for tonight! I mean, if I just has someone to sit and chill with and watch tv...some human interaction please!! haha. I dunno..i've always said I'd get a 1 bedroom once I get a real job cause I want to decorate it and all, but it sure is lonely! Of course, I'll more than likely be in Georgia so I'll be closer to my friends...

    Have a great Friday everyone!
  • Morning everyone!

    Great photos Meg! You and DD both look gorgeous! And I love the cake photo too.

    DGA, I've had the opposite week from you. Ok with food but bad with exercise. I keep waking up a bit too late and feeling unmotivated. Where did my exercise motivation go?????? I'm supposed to go running this morning, but there's snow on the ground and it's still snowing very lightly and I'm all sore from yesterday's workout. Still, the dog needs her walk so I really have to go anyway. It's nice to have a running partner who spends the work day locked in a crate. I'm less likely to want to cheat her than I am to want to cheat myself.

    We bought plane tickets yesterday to head to MA for Christmas with my family! Hooray! We've spent the last few Christmases with bf's family so this will be really nice. On the other hand, because we left the ticket buying so late, they cost an absolute fortune. Eeeeek. We'll probably be paying them off all year.

    And on with the day...Happy Friday, all!
  • Happy Friday indeeeeeeed!

    I've started writing an eBook. A weight loss eBook, speficically, but who couldn't figure that one out? By the time I finish writing it, I'll be a personal trainer/nutritional consultant (well, a certified one ) I have a lot of experience with internet marketing and a few good connections, so promotion will be somewhat easy... when it's compiled, I'll give a copy to anyone here who is interested - not that it will be much help to people who have already lost weight... or anything.

    I'm in a happy mood because I just drank a Tab Energy Drink. It's probably the best tasting energy drink out there. I would ask if ya'll knew that Tab was the first diet soda, but I know some of you are probably old enough to remember it. Of course, it got taken off the market because of saccharine (which apparently causes cancer) but you can still find it in some places. It's actually pretty good.

    DGA, aww, not having anyone to hang out with SUCKS! That is sort of how I've felt since I moved down here - I have my girlfriend here but no one else. I'm finally starting to make some new friends, but it took me almost two years to do it. When she's gone, it's boring as ****... I need human interaction too.
  • Great wedding pics Meg!
  • Meg, you and your daughter are both gorgeous!! Wow, you get your pro photos so soon? I am impressed, I won't be getting mine until next year.

    It is freezing in my office AGAIN. Today I am wearing two sweaters and a coat and my legs, feet, and hands are still freezing. I spent a little while looking up space heater reviews and I think I found one to try. My boss said a space heater is allowed, so that's the plan...

    I also just discovered Pandora. Have you guys seen it? It's an online radio, where you tell it what music you like and it finds similar things to play for you. You rate the stuff they play thumbs up or down, and it continually updates its selection based on your preferences. The only problem I found with it so far is that their library is missing my favorite band so they can't find the similar stuff. Then again my favorite band is Japanese so I'm not surprised, but still.

    Lunchtime! HOT FOOD!
  • Beautiful photos Meg! Can't wait to see more.

    Good luck with the ebook, Shane.

    Jessica~I just heard about Pandora this morning. It's really interesting, but the speakers on my work computer are not great. I'll have to explore more from home (but I don't spend as much time on that computer).

    Everyone have a great day! We're going to see the Nutcracker this evening (DD is in the pit band) and them tomorrow I'll be up extra early to get my parents to the airport. When I made the reservations last summer, the time was around a 10 AM departure. My parents got an email updating the time to something outrageous like 6 AM! Yuck! On a Saturday no less!
  • Hi everyone!

    Having a reasonably good day here -- the kids haven't been TOO crazy, and I actually had fun with my Shakespeare class. They're good kids, though. We laughed and laughed and laughed today for some reason.

    I haven't heard of Pandora, but now I'm going to go look it up!

    Shane, your eBook sounds cool -- I'm excited for you! And you're going to be a trainer -- that's VERY cool!

    Allison, have fun at the Nutcracker -- I love it but haven't seen it in ages.

    I've almost convinced myself to just maintain through the holidays and stop shooting for the 150s for right now. I think it would take away some of my stress if I just enjoyed the holidays and made sure I didn't gain. I've had a period of maintenance before, at 175 this past summer when I was training for my half marathon, and I did just fine with it. I'm stepping up my mileage now, so that should help me maintain. My plan is just to make sure I stay under 165. I was 162 yesterday and back up to 164 today. Hmmm...
  • Well, the good news is I dropped about 5 pounds this week,the bad news is it's because I've had the flu. Yuck, and of course once I feel better it will come back.
    Meg-you and your dd are gorgeous
    Shane-good luck on the book
    DGA-I remember being single and having just moved to a new city. Hugs
    Everyone else have a good weekend. I'm going back to bed.