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Mmm, my friend made the cheese biscuits for Thanksgiving to eat with the lobster we had instead of turkey! Soooo good...good thing she only made a small pan of them.

Shane, mmm, Publix light eggnog yogurt! I just finished my Publix lt wild berry crumb cake for a snack. I'll have to look for the eggnog next time I go to "the big city". I've made protein bars, muffins, and pancakes using protein powder from various recipes I've found on the site - mostly Meg and Mel's. I don't like the powder in shakes but I like the bar/muffin etc. form and it still has a lot of protein. I eat them as an after gym snack or even for dessert. I wish I had saved links to all of the forums I found them in. Here are a few. I think I found some in the maintainers forum and some in the former Ladies Who Lift area.

Jessica, congratulations on your 2 years of maintenance! I've also been a few pounds above goal weight during my maintenance, but Lily is totally right - think of the weight we've kept off for that time. I hope you meet some nice people at the dinner club.

LisaMarie, my mom always says her 5th & 6th graders get really "squirrely" before the holidays too. Sorry to hear it!

Lily, your stories about your daughter and stepdaughter's ideas about losing weight always make me roll my eyes b/c I did a lot of that stuff, too, when I was younger. I just didn't know enough about proper eating and nutrition! 's about your son.

Carolyn, I wish I lived near you and was as tiny as you, so that I could come and steal your clothes.

DGAdDawg, your sausage dish sounds yummy! Add me to the 100-cal popcorn lovers. I keep some in my desk at work for when I get the munchies.

I will be off line for a few days for my surgery. Thanks for the well wishes. Have a great weekend everyone!
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Shane, I was able to once find a whey protein powder that wasn't too bad. I just made fake chocolate shakes with it, using vanilla yogurt, ice cubes and extra cocoa powder (worth the calories). My grocery store has, very annoyingly, stopped carrying ANY whey powder at all. I bought some soy stuff and it was so completely disgusting that I couldn't stomach my fake milkshake. I had to dump the carton; a total waste of money. I've been looking for another carton of the whey stuff. Really, if you add in enough extra flavoring, the whey powder becomes unobtrusive.

Originally Posted by Megan1982 View Post
LisaMarie, my mom always says her 5th & 6th graders get really "squirrely" before the holidays too. Sorry to hear it!
My *college students* are this way this week. They returned from their weeklong thanksgiving break on Monday and classes end next Friday, so they are really starting to check out and long for the end of the semester. Of course, they don't understand that we faculty feel exactly the same way! My freshmen were practically comatose this morning. It sucks.

Btw, I've never been to Red Lobster but I'm starting to wish I had. Cheesey biscuits sound very yummy. For a while I had an addiction to the biscuits at Popeyes! They are so deliciously fatty! Fortunately there's not a Popeyes or a Red Lobster for more than 100 miles, so I'm probably safe! Although, biscuits are pretty easy to make...

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OMGoodness GALS


I gained a pound just reading and catching up

Thought this was the "MAINTAINERS THREAD"... my memory fails me again oh woe is me and my old age....

My niece works at Red Lobster...I have never been there, Angie got sick at Red Lobsters twice before we met so she refuses to eat there...I don't blame Red day I will sneak over and see my niece and get some of those oh you are all making me hungry cheesy biscuits!

Sorry I haven't been here every night at church for our new building...

I am back to my "day before Thanksgivng" low of 169.8

I have read the posts and I am "with you all" in thoughts and prayers....gotta go....
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Wow, I'm actually feeling like a human being today! Hope it lasts for a while.

Of course that means I was actually able to express myself today, which no doubt irritated a couple of people when I told them how they were screwing up. Mmmm, it's good to be me!

I for one think the cheesy biscuits at Red Lobster are disgusting. And the 100 calorie popcorn burns in my microwave, so I only have to worry about, oh, everything else!

Lily, your son sounds like a smart kid and that should help him out a lot. I'm sure all our thoughts will be with the two of you over the next year.

Megan, I hope your surgery goes/went well.

Congrats on your anniversary, Jessica. A milestone to be sure.

Hello to Kim, Meg, Carolyn, Allison, Glory, Lisa, Lisa, ennay, Robin, DG, Kery, bargoo, baff, Shane, & Pat! Did I get everyone? At least everyone who's posted this week, plus Gary, Mel, Tara, .... the brain fails at this point.

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Of course that means I was actually able to express myself today, which no doubt irritated a couple of people when I told them how they were screwing up. Mmmm, it's good to be me!

Yay Anne!

I think I gained reading this thread, too

Shane- I think the Myoplex tastes like driveway sealant, so you probably wouldn't like my recommendations for protein powders Just for the record, my favorite is SAN Anabolic Infusion, Dutch Chocolate. I also like the Light Muscle Milk, but both are pretty pricey. I also use HDT ProBlend 55. I'm very particular about the sweeteners used. I don't use powders much anymore, but up until a few months ago had at least one shake per day.

I have to admit that I've only eaten at a Red Lobster once, and it wasn't a pleasant experience!

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3 + years maintaining
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Congrats Jessica. 2 years maintaining is incredible. Really incredible. I hope to be able to say that one day.

Lily, your son sounds brighter and brighter every time you talk about him. I mean come on, he wants to find a gal like you. Only problem is, he's gonna have a difficult time doing so. They just don't make um like you very often.

Anne, so glad you're feeling somewhat better. You've certainly still got your sense of humor.

I went to a Red Lobster only one time. I don't even remember my experience there at all.

Hello to the rest of you maintaining folk.

I just got home from work a little while ago. I knew I shouldn't have left some of my exercise for the night, cause now I am too tired to do it. Oh well. So goes it. Night, night all.
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I wrote a big, long message here but my computer crashed!

Red Lobster has been slippin' up over here, so I haven't been going there too much. It's probably a good thing, because even though seafood is usually good for you, the way they prepare it isn't.

I've been putting my protein powder into some vanilla nonfat yogurt for the last couple of days and it isn't quite so unbearable. It doesn't blend in all that wonderfully and I can still taste the odd protein powder texture, but... oh well!

Megan - thanks for the links! I love Publix Wildberry Crumb Cake yogurt. Really awesome stuff. I like protein bars and muffins, too - I just bought the powder because it was relatively inexpensive and this particular one has 23g protein for 110 calories... that's a hard ratio to beat; it's even more concentrated with protein than beef jerky!

I'm sending positive surgery vibes your way.

Lily - sounds like Shelbey has some messed up ideas about weight loss! It's kind of funny that she has these crazy ideas when you're her step mom and you lost weight by eating a healthy, balanced diet.

I love the Bloomin' Onion, too, but did you know that eating 1/4 of it = 600 calories-ish? And unlike you, I just CAN'T order a meal and not eat it. You have more self control than I do. I love the chocolate wave cake, too, and the vanilla bean cheesecake. And the Sydney Sinful Sundae from Outback is also awesome.

Carolyn - our trigger foods are pretty much identical. I've been known to devour a whole bag of chips, so I avoid them entirely.

That's cute that you take your cat for a walk. Your cat sounds a lot like my dog; a typical walk with the dog also includes sniffing, walking, and of course (obviously exclusive to dogs) barking at everything and everyone.

If you go to that party as the sugar plum fairy, you must take pictures.

Jessica - happy two year maintenance anniversary! It's definitely easier to eat crap food while maintaining, I think... since you are allowed to eat quite a bit more while maintaining than you could while losing. It's easy to allow yourself leeway all the way around. Either way, you have still kept off a large amount of weight... be proud!

baffled, no Popeyes or Red Lobster anywhere near you?! WHOA!! You must live way out there I love Popeyes biscuits, too, on the days that they're good (it all depends, you know?) I love biscuits in general. *Sigh* Another food for me to stay away from.

Hi, Anne! You said hi, so I'm saying hi.

Mel - thanks for your input. If you think Myoplex shakes are gross (and they are the best I've tried so far), then your input is a WONDERFUL thing! I don't mind paying a higher price for something that actually tastes good and will last me a little while; the body results I will get from the extra protein will most likely be worth it to me. I saw Muscle Milk at Publix today... maybe when I'm done with this butt powder, I'll try it.
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slow and steady
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Thanks guys! Sometimes it really helps to hear the encouragement and think how I've maintained a loss of 47 lbs instead of thinking that I gained 8.

Anne - glad to hear you're feeling better!

Megan - good luck with the surgery! I hope you have a swift recovery!

Now I want biscuits......... Biscuits and gravy. Mmmmmmmm.

Shane - I have never tried protein powder, but I would imagine it probably tastes better baked into stuff than in a shake. Anything that tries to cover up its taste by pretending to be a chocolate shake is probably pretty nasty IMO! (like Slim-Fast, the most disgusting chocolate shake ever, etc)

I felt like a bag full of rocks when I woke up this morning. I was up half the night because there was a huge wind storm and it was so noisy I was afraid the windows were going to break, and when I managed to actually sleep, I had nightmares or bizarre dreams that weren't very restful at all. In any case I am awake now but man was it hard to get up. Glad the weekend is coming!
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Good Morning Fellow Maintainers! Haven't been posting here cause frankly I am having trouble keeping up and still "getting to know everyone". I do read daily though and learn much from you! So please forgive for not posting personals to everyone.

Shane You crack me up with your butt powder. Not sure I could continue to use something I so lovingly called that.

Jessica Sure hope your dinner club goes well. I know what you mean about making new friends. Heck I have been in this area for 10 years now and still just hang with the family. To bad we aren't a bit closer, I am south of Terre Haute, or we could get together sometime. Congrats on the 2 year maintence!

Megan Here's hoping the surgery goes well and you will be back to your normally scheduled program soon!

Wow all this talk of biscuts, bloomin onions and sinful desserts is making my mouth water! Food Porn indeed!

I need to find somewhere to get a body analysis done. Pretty sure our local gym here doesn't do them. I live in such a small town and the bigger gyms are 45 mins away and just not an option. I've still got some bulk around the belly and can't decide if it is fat or just extra skin. Weigh in today was 112.2 so I'm pretty sure I don't need to lose anymore. Just going to have to bite the bullet and find someone to tell me where to go from here. I'm the village idiot when it comes the these kinds of things.

Have a great day all!

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Hi everyone, I did pretty well all day with my eating yesterday and then blew it last night on no-bake cookies. My scale was up 3 lbs. today. Now, I'm very determined to behave myself and get that number back down. I am quite disgusted with myself this morning. I don't know why I had such a horrible craving for chocolate and gave in to it.

Yesterday when Lacy and Shelbey got off the school bus, they took off running across the yard. Shelbey fell in the leaves and Lacy tackled her in our yard. They were playing and being loud. The neigbors Pit Bull ran over and started growling and bearing it's teeth at them. I heard the commotion and ran outside. Both girls were crying and scared to death. It also scared me to death. I am deathly afraid of that dog and the owner does not have a fenced yard. I anticipate a lot of future problems with this animal. The neighbor did come outside and called off her dog. I got really angry over this incidence as the owner said "they shouldn't have been being loud, that's why Bruno acted that way". Good lord, they were just playing in our own yard. I really don't know what to do in the future. This little town doesn't have a leash law.

robin, I do have a very close bond with my son. It amazes me sometimes when he says such nice things to me. Last yr. he said "you know mom, I've had a good life. You've made sure we always had everything we ever needed and most of what we wanted". It means so much to me that he thinks I've been a good mother to him.

Shane, I think most of Shelbey's wt. loss theories come from her mother. Last night she had 4 strawberrry sodas, 2 packs of starbursts, 2 Reese's cups, numerous cookies and ate only green beans for dinner.
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Lily, that's so crazy and scary about that dog!! And what a silly person your neighbor is -- people are perfectly entitled to be loud in their own yards. Good Lord. It certainly doesn't mean they should be in danger from an out of control dog. I hope you can work something out so you and the kids don't have to be afraid!

It's so great that your son is such a mature young man who recognizes what you've done for him. What a wonderful gift to both of you to have that kind of relationship. I know it will be tough when he is deployed, but you're definitely a strong person and I know you'll get through it ok. And you've made him strong because you've raised him right, so he'll be fine. I know you must be so proud of him.

Jessica, I'm sorry you felt icky this morning and had restless sleep. I've been feeling off lately too, and I'm with you on being glad the weekend is coming!

The weekend is going to present some challenges with food. I have to go out to dinner and a movie with some friends who are definitely NOT watching their weight on Friday, and then I'm meeting a different friend for lunch and a movie on Saturday. Saturday night, I'm attending a Christmas party with LOTS of food (and I'm supposed to bring cookies). I'm quite sure I'll indulge a little, but I want to keep it somewhat controlled. I'll be doing an 11-mile run Sunday, so that should help a bit, but it won't make much difference if I don't try to limit myself on the indulgences. I'm feeling VERY bloated and icky lately, partly from PMS but also from gaining those Thanksgiving pounds. Sigh...

Running 6 or 7 miles after school today, so I'm hoping that will help me feel a bit lighter.
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I wanna be SUPERWOMAN!
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I got hit by a car this morning. It was only my front tire and I was fine. I thought the car was going to turn, so I crossed the street. The car ended up going straight Luckily, my bike was fine, too. I HATE DRIVERS HERE!!!

Lily, I can almost feel myself getting nausious just thinking about all that sugar Shelbey consumes on a day-to-day basis

That is ridiculous about the pit bull. I never knew anyone would have the audacity to blame someone for just playing in their own yard.

paperclippy - I'm sure you're right that the butt powder tastes heaps better baked into things. Most baked goods that I know how to make are pretty unhealthy, but maybe I'll try making homemade protein granola clusters (with oatmeal, butt powder, egg whites, splenda, oil, cinnamon, and vanilla). You're right, too, Slim Fast shakes are REALLY disgusting! I could never do a crazy shake diet.

Pacergal, yeah... THIS is how determined I am to finally obtain the muscle tone I want! I'll even eat BUTT POWDER! Do you ever watch Work Out on Bravo? There is this chick on there named Jackie Warner. She's amazing and has been my inspiration from the get go. Her and I have very similar body structures and what I love about her is that she is so fit and so toned without looking like The Incredible Hulk or a woman on steroids.

112.2? That's AWESOME!
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Working My Way Back Down
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Stephanie - don't worry about trying to respond to everyone - it takes way more time than most of us have.

Anne - I'm so glad you're feeling more human. And annoying people by asking them to do their job is right up my alley! I had to physically go hunt down my ice arena manager yesterday. He was in his office, but, uh, hadn't listened to his voice mails for 2 days and missed a meeting.

I'm not crazy about Red Lobster, but I do like Olive Garden. Yum. There are no chain restaurants in my immediate area (lots of fast food ones though), and even in Anchorage - 50 miles away - there are only a few: Applebee's, Chile's, TGI Fridays, Outback and Red Robin. We eat at Applebee's occasionally. They have a WW menu which is actually pretty good. If you get stuck at the airport your choices are Burger King, Starbucks, Cinnabons or Chile's - which makes Chile's look like a healthy choice!

Another weird winter day here - in the 20's and no precipitation in sight. My DH and a friend have gone off hiking, very pleased not to be dealing with snow. Me, I'm having another day of meetings - sigh - then off to the gym for some and
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Good morning everyone!

Shane~my brother often rides to work and one morning he hit a pothole and fell into the path of a car. The wheel stopped inches from his face! Be careful out there!!!

Anne~glad to hear you're feeling more like yourself!

Lily~step away from the cookies

Gary~I know what Angie means when she won't go back to a restaurant due to getting sick there. DH and I are the same about California Pizza Kitchen. We got sick once, thought is was a fluke, went again with my sister and her husband and all four of us got sick! I refuse to eat there (or buy their frozen pizzas).

Pat~when I was in Hawaii, DS and I ate a Chili's and they had a meal that was totally on plan-a whole wheat roll with a grilled chicken breast, tons of steamed veggies and a small cup of black bean soup. It was delicious.

Gotta run. Work calls. My weight post thanksgiving is starting on it's downward trend!
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Allison - that is so weird about CPK! We don't have one out here, so every time I go home to LA I always go to CPK. Been there a million times and I've never gotten sick.

Shane - be careful on the bike! Yeah, I actually did a slim-fast diet the first time I lost weight (gee, I wonder why I gained it back? ) but I couldn't handle the shakes. I'd have to chug them to stop myself from gagging at the smell. They make these "meal bars" that I ate instead. After a while those taste as crappy as the shakes though. As for baked goods, if you're trying to lighten some up, plain nonfat yogurt makes an excellent substitute for butter or oil!

Pat - that is so weird about the ice rink guy. What are some people thinking?

Lisa - good luck at the holiday party!

Lily - maybe you could find a book or website about basic nutrition for Shelbey? I admit, I had no clue about what was healthy and what wasn't for most of my life until I started losing.

It is FREEZING in my office today. (that was the best "cold" smily I could find!) The past two days, I haven't taken my coat off all day. You'd think being under a vent, I'd get hot air blowing at me from the heater. Instead it feels like they're running the A/C!!
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