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slow and steady
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Megan, according to the spreadsheet where I've been keeping track of things, here's my exercise history:
week of 10/24 - 10/30: 4 days of exercise (mostly light)
10/31 - 11/6: 5 days of exercise (half and half light and intense)
11/7 - 11/13: 4 days (half and half)
11/14 - 11/20: 6 days (mostly intense)

I've only been doing much weight stuff the past couple weeks though. I sure hope it has to do with muscle building because otherwise I'm worried there's something wrong with me!
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Mens sana in corpore sano
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Just saying hello for the time being. I have a boat load of work to do this week (a project I absolutely need and want to complete before Christmas, else I'll be in trouble when it comes to actually be on vacation >.<), so I'm trying to stay away from forums and such in fear of not working enough. I'll be back later on.
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Chuggin' along...
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Happy Tuesday all,

I'm in a little better mindset today. I ate clean yesterday, did an hour of weightlifting and strength training at the gym, and 20 minutes of elliptical (5 minutes more than the dr. suggested, but it didn't hurt anything! i swear!), so I feel much more on track. Amazing what one on-track day can do for the mind. I stopped hiding and got on the scale since Tuesday AM is my normal weigh-in day. 153. The same weight where it was so high in August I was at the end of my rope and "recommitted" to getting back to maintenance weight. What can I say - it's definitely my own fault! I'll just take it one day at a time and go forward from here.

Jessica, well... I still think you could be going through a muscle-building period, since you've been upping your intensity recently. Are you doing the same type of exercise, or are you switching it up? I wouldn't worry too much. Just keep up the good work!

Congrats to everyone who stayed on their plan, or in range, or however you would like to put it, for Thanksgiving. No wonder we have so many successful maintainers!
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Hi everyone,

Meg, it sounds like the wedding was lovely. I'm glad you were able to have your "it's totally worth it" moment. Loved the shoe story too.

Lisa and Megan, count me in too as someone that gain a large amt. of lbs. in a short time.

I'm back on plan and finally over the cough long enough to exercise. Things are pretty much back to normal around here. The girls are back at school. DH back to work this morning. I've spent a lot of time cleaning house, doing laundry and cooking. Yesterday we winterized our house and boat. Plus, I did some more Christmas shopping. I've now bought the gifts for 8 out of the 15 people on my list.

Only real change here is my son broke up with his girlfriend and he's a little bummed out. But, it was necessary since she was trying to railroad him to the alter and he wasn't ready. It's a bad deal cause he loved her and she just couldn't accept that he didn't want to rush into marriage before he gets deployed in February.
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Hi everybody. I'm finding it hard to post when all I find to say is that I feel about as lively as a wet sock. There has been some progress with the nausea, but still having issues with being able to breathe (disturbing) and fatigue. Second trimester is right around the corner though so I'm hopeful. I actually got out and walked a couple miles on Thanksgiving, so perhaps the light is at the end of the tunnel.

I figured it out that I've now had 29 weeks of fabulous first trimester pregnancy this year.

On the plus side, I had an OB visit just before Thanksgiving, and got to hear the baby's heartbeat again, so it looks like this one is definitely a keeper. I keep saying that with every bit of good news, but I need the reassurance right now.

On the down side, I caught a nasty GI bug over the weekend, and spent a couple days with my new friend, the toilet. The bug is gone now, but I could have lived without that on top of everything else.

LisaMarie, my weight can vary that much too, up to 5-10 pounds a day when I'm doing heavy training. When it is that much, I mark it up to electrolyte issues, combined with needing to eat vastly different amounts of food on consecutive days--more food on long runs, less on rest days. Usually it takes a race of a half mary or longer to get me to the 10 lb mark, but I have seen it happen just with training too. If it doesn't even out within a week, I know at least some of it is 'real' in the sense that body fat is likely to be involved.

I'll try to pull some energy together for personals later. I feel like a complete slacker, but am glad you guys are here.

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Morning, maintainers.

Anne: sorry your pregnancy has been tough. I had a fairly easy one, all in all, but I do remember enduring what seemed like weeks of sitting at my desk and napping between trips to the bathroom. Wet sock, indeed.

Well, The Bird is officially gone. The spuds and stuffing are clinging to life, but since I don't eat them anyway they're not my problem. Not sure yet what I'll cook for X-mas dinner, but I'm pretty sure it won't have wings.

132 this morning at the gym. So, I stayed within my 1 pound limit. Yay, me! . Just in time for more work-related dinners and the onset of a rash of holiday parties.

Have a good one, everybody!

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The Pink Champagne
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Just saying Hi to everyone...I got so far behind in last week's thread, I didn't bother to try and catch up, haha! Glad everyone had a nice holiday. Mine was very low-key...although my ex(not the recent one, but one from 2 years ago) did come for dinner. He's still in school and had to work on Black Friday. His hometown is over 6 hours away so it wasn't practical to go home. My house is only an hour was nice. Although now my recent ex, who I thought I may get back together with in the future, has told me he's tired of waiting on me to figure things out(granted, unfair for me to make him wait) and although he loves me, wants to "pursue other options" and said it'd be easier on him to not talk to me at all...hmm...

Gonna get myself in gear at the gym this week! Working on all this jiggly stuff I don't like!
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Kery, good luck with your project -- and good luck with staying away from forums long enough to work on it! It's hard to stay away (I'm supposed to be working right now, for example!)

Megan, I'm glad you had an on-track day and got back in the right mindset! I had a pretty good day yesterday too, and I even did some strength training for the first time in ages. My upper body is sore, and that's a good feeling!

Lily, I'm sorry to hear about your son's breakup -- that's tough. It shows a level of maturity, though, that he was able to end the relationship even though he loved her because he saw that it wasn't headed in the right place for him. Lots of young folks can't make those kinds of painful decisions.

Anne, here's hoping that you can get some energy back soon. That walk you took on Thanksgiving is certainly a good sign!

Kim, good job staying within your weight limit. I certainly didn't!

I was down to 164 this morning, so 2 of the "Thanksgiving Six," as I'm calling those nasty extra pounds, are officially gone. Time to work on the other ones. I would love to see the 150s by my birthday, which is Dec 12. On my last birthday, I weighed around 220, which was 55 pounds lower than my highest weight and was a halfway point toward my goal of 165. I was feeling pretty good about my progress then, but this year is just a whole different level.

Hope everyone's day is going well! I should do some work, I suppose, before I have to teach my next class...

Edited to add: Hi, DG! We posted around the same time, and I didn't want to leave you out!

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Fast moving thread!

The wedding sounds wonderful, can't wait to see pictures.

I had a pretty good Thanksgiving, too much pie and eating out in restaurants, scale is up 2 lbs (back up to 130). I have to get focused, I still have to get through Christmas and I have that event in Vegas on January 3 (no time to recover from Christmas AT ALL) that requires me to wear my new suits (that currently fit perfectly). I joined the fitness center where I work, I'm the laziest person when it comes to exercise, but I figure a little cardio over the next 4 weeks can't hurt. I would love to hit Christmas at 125-126 to give me a couple of lbs wiggle room for Vegas!!!!
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Good morning everyone.

I had a fabulous run this morning! I actually felt like I was really moving--I was much faster than usual and it felt good. All that is good because eating hasn't been so good (it's hard with house guests, holidays, birthday celebrations, etc.). My weight is up to 147. While I'm sure it'll go down fairly quickly, I still don't like seeing that number when exactly 1 year ago I was 136. Also, I have a plan--as a reward for paying $25 for the Turkey Trot, each person was given a free month membership at the gym that is 2 doors down from my office! I think I have convinced DH to do the month with me--as soon as my parents leave we'll go sign up. I'm hoping he likes it and we make it there at least 3 times a week. I don't know if I will continue with my running at home with the dog or at the gym, though. I really like running with Chico, but it's getting cold here and of course the summer is the worst.

Anne~wow. 39 weeks of first trimester! That's a whole pregnancy of 1st trimester! I can see how you feel as lively as a wet sock! It's good to hear that this one is healthy and soon you'll be adding a new member to your family.

Megan~did I miss the post? Did you get the surgery to get the thing out of your foot or are you still waiting?

I have to get going--work calls, so I can't get to everyone. I do have to add that my BIL called yesterday. My sister had her angiography yesterday and they were able to "clean out" the vessels enough that the doctor is confident that her circulation will improve enough to fend off the infection and she probably won't have to have her foot amputated. I haven't talked to her (she still in the hospital) but I'm sure she is very relieved about that.
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3 + years maintaining
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Hi folks. I'm another one who gains a whole load of weight from one off day of eating. I've gained up to 9 lbs, just to drop 5, yup 5 of them the following day. So strange. And within 5 - 6 days of back on plan eating - it's all gone and usually a little bit more. This has happened several times to me since I've been in maintenance. The first time I nearly passed out. Come to think of it, the 2nd and 3rd times too. But now, I've come to expect it and can deal with it.

Allison, that's great news about your sister. Yay!!

Anne, I'm sorry you're feeling so lousy. I can't imagine that. I was very, VERY fortunate that I barely had any nausea at all while pregnant. Hopefully you will be feeling much better soon. I'm so glad you got to hear the baby's heartbeat. Of course it's always a wonderful thing to hear.

Lily, that's rough about your son. He certainly is a mature young man. I'm sure once again, you are very proud of him.

Glory, glad to hear you joined the fitness center. Sounds like a great idea. Hopefully you'll love it and get totally hooked.

Kim, great going on staying within your limit.

Megan, I know just what you mean. It's amazing what one day of being on track can do for you. I hope/know that this is the start of a good run for you.

Gotta run now. It's almost time for me to get to myself to the job at the gym and I've still got lots to do on this end. Yikes. Gosh, time is so scarce these days. So hi to the rest of the gang.
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Boston Qualifier and MOM
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Anne, been thinking about you
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Working My Way Back Down
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Morning all.

I had literally a whole day of meetings yesterday - starting at 10 am and ending at 5. I ate my lunch - such as it was - in the car between meetings 2 and 3. Ack. Don't need a day like that again any time soon. I did go straight from the last meeting to the gym and did a HIIT session on the elliptical. Felt much much better. Did my knee exercises afterwards and also some squats on the ball against the wall. I'm sore today, but not as bad as last time.

Anne - glad things are going well with this pregnancy. Hope you're feeling perkier soon.

Megan - how long will you be laid up with your foot surgery?

Meg - sounds like a great T'day and wedding. Good for you on not gaining anything!

Here I go again, leave the reply open and then when I come back I've totally lost what I was going to say. Bother.
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Chuggin' along...
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Allison, Pat, my surgery is Thursday. I can't wait to get rid of my lump and do real cardio again! (I've started referring to the lump on my foot as "my lovely lady hump" like in the Fergie song all over the radio... don't know why I find this so amusing.) I'm not sure how long I'll be out - the dr. said a few days. I have my pre-op visit this afternoon and have a list of questions to ask.

Pat, sounds like you didn't have a very fun day yesterday! There's nothing like a good workout at the gym to work out the kinks after a long day at work.

Robin, yup, I've learned a lot of it's water weight. I don't count it as "real" weight until it's been there for 5+ days of clean eats. These crazy bodies of ours.

Allison, free gym membership! Yes! What a relief to hear some good news about your sister. Glad to hear it.

Glory, that's motivation to eat well! Last year my sis got married Dec. 30 and my bridesmaid dress was sooo tight - needing to fit into certain clothes was really good motivation for me. I know you will look HOT in those suits Jan. 3!

LisaMarie, congrats to you for having such a great year!

DGAdDawg, sometimes we just need to take some time by ourselves to figure out what we want. Knowing yourself and your needs is a good thing!

Kim, way to stay within your 1 lb limit!

Anne, sorry you feel so bad. But I'm glad to hear all is going well with the doctor!

Lily, I agree, I think that was a very mature decision on your son's part, even if it causes him some pain now. Marrying young is not for everyone.

Kery, good luck with all of your work!
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Hi all
I'm dreadfully behind on the thread. I did see Anne's post. Wet sock about describes it. I had an early Christmas present today. Dh took a personal day and I got a massage and did my yoga. It's the first time I've been out w/o the baby for any length of time. It felt weird, but in a good way. I did get lunch out at Red Lobster. I had broccoli and broiled fish but gave in to the evil siren call or cheese biscuits. I forgot to ask them to not bring them until they were setting on the table smelling great. Oh well, on to tomorrow.
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