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Unhappy Desparately seeking...last minute T-giving survival strategies

Hi Friends--

So, even though I have maintained an 18 lb. weight loss (my tracker isn't up-to-date), I have gotten very nervous about how to manage tomorrow. This is partly due to anticipated stress--we will be visiting relatives who don't understand weight loss/maintenance efforts. They don't deliberately sabotage, but if there's going to be any healthy food there, it will be because I make and bring it. I am fine with doing that, up to a point!

So, in addition to lots of water, no alcohol, minimal stuffing--what else can I do to get thru. the day? I know I'll need to keep the sodium low so I don't bloat up over the weekend.

I did weights yesterday, am taking a Turbo Kick class tonight and doing a light weights workout tomorrow before we hit the road.

Any advice?

Enjoy the holiday.
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well i'm in the UK so we don't have Thanksgiving but here are my xmas strategies

- keep water on hand to sip. fills you up, and keeps your hands busy
- when you've finished eating, chew gum.
- offer to help do the dishes or something after the meal, so you don't sit around while people are still munching

Something you may have to deal with is people saying things like 'hey skinny, why are *you* watching your weight?' even in a jokey way, it can be upsetting/unnerving. Try and keep it light, make a joke back like 'you don't get a body like this for nothing, you know!'

and if you do eat a bit too much, don't beat yourself up over it, just get right back on track the next day.
Best of luck!
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It's one day. You're not going to regain the 18 pounds no matter what you eat.
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