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Default Maintainers Chat - Week of November 19 - 25


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Good morning everyone!

I'm actually pretty glad we do NOT have a Thanksgiving here, because it'd probably be a catastrophe. -_- Fortunately, it doesn't happen very often that I go into "auto-pilot" mode when it comes to eating, because when it does, my... (No need to say that this week, and until I get things enough in control again, it's going to be accountability threads and all that. Let's not go on goofing around and regain 10 pounds, m'kay?)

Apart from this, my plans are... just your average week, as usual? Work, school, homework. Trying to scrape some money to go back to my hometown and visit my parents next Saturday. Oh, and writing, because I'm crazy enough to do NaNoWriMo again this year, and the most surprising thing is that I haven't given up yet.
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Morning, maintainers.

Tough week for me ahead. Two work-related meals today (lunch & dinner), another on Wednesday. Then T-day with all its temptations. The gym is closed from Wed afternoon to Sunday night, so I can't even lift away the pounds. I'm already feeling the holiday bloat, thanks to all the work-related events last week (3 dinners, 2 lunches, 1 breakfast). Oh well, I guess my food budget will be lighter this month.

Speaking of which, one of the meals at one of the work dinners was a ginormous Porterhouse steak. It was at least 4" thick, 12" long, and 10" wide at its widest part. It came to the table propped up like a cow on its back, legs in the air; I could have sworn I heard it let out a hearty "moo" as the waiter set it down on the table.

At any rate, the person who ordered it (not me!) ate about half of it. I took home the leftovers and cooked them for dinner last night. (Hey, it was a $30 cut of meat!) Four of us couldn't finish the other half. Talk about American restaurants' portion inflation!

Meg, have a *wonderful* time at DD's wedding. Kery, I envy your business-as-usual week! All the other maintainers: hi, and have a great day!

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Meg, I think you havge the right idea about the turkeys!!
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Good morning :

Meg have a wonderful time. Hope everything is magical!

Well this morning I was 118.4. I jumped up and down from 118 on Saturday to 118.2 yesterday morning and Sunday was our Thanksgiving because we are going to have family leaving for out of town this week. I did fairly well. Loaded up on the veggies and tried to cut the carbs. I did well I think. I did have a small sliver of pumpkin pie. It was too yummy! I worked like an animal all weekend cleaning and getting Christmas decor up and helping my mom with Thanksgiving dinner. I did get a chance to do a small strength training on Saturday morning. I usually do all my heavy duty working out Mon - Fri, so that was a bonus I felt I needed.

As long as I stay between 115 and 125, I'm good. Bottom line. This week, despite the actual holiday it will be business as usual for me eating and fitness-wise!

Hope you all have a blessed holiday and enjoy that turkey and stuffing!
God bless you,

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Morning all! I made it through 3 days of event after event whew! I feel so much better today than I did thursday that is for sure.

Going to do the shopping for turkey day today...the turkey has been ordered, just need to pick it up along with the stuff for side dishes

Meg have a great time !! And I agree about the turkey...actually the turkey looks stressed and scared...its mr smiley who is the problem.
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Morning everyone,

It's *snowing* here right now!!! We get less than an inch per year where I live, so I'm hoping this little incident will take care of all the snow for the year. I'm trying to decide whether a little bit of snow on the sidewalks means I don't have to run with my dog this morning. Probably it doesn't...and the dog needs exercise anyway.

As do I. I've been eating like a fiend this week. I don't know what's wrong with me. I had 2 dinner parties this weekend and I ate too much at both of them. It's an inauspicious beginning to Thanksgiving week. I did an hour on the elliptical yesterday to counterbalance Saturday night's damage and to get a head start on last night's, but I'm feeling fat, hungry and out of control. Yuck. Definitely a run in the snow then!!!

Meg, have a wonderful week! I hope the wedding goes fabulously!

Despite the challenges it presents to one's diet, I like Thanksgiving. I'm not an American, but it's one of those holidays that is easy to come to love. Like Meg, I enjoy that it's about relaxing and spending time with people you love and eating and being festive rather than about shopping or religion. I always want to spend it with friends rather than family, but we'll be traveling to Distant Big City to spend a couple of days with bf's family.

Have a great week, everyone!
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My parents arrived Saturday and are doing great. They are about the same age as DH's grandparents and their health, while not great, is much better than DH's grandparents. It's amazing what at least a little activity will do for you.

I had a great weekend when my weight finally got back down to ticker weight, but it's back up a little today. I've been really good not snacking but I did have dessert twice this weekend. My parents usually can't get up from the table without eating dessert and although I can usually skip it, I feel "obligated" to sit with them while they have dessert and of course then I can't resist. I'll have to have more willpower.

Thanksgiving is shaping up nicely. I bought a ham and 2 18 pound turkeys. We'll have plenty of leftovers! I'm leaving work at noon tomorrow to go home and bake pies and get side dishes done.

Have a great week everyone!

(`'•.¸(`'•.¸ ¸.•'´) ¸.•'´)
(¸.•'´(¸.•'´ `'•.¸)`' •.¸)

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Have a safe trip. I'm sure the wedding will be lovely and go off without a hitch.

Kery, since you're doing it, should we call it InterNaNoWriMo? Good for you! I was gonna do it, but my first 7 days in November are always very busy. I think....March will be a good month and it will be my personal NoWriMo.

Good luck with the turkey roasting everyone!
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Meg, have fun at DD's wedding! Post some pictures of yourself in your mother-of-the-bride dress! I agree, that song "ironic" is full of non-ironic things. Oh well!

Well, I have still been 90% on plan, including going to the gym ALL FIVE DAYS last week and I am still gaining weight. 137.0 this morning. I guess it's not really gaining, I have been bouncing between 136 and 137 for a couple weeks. It's just disappointing since I feel like I should be losing given my calorie intake and exercise.

Thanksgiving is at DH's aunt's house again this year. I'm making three different desserts and a salad. Honestly, my ideal Thanksgiving would consist of a small amount of turkey, gravy, cranberry sauce, candied yams, and every kind of pie imaginable. I have the worst sweet tooth ever. I'm gaining weight just THINKING about it! In any case, this week I will be making TWO persimmon puddings (one for T-day, one for a pitch-in at DH's office), grasshopper pie, the salad of course, and a pear-cranberry pie from cooking light. My goal for myself: DO NOT LICK THE BOWLS.

OK, who am I kidding? I know I'm going to lick the bowls.
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Meg, hope you have a great time during wedding week! Looking forward to photos from the big day.

Allison, that's interesting about your parents health vs. your DH's grandparent's health. When I go to the gym, I've noticed people my Dad's age (91), who are lifting weights, doing the cardio machines, in water aerobics, and in general, getting around really well. My poor Dad can barely walk with his walker and has gone downhill mentally, too. I want to be like the gym people.

Jessica, I'm with you on the sweet tooth. Sugar is my downfall. My "perfect" Thanksgiving meal would be turkey (dark meat), stuffing (bread is a close second to sugar), and as many desserts as are available, the more the better.

So I had an NSV, and a pretty sappy moment, at the gym today. I was doing bench presses, and had one of the staff spotting me. A woman I'd never seen before came up to the staff person while I was lifting and asked how spotting was done (she's going to be on staff, I gather). After I was done, she said that she was inspired by how much I was lifting and that I had great arms and a great body. Oh, my! Nobody has ever said that to me in my whole life. I was stunned, and started getting misty, and couldn't really say anything. Later when I saw her, I told her how much her words meant to me. To come from morbidly obese to a stranger telling me I have a great body (words that really are hard to hear, frankly), is just mind-blowing.

That was the sappy moment. The NSV came when I had my body fat measured, and I'm 24%, which is in the fitness category. Yippee! Plus I lost 3 inches around my waist since June, and I'm well under the unhealthy waist measurement that's been in the news lately. Another yippee! And a good way to start Thanksgiving--will give me motivation to stay on track.

Hope everyone has a great day!

The grand essentials of happiness are something to do, something to love and something to hope for - A. K. Chalmers.

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Awesome, Sheila. Congratulations!
"And that's how Beowulf rolls"~ my DD
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Hi all,

Add me to the group struggling with eating. Eating has not been good for the past few (4-5) days. I've been eating some junk, but mostly just overeating - boredom, tired, my routine is messed up, lack of willpower, whatever. I only went to the gym a few days last week and I'm telling myself it's b/c my foot is hurting b/c I had to stand up a lot last week. But it didn't hurt that much, and I could have done more weights and cycling w/o stressing it. I'm trying to get back into a good mindset now that my play is over and I will be on a more normal schedule. The play went really well! We had big crowds and there's talk of doing "A Christmas Carol" annually.

We don't have a new oven yet and had to shut off the breaker for the entire oven, stovetop too, b/c it was making popping noises and the house lights flickered when we used the stove top. I am MAD at landlady's grandson for letting this go on so long when he told his grandmother he'd take care of it.

Sort-of NSV?: My roommate went to the bar Sat. and ran into the former desk person at the gym. He was trying to hit on her (unsuccessfully). She told me he said "You're Megan's roommate, right? Man, when she works out she's intense!" So... I guess intense is good? I'll take it as a complement.

Sheila, what am amazing complement!

Jessica, don't be discouraged about not losing. Keep at it! (But I'll be licking the bowls too, I'm sure. I'm in charge of pies to take to BF's family, since we are driving 6 hours and they are more portable that a lot of dishes.)

Kim, I love steak, but geez. That is ridiculous!

Meg, you're already gone, but I'm hoping you're having a wonderful trip! Post some pictures when you get back.

My first turkey dinner is the office Thanksgiving lunch tomorrow. I'm... just going to enjoy it. And do more exercise this week. I can't fight it.

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday!

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I will not eat the cookies in the Atlanta Bakery Box behind me (repeat/type 100 times). I have been telling myself that for the last hour! I come here to vent and what is in the little advertisment on this page? Pumpkin Pie from Wal-Mart! UGH! I will not eat the cookies.

I can not tell you how encouraging it is to come here and see in this group people struggling just like me! I know that even if I do slip (like I did this weekend) I will pick myself up, dust myself off and start anew. I will not eat the cookies!

Meg - Hope the wedding/week goes off without a hitch!

Kim, Baffled and Everyone Else - We will get through this week, and the next, and the one after that!

I will not eat those cookies!

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Stephanie, talk about slipping this weekend -- I just added up my calories and I ate over 3000 Saturday thanks to a 2000+ restaurant meal. I comfort myself by remembering that I used to eat restaurant meals like that 6-8 times per week, sometimes three in a day. Anyway, you can resist the cookies!!
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