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I'm with Lisa. I pretty much can't imagine why eating so little would be necessary or desirable, especially when it can't possibly be good for you.

Thanks Meg and Amanda for explaining the bit about the muscles. That makes good sense.
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Originally Posted by baffled111 View Post
I pretty much can't imagine why eating so little would be necessary or desirable, especially when it can't possibly be good for you.

Certainly not for any length of time. But a few days every now and then, especially when there are days of the week that are much higher and therefore your average caloric intake for the week is no where near 1000 calories, I personally, think it's okay. Provided of course that one is fully satisfied and not hungry. Being hungry is not an option IMO - ever. And when "they" say not to dip below 1200 calories, that's an average, so I really see nothing wrong with it - every now and then.

Another reason I find it acceptable for me is I believe when "they" say not to dip below 1200 calories, that's for an average person. Being only 5 feet, zero inches, I am by no means the average person. I just don't have the same caloric needs as taller folk, unfortunately . I used to kid about that all the time, if only I were taller, I could eat more and not be fat. Which of course is true - to an extent. The only problem was I was not only eating enough food for a 5 foot 10 inch person, I was probably eating enough food for TWO 5 foot 10 inch people.

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I fast seasonally. I have never done it for weight loss, more for spiritual reasons. I have, however, lost weight while fasting. I have a juicer and drink A LOT of juice... apple, carrot, beet, cranberry, celery, greens, etc. I usually drink fruit juices in the am for cleansing and vegetable juices in the pm for building. I try to do a 5 day fast in both the spring and fall. I very occassionally do a 1-3 day fast when I notice I have become less mindful with my eating.

I think it might be more challeging to fast in the winter, but if I felt the need I would stick with lightly steamed seasonal vegetables/greens and short-grain brown rice.

Good Luck!
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Thank you all for your responses!
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