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Default Today is my one-year maintenance anniversary

I thought, well, maybe it's time to post in the Maintainer's forum since I've been reading posts here every day for quite a while and feel like I know you all. Today I really feel like a maintainer, however. And it's become a little more difficult to post in the 100 Lb. Club because I no longer have much weight, if any, to lose. Currently, I'm 11 lbs. below my original goal, which was the high goal for Weight Watchers. The only reason I went with that was to avoid paying any more money. I love Weight Watchers, however, although I'm a calorie counter now and trying to follow a diet that will help build muscle.

For me, maintenance really does look like losing with a little more food thrown in. I still hit the gym almost every day, still journal my food, and for the most part, I still weigh and measure my food. Although I want to lose a bit more weight (because, really, will I ever be happy with my body? I've got some issues there!), I'm really eager to get my body fat percentage down. I have it measured by the same trainer at my gym, and it's been a while. I was teetering on the "fitness" level, and hope that my hard work has put me solidly in that category. It is certainly weird to be thinking that I may actually be "fit!" What happened to that old couch potato who got stress fractures in her feet just from walking?

On the personal side, I'm in my mid-50s (yes, you can lose weight while in menopause), have a blended family of five children ages 24 to 35, and one gorgeous granddaughter who is seven, lost my last of four dogs a few months ago, but still have three cats and and maybe last, but definitely not least, an incredible DH. I love to kayak, too. Any kayakers here?

Thanks for reading.
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Sheila and congratulations on your one year anniversary!! We're all so happy to have you join in here in Maintainers. Mel and I are especially thrilled to have another member of the Over-50 Women's Weightlifting Club. It's the Fountain of Youth, isn't it?

Please make yourself at home and jump in wherever you feel comfortable. I always read your posts in the other forums and know that you have lots of common sense and wisdom to offer, so we're looking forward to hearing lots more from you.
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Congratulations Sheila!!!!! Looking forward to chatting with you in the maintainer's forum!
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Sheila, Welcome and a Big Congratulations on your successful weight loss and maintenance. We're glad you joined us.
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Sheila, congratulations!!

It's so good to see you here! I've always enjoyed reading your posts and have received a great deal of inspiration from your successes. So glad you're here! I know how you feel about feeling weird about posting in the 100lb. club. I still post there sometimes, but it's different when you're at goal or have just a few pounds to lose.

Are you still running, by the way?
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Hi Sheila - Always glad to see someone else in the uh, women of a certain age group who's managed to lose during this time of life when our bodies only want to slow down.
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How could I forget that Pat is a charter member of the Old Lady Lifters too!
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Welcome, Sheila, and congratulations on your weight loss.

I love to kayak, though I can't call myself one (ED: a kayaker, not a kayak!): I haven't done it in years, not since The Boy was born. I'm also a fan of canoeing. You can take the girl out of Alaska, I guess, but not Alaska out of the girl.

At any rate, welcome, and I hope to see you in the chat threads!


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Hi Sheila. I'm so very glad to see you here, was actually wondering when you were going to pop in. Congratulations on your one year anniversary. I never stopped to think about it that way - about being a former couch potato. It really is something to think about just how possible it is to change ones life. And you surely have. I look forward to seeing you here in maintenance for many successful years to come!

Oh and by the way, my husband LOVES, just LOVES to go kayaking. He has 3 of them. Me, being morbidly obese when he took this on, has yet to step a toe in one of those tiny things.
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Congrats sheila! I always enjoy reading your posts and am looking forward to you joining us.

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1 year!!! WAY TO GO!!
That's a terrific and very exciting accomplishment!!!
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