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Default Preparing for maintenance?

Hi all:

I have been reading some of the threads about maintenance and they are very helpful. I want to mentally prepare for maintenance because I am getting pretty close to my goals and want to be ready cuz I know how hard maintenance is and how easy it is to slip back into old habits.

One thing I am doing is to make sure I am enjoying the changes in my body. Even when I cannot afford new clothes, I go and try clothes on to reinforce that I now can fit in smaller sizes and to look at myself in those mean dressing room mirrors.

Another is noting the changes I have made over the last six months such as not thinking about food as a release from stress. I am not sure how to cement that in except to notice that I was under stress and did not obsess about food.

One more thing is to note my willpower. When I eat something on plan that I enjoy, I often have the impulse to have another serving. If I wait it goes away pretty quickly. So knowing I can make the choice to not give in to cravings and old habits.

Any ideas or thoughts from all of you?

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Congratulations on your great loss. I am planning to start maintenence very soon, too.My thought is that maintenence will be ongoing to be successful.
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Hi Sno and My first thought when I read your thread was that anyone who is so thoughtful and insightful about maintenance is just bound to be a success. It sounds like you're doing a terrific job already of getting yourself ready for maintenance. I think maintenance takes a lot of personal honesty and self-examination, along with planning and strategizing and that's exactly what you're doing now.

It's all about recognizing your weaknesses and triggers and figuring out in advance how to deal with them. The issues will be different for each of us but the process is the same. As Bargoo so wisely noted, it's an ongoing process and we can't ever afford to let up. But the rewards are endless!

We're so happy you've joined us here in Maintainers! Please come and post in our chat thread if you'd like so we can get to know you better.
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Default Thanks!

HI Barg and Meg:

Thanks so much for your replies--I have totally accepted that maintenance is ongoing. Thanks for the reminder tho.

After banging my head against the wall for so many years of loss and gain back, I have to be thoughtful about it--I just dont ever want to experience being so overweight again--it is too painful. Also regaining the weight and knowing I have broken my promises to myself is another deeply painful thing to go thru.

I know I wont be perfect and some deviation from plan is expected but I really want to commit to maintenance and make it work.

Thanks for the welcome meg--I will check in on the chat.

Bargoo: for being 2 lbs away from goal--maybe I will see you on the maintainers chat!


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Hi, snowbrocade! I love your dog! Is that a black lab?

Congrats on the pounds that you HAVE already lost.

You are definitely doing an excellent thing by conducting your self examination in preparation for maintenance! I've personally found that maintaining is similar to losing, in the sense that I still eat the same foods that I ate while losing, still only eat "bad" things on occasion (or in very small portions if I need my fix ), and still work out just as much. The only difference is that I get to eat MORE FOOD and focus on specific fitness and vanity-related goals, instead of just a scale number. I love to eat and am hungry often, but since I also exercise frequently and vigorously, I am able to maintain on 1,800-2,200 calories, whereas while in losing mode, I stayed under 1,400 for the majority of the time.

I ended up taking a more maintenance-like approach to losing my last 5-10 pounds, since they did not seem to want to come off. You may find yourself doing this, as well.

I also must add that once you DO get rid of all your weight, you will feel SO, so incredibly liberated to the point of where the extra effort to not revert to your old habits might not be so bad.
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Maintaining is very similar to losing, but I definitely enjoy the extra food.

I've continued to lose, albeit slowly, since I switched to maintenance. I think I stopped actively losing around 142 and this week I'm down to 136. It's all the clean living (plus wine, cigarettes and chocolate. )
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3 + years maintaining
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Hi Snowbrocade! Welcome to Maintainers. It's a nice place to be! Congratulations on your incredible, life changing weight loss. You must be feeling fabulous.

I've found maintenance for me to be just like losing - only it's longer. It goes on forever. It's nice though to have the burden of having to LOSE the weight over with and enjoy the benefits. The better health, the clothing, the compliments, etc. I still weigh myself everyday, keeps me aware and on my toes. I still plan my every meal and snack ahead of time. Leaving my food consumption to chance is something I am not willing to do. Planning will always be essential to me. I still eat the same healthy foods in the same sized portions. I still exercise loads. But, this is the big change, I do have occasional splurges once a week or so. This has been working well for me and I have maintained my weight for a few months now.

I think you will find, like I have, that any "work" is more then well worth the effort. I never want to go back to how I was and as much as a struggle as this may seem at times, it's definitely, definitely better then the struggles of being morbidly obese. Good luck to you. I wish you continued success. Looking forward to hearing much more from you.
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