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juliemom232b5 06-11-2007 10:09 PM

Newbie here....
Hey there, I have been lurking for a while and finally I've decided that this is probably my spot. I started trying to lose weight in October of 2006. I have carried extra weight for the last 9 yrs (to varying degrees). I started out at 177 (which was the lowest I had been since having dd in Nov. 2005) and I set me goal at 144. I am 5'6 and I thought that was a maintainable goal for me. Now I am down to between 117 and 120 and I really just want to maintain now. I am still trying to find what works for me.

I started out losing weight by just eating healthier, then I did slim fast for a while (which I suprisingly liked). Now I am a calorie counter. I like to eat and calorie counting gives me the most flexibility and let's me feel like I don't have to "diet." I do like WW's though and apply some of their priciples. I am 5'6 and really I am at the bottom edge of my weight chart. I am breastfeeding my toddler 4 to 5 times a day. For exercise, I am pretty much not exercising right now b/c I had surgery last Friday and I have to take it easy. But, my only regular exercise normally is 100 to 200 sit ups a day. I do consider myself pretty active though, chasing after my 3 kids. I would like to add something areobic 2 to 3 times a week, like using our eliptical.

I would really like to get advice for you all on my maintenance plan. Right now I keep my calories around 1200 a day, but I do not count non starchy veggies. While I was loosing I weighed and counted EVERYTHING. Realistically I do not want to do that the rest of life. I like having this little bit of freedom and it encourages me to eat/snack on veggies. Maybe once a week I will hit more like 1500 plus veggies, but that is not the norm at all. I am pretty consistant. Between my Dr. and online (not including breastfeeding) I should have between 1600 and 1900 calories a day. I am just so afraid to go overboard with adding calories back.

Also, just to throw this in there, I haven't had a period since February (not pregnant). THis is totally NOT normal for me. Even while breastfeeding I am 100% regular. I had a complete physical like 6 weeks ago (blood work and everything) and I am totally healthy. But, my Dr. does think the no period is related to the weight loss, but he isn't worried. I am a little worried about that.

Anyways, sorry for the book. Please feel free to "weigh in" ;) with any advice/opinions!!! I am having a hard time finding a board I fit in on!


Mel 06-12-2007 07:44 AM

Welcome, Julie! :wave:

This is going to be brief, because I have to race to work in a minute.
Welcome to maintainers! We're always so pleased to have someone join us! and congratulations on your weight loss!

You are near the bottom of the charts on your weight. I lost my period too when I lost weight, but I was in my mid-forties. Quite a few other and much younger women have also experienced this without being underweight. The huge drop in fat cells also causes a drop in estrogen. I haven't seen any scientific studies to back it up, but anecdotally, it happens. It doesn't necessarily mean you aren't ovulating....we also have quite few who found themselves pregnant unexpectedly after reaching goal:o Great news for some, mixed for others.



baffled111 06-12-2007 01:04 PM

Welcome Julie!

Those calories sound very low to me for someone maintaining, although I suppose this would depend upon your age (but if you have three young children, my guess is that you're probably younger than 45). How many calories per day do you think you are consuming in veggies? Veggies do have calories and they do count towards your daily totals.

Most advice I have read around these parts suggests adding calories back in slowly--go up to 1400 for a couple of weeks, then 1600 and just see how you go. You can always tinker with the numbers if it isn't working for you.

And yes! Start doing some cardio! It's a free pass to more food :) And it feels good.

WaterRat 06-12-2007 04:05 PM

:welcome: Julie!

baffled is right, you could add 100-200 calories for a couple weeks and see how you do.

Another thing you should consider once you're healed from your surgery is adding some weight lifting. Adding muscle has so many advantages, and will aid in your maintenance.

clvquilts 06-15-2007 02:06 PM

Hi Julie,

I'm surprised you're able to keep up milk production on 1200 cals + veggies. No wonder you've been able to lose so much weight.

Everyone has given you great advice here. Please join us on the weekly chat threads.

Meg 06-16-2007 06:33 AM

:welcome3: Julie!

sportmom 06-16-2007 09:27 PM

From memory, I think nursing requires 300-500 more calories a day. Though it's a toddler, you're still nursing quite a bit in addition to the baby's other food, so you would probably be in the 900 range with the nursing deficit. Kinda low, imo, esp. to chase around other kids. I think I would have dreadful headaches to bear whenever I went below 1200. Though no one is worried about you losing your period, it's a sign that something is drastically different, and so I would probably add in more calories. I'm 5'6" and I know I looked rail-thin at 120 (when I was in 7th grade - LOL!!!)

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