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Good morning! I'm back from the cruise and missing my coffee on the Lido Deck, watching the gorgeous Caribbean slide by the ship. It was a ton of fun and perfect for a family reunion because we all split up during the day to do our own activities and then got together at a big round table for 12 for dinner. Boy, you get spoiled fast!

It was nonstop food, of course! In addition to all the meals and midnight buffets, there was 24 hour pizza and ice cream. But as of today, I weigh a pound LESS than when I left. (I was convinced I had gained somewhere between 5 - 8 pounds) It was weird -- every time I went to change for dinner, I was convinced I wouldn't fit into my little clothes. But I did. You'd think after five years, my head would "get it" -- but it hasn't.

My son David and I were kayaking off Grand Cayman and got caught in a sudden storm. We had to paddle for shore at top speed and at one point, we capsized. I've never been so happy for working out and having muscles to haul myself back into the kayak! And we snorkeled in a cave in Mexico -- very cool! I have a rash all over my feet and one leg that I'm calling Mexican Cave Rash (really, I think it's Mexican poison ivy but Cave Rash sounds better )

It was really weird not having Internet and cell phones and all. I missed everyone so much! I haven't had a chance to catch up on the week's posts yet, so forgive me. I hope to have a chance to sit down and see what's going on with everyone later today.

Here's the whole gang of us in our matching cruise shirts. I'm the short one in the bright blue capris. DD Julia is beside me on the right and DS David is second from the left on the stairs.

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sounds like you had a brilliant time! Congratulations both on the loss (I know, it's THE BEST when you lose without trying) and the succesful outcome of the kayak venture! sounds scary but so exciting - watersports are the coolest
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What a beautiful picture! Everyone looks so happy. Meg, Do you think you are more adventurous since you've lost weight? I mean, with the kayaking and all. I can't imagine myself ever being that adventurous.
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Welcome back Meg! It sounds like you had a fabulous time! WTG on coming back lighter (although I had all the faith that you would!).

It's a lazy Saturday morning here. I have to go plan my week's meals so I can head off to the grocery store. Later today, the kids and I will go shopping. DD needs clothes and toiletries for her upcoming trip to China and we need to pick out something for DH for Father's day. The kids want to give him a Blu Ray disk player. It's really a LOT more than I intended to spend, but I know he'll like it. But it is rather lopsided--for Mother's Day, I got a friendship bracelet that DD made and DS made me a card. And yet they want to spend upwards of $900 for DH? Hmmmm, just doesn't add up! LOL
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Susan, we do have lots of squirrels. I haven't noticed them bothering my garden. I've had a problem with birds pecking at a few of my tomatoes though. We put Seven dust on our plants to help keep critters away.

Jude, Eww, I wouldn't want to touch those Slugs either.

Rabbitt, hope you feel better soon. You may need to eat a little snack to get that blood sugar up.

We have a wedding to attend at 3PM today. One of my DS's closest friends that has practically lived here for years. I hope I can keep from eating the cake as I really need to get back to eating right. I sure dread wearing a dress in this heat.

Any ideas on fathers' day gifts? I had forgot about it, but gotta make a quick run shopping to find something for DH. For Mother's day, DH gave the kids money and had them pick me out some clothes.

Meg, very nice picture and sounds like you had a great time. WTG on the wt. loss.

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Hi maintainers,

Meg - You look SO GOOD in that picture ! And it's great you did not gain - obviously learned how to play the maintaning game in all circumstances! And WTG on the kayak adventure!

Lily - Thanks for the advice. i actually think it wasn't the blood sugar only - I took an antihistamine pill for my hayfever, and it was of a different brand than I normally have...kicked me out totally. I can ot believe how lousy & sleepy 7 tired this stuff makes me feel, so i threw out the rest of the lot. i am definitely trying to get the ones I had back. Meanwhile, i am trying some over the counter stuff.

Have a great day,
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