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I've finished reading it this week-end (just in time, hehe). It's true that thinking about it, there wasn't much room given to the role of muscle in it. That will sure be a point to discuss this week.
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I picked up this thread a little late, but to backtrack a little, regarding the fairness issue - you're right, it's not fair. But a lot of things aren't fair about the way we're born. Why expect fairness? I was born with a sharp mind, because my parents were intelligent. Then they surrounded me with books. That's lucky. Also born with a tendency to depression, controlled by medication - not so lucky. Then I came to study in a rich area of England and I see these people born into so much money they can buy things just without thinking about it - and I don't mean coffee, I mean *shoes*. Can't even imagine what that would be like...
But with all these factors, we are born a certain way, and then the ball is in our court. We can let our brains degenerate or we can use what we have. We can let our bodies get overweight or we can fight against that. I personally could give in to depression and insecurities any time I decided, because it would be easier in the short term, but I know that would lead me back to a very dark place. The secret is to appreciate what we have and use it, and not keep comparing ourselves to other people and saying why do I have more or less than him or her?
Know yourself. Appreciate yourself. Improve yourself.
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To me, it was disappointing that Gina Kolata devoted so many chapters to following the stories of a few people of the U Penn study, but didn't wait until the conclussions of that study were published to print her own book.

It seemed that she hand picked Carmen Pirollo, Jerry Gordon, Ron Kraus, and Gaziella Mann to support her own view that those who diet will eventually regain all if not more of the weight.

She also didn't use any of the data from the National Weight Control Registry.
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I'm closing this thread now since the discussion has moved to the Rethinking Thin subforum of the Maintenance Library. See you there!
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