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I'm bringin' SEXY back!!!
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Hi ladies. I am taking a break from some house cleaning. I'm working on a top to bottom clean today and I need my breaks to keep my sanity.

I didn't weigh in this week since TOM showed up. And depending on when it ends, I may not weigh myself next week either. I refuse to become tied to that thing. My goal for this week is to bring breakfast and lunch to work every day. That way I can eat healthier and save money.

Lilly ~ I really hope that everything is okay with you. That whole stomach thing sounds crazy.
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Hi maintainers!

Just checking in to say I am slowly moving back to the land of the healthy- I did not drink wine last week, I found that over the holidays i had ended up with a glass or two every day...which is way too much calorie and otherwise. So back to the diet coke.

Tracey - my sympathy on the cleaning chores. tyeah, mine are still waiting for me, but i plan to do the exercise first today.

Rooooobin, oh Roooooobin...Please DE-lurk !!! We want to know what you are up to !

have a great day all,
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Cleaning here, as well. Yippee. Put my workout first so it wouldn't get buried under all the laundry and housework. I have my house to myself again and it feels great! After a week of the flu and a week of guests, I'm SO ready to finally begin the new year.

It's REALLY cold here, too. We're nearing noon and it's only 2 degrees. I feel like I'm burning calories from all my shivering INSIDE the house!
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Why, I think I heard my name. Thanks for thinking of me.

I've been in the Windy City with the university's presidential search committee, and before that, I was running around in circles trying to get ready for those interviews. And it seems to me that something else was going on, too ... oh I remember now ... Christmas

Since I've been so lax about posting, I've tried to make up for it by starting a new thread on why I believe maintenance gets easier over time. I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

I stand guilty as charged regarding lurking, but I’m delighted to see everyone survived the holidays, their relatives, various bouts of the crud, and general interruptions of routines. Ain’t “back to normal” a be-yoot-iful thing!

Aside from w*rk, I don’t have much to report except that there’s a new man in my life: his name is Brad and he’s a personal trainer. He’s a senior at IU, majoring in fitness and kinesiology. When I first saw him I leapt to the conclusion that he could never understand my needs (he’s about 21, and I’m … ahem … not). But he has turned out to be a wonderful trainer. He’s showing me lots of “little moves” and “functional training.” He’s got me doing lots of things (curls, presses, squats) while standing on one leg. This improves my balance and strengthens my core. Lemme tell you: it’s really hard. I love it.

And (drum roll please) Santa brought me an iPod for Christmas. Boy, is it cool. ‘Course, it took me two weeks to figure out how to load my CDs, and now I’m afraid to take it anywhere until I get a protective cover, but it’s going to make cardio an absolute pleasure (is that possible ).

Oops .. it’s raining again here, and all three dogs are out … gotta go.

Hugs and love to all.
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Hi everyone, we still have power. Thank goodness for that. I must be crazy. My step-daughter is here with her 2 yr. old and 8 month old and has been for 2 days. So, it's hectic to say the least. I had volunteered a month ago to watch my neighbors 2 yr. old and 6 yr. old tomorrow for her. So, 4 young ones tomorrow. Yeah, me. Plus, School is out and my DD will be home. Son will need to sleep as he works night shift tonite. Trying to keep these 4 kids away from the 12 puppies is gonna be quite a chore. Wish me luck and someone send Valium if they have any. LOL. DH says "oh, darn, I have to work".
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