Out of the mouths of babes

  • DS and I have a very good relationship and he will ask me / tell me anything. When he was 10 he came home from playing and told me that his friend Cory, also age 10, had a condom. DS thought he would get in trouble for seeing his friends condom. I assured him it was okay and that he wasn't in trouble. I told him that Cory probably just took it from his older brother to show off. DS looked at me and said "No, Cory said he got it from his Granny."
  • Too cute Tiki...

    My DD when she was 2 or 3 yrs old went up to a very tall man in a restaurant tugged at his shirt and looked wayyyyy up at him and said: "You smoke, you die!!" In that very high pitched voice little girls can have.... I did NOT reprimand her at all... I just smiled and we walked out... of course he was smoking a cigarette...
  • Kids and their viewpoints on smoking can be funny. When he was 7 DS told my mother that she needed to stop smoking or she was going to die. Then DD (age 5) said "No Granny, keep smoking so you can hurry up and die and become an angel!"

    We all just laughed.
  • Those are great stories!

    When Nicholas was little, he looked at a pomegranate and asked if Pomeranians were good to eat

    When he was about 3, a friend gave him a quarter. I said "now what do you say?" to which he replied "can I have another?"

  • SMART KID!!!!!