Random Thoughts

  • Okay, I am the Queen of blurting out random thoughts.... You know, where you just say out-loud something that has nothing to do with anything currently going on around you, if ever at all? and everyone just looks at you like you have three heads, then give each-other the look of "weird-o alert" and then they turn and slowly walk away? LMAO

    Well, if you are like me, then here is the spot to let out your random thoughts, with no judgment!

    I will start it off

    oh wait, I forgot what I was going to say....


    ever wonder how someone figured out that sea urchin are edible, even though they taste like a baby's diaper smells?
  • I think sea urchin tastes incredible, it smells and tastes like the ocean!

    I think if you're at a dinner table and you said that out loud I'd definitely walk away and never come back lol.
  • Nah
    Sea urchins taste like salty sand. *bleh*
  • Hahaha I'm a queen of random thoughts as well. Things constantly pop into my head. My family lovingly puts up with it if I happen to be around them at the time, but others just look at me like 'okaaaaay.' ROFL

    I've never had sea urchins, but I like baby squid on occasion.
  • Oh, I love random thoughts! I get them all the time! But since I'm now in my 50's & in menopause...my thoughts are not only random, but kinda fleeting. They kind of remind me of hummingbirds or butterflies. They flit around for a moment or 2 but if I don't catch them...they're gone!

    But I'm not as bad as H (that how I refer to my hubby, Howard in posts). He has been doing it for as long as I've been with him over 26 years. I find it hard to read him some times, cause we'll be driving somewhere or watching tv & he'll just babble something I'll give a half-cock to my head & say, "Come again?" or "Context."

    For me, it could be something as simple as a simple trivia fact or a story that kinda goes along with the situation. I also will mention out loud something I need/want to do, pick up while out on errands or look up online. I think I do that to help my mind remember things...cause it can really slip at times.

  • Sea urchin to me tastes like fishy peanut butter. DH is a fan but not me too much. Randomer thought...who looked at an alligator and thought " yeah, I could kill and eat that?" Cause I think if I saw a gator I would run as far away as I could.
  • you know how your mouth gets sticky when you eat too much peanut butter.. ok now picture feeding an alligator a jar of peanut butter.. lol