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marciew 09-23-2001 03:44 PM

LA Weight Loss #35
Hey guys! Just thought we needed a new thread...the last one was getting a little long!!

SpringManor 09-23-2001 06:32 PM

Hi everyone. How is everyone doing? I am so so right now. Just waiting till I have Surgery to get back in to LA. I hope everyone had a good weekend.

dietingrme 09-23-2001 08:22 PM

Happy Birthday, Jibbelle!
Jibbelle, I hope that you didn't study all day... it's not everyday that it's your birthday.

Boiled peanuts are delicious... within a short time after the peanuts are picked, while they are green (not green in color, but before they are dried)... you boil them in the shell in salty water... lots of salt... some folks even use a canjun spice in the water to make them spicy.... I survived without them... but, my bunch loves them.


dietingrme 09-23-2001 08:48 PM


I am a diet coke addict... I am so proud that I now drink fewer in one week than I did in a day before LAWL. Sometimes, I just have to give in... but, I believe that they make me crave :nono: foods & more diet coke... just a neverending cycle. Even since, I have cut back... they still trigger my hunger pains... so, I try to stay away from them as much as possible... but, some days... I have to give in... usually because, I'm too lazy to make tea.

I'm not sure if it's ok for the plan, but last Saturday, I had some unsweetened raspberry tea... it was delicious.

I like water... so, usually, I just have water... sometimes with lemon. I have drank unsweetened tea for years... without any sugar substitute... I can't stand it sweetened... tastes like syrup... I like to use lime rather than lemon in my tea... if you have never tried it... try it.

I believe that cutting back on the sodas & drinking lots of water & eating several servings of fruit has really helped me drop some pounds.

Lorrie, I know that you will be glad when you have your surgery behind you! I hope that you feel lots better soon & I'm sending you an :angel: to watch over you for a speedy recovery.

Well, I went to the bridal shower this PM... they had my favorite cake... lots & lots of tasty goodies... I asked my daughter to get me some water rather than punch... they had a veggie tray... so, I had broccoli & cucumbers... my daughter sat across & said Mama, is that all you want... I said please don't make a big deal out of it... maybe folks won't notice... "no, it's not all i want... but, it's all that is OP. love you, now, be quiet."

Then, I brought cake home for my other daughter & husband... my other daughter is baking bread (oh, the house smells so good)... for a party tomorrow... told her that I could not help her in the kitchen... my willpower has willed all it can for one day.

My hubby grilled us a steak for super... I just couldn't eat all mine... too tired of chewing... told him, I'd just have my leftover with my 2 eggs for breakfast.

I thank each of you for being such kind :angel: & being here to let me vent. I got on the scales here at home... didn't see any results... one more day of express... then, I go weigh at the center Tues... I will really be down in the dumps if I have not lost after resisting all the goodies at the showers this weekend... I guess that Tues will tell the story.

Ya'll take care! Thanks again for helping me make this journey.

And, Marcie... I hope your new job comes through... let us hear.


ChrissyB 09-24-2001 05:38 PM

I'm a Mountain Dew girl. It's diet but still the caffeine. I'm also addicted to that. I cant stand the headaches I get if I dont get enough.

All of this month I've been dragging my feet about being OP. I've done a horrible job. It doesnt seem like my heart is in it right now. I serousily think that sending the kids back to school has something to do with it. I have 5 boys and the chaos is amazing to say the least.

I've only been doing this for 2 months and I have lost 25 pounds. I'm happy with that but I have ALOT more to go and wasting time isnt going to make it happen.

Guess I need a good kick in the back side to get me in gear again. Glad I can come here and talk to you guys. I'll have to make it a point to come here more often. I'm uaully tied up with doing something else and by the time I do get some down time I'm dead tierd. LOL!!! Thanks for lending me a ear and listening to my complaints. Have a good evening........my evening will consist of lemon water and that's it. I've been so far off plan for the week and I cant even get my rings on so I need to drink till I float!!! :lol:

Jibbelle 09-24-2001 06:26 PM

Unfortunately I did spend most of my birthday studying. We will do more celebrating this weekend after my exam!!!

I am sure that the express will give you body a jump start and it will be ready to shed those pounds again!

25 lbs in two months is great!!! If you keep that motivation going you will be skinny before you know it!!!

I weighed in this afternoon and I was up a pound...but I had on jeans and I usually weigh in the morning with shorts, so I may actually be down! Have to wait until next time to find out.

Take care all!

Jibbelle 09-24-2001 06:53 PM

So...my boyfriend thought he would be helpful and unload the dishwasher. Now I want to make a frothy chocolate shake and I can not find my shaker thingy! ARGH! I have torn the kitchen apart looking for it. I guess I will settle for a chocolate crunch bar instead.

Last night he told me about his new favorite snack. He takes a spoon and heaps it full of crunchy peanut butter then takes a bunch of M&Ms and puts on top of the peanut butter...then eats it! Ok...so who else is jealous????? He did give me one M&M...as a replacement for my birthday cake and ice cream. Fair trade?? :dizzy:

dianem1 09-24-2001 07:23 PM

Hi Chrissy:
I also like having Mountail Dew I have tried giving it up a couple of times, but did not like the headaches either. I find it get me through the day.

Hi to everyone else:
I probably should not mention this but I cheated today I was getting a bit frustrated, I keep going up and down, it looks like all I have to show for the month is 3 pounds I know it is still a loss but I am finding it harder to lose weight and I still have 25 pounds to loss. Except for today I really do not cheat. I guess I just need to relax a bit and stop being so impatient.
Just needed to vent a little.
Have a good week

4/10/01 201
9/24/01 160.75
goal 135
Christmas wish to reach my goal

dietingrme 09-24-2001 08:57 PM


Welcome... or, I should say welcome back. :wave:

FIVE boys... how wonderful! I bet they do keep you busy.

Chrissy... 25 lbs in 2 months is SWELL! :)
If you consider an average loss of 2 lbs p/wk... 8 wks/16 lbs or
9 wks/18 lbs... you are out front & doing good! KEEP IT UP!

Mountain Dew is high in caffiene... perhaps one of the highest. I think that all are addicting. Caffiene withdrawal will certainly give you a headache. My family has been drinking decaffienated tea for years... I started buying it because I knew that we all drank to many colas. We don't drink coffee. So most of our caffiene intake is from the colas. I just had to make up my mind that I was going to cut back. I am feeling lots better. Today, has been one of those days... the 3rd day of the express... haven't felt as well today... still angry thinking about all those good foods that I deprived myself of... but, I stuck to the plan today... it may sound weird... but, I can't wait for tomorrow morning... I want some FRUIT & I want it bad...

I'm hoping that this 2nd express will show some results... I just don't know... will know tomorrow when I weigh-in.


Don't beat yourself up over a bad day..we all have them. :dizzy:
Don't get discouraged about reaching your goal. Have you mentioned it to your counselors at the center? They may need to change your plan a bit. Do you exercise? I don't exercise near enough... hardly ever... I'm trying to change that pattern. When I do, it makes me feel better.

You can do this! You have already done so well! Just keep it up and the last 25 will be gone before you know it.

I wish that's all I had left to get rid of.

Jibbelle, Good Luck with your studies! Remember your water... Jeans do weigh more... so hang in there & keep up the good work!

Everyone, take care!


dabrat 09-24-2001 09:18 PM

:D Hi there ladie I hope that I can join this group? I have to say you have all done wonderful on losing weight!:eek: 25 lbs in 2 months???? I really am impressed! How did you do that it sounds divine! What plan have you all been doing? I am looking for ideas to do and I really can't afford WW at this point. I should introduce myself Hi I am Daphne and I am a foodaholic:lol: I want to lose about 90 lbs give or take a few. :o It is hard to belive how easy it is to gain and how hard to lose! My e-mail is [email protected] if anyone would like to email me. Have a nice day:wave: Daphne

Jibbelle 09-24-2001 11:10 PM


We all fall off the wagon on occassion...but we hop right back on! You are amazingly close to your goal and I know you will be there before you know it! What a great Christmas gift it would be to reach your goal!


Hello and welcome! All of us here are either doing LA Weight Loss or have done it and are on hold for one reason or another. We would love to have you even if you are not on this program. Everyone here is full of advice and wonderfully supportive.

5 boys??? I can barely take care of my dog and boyfriend...I can not image 5 kids! You must have a lot of patience and a heart of gold!

Take care all!

SasseMom 09-24-2001 11:39 PM

Well I hoped to hit the "under 200" mark today, but I didn't do it. I'm up .25 pound. Oh, well, what can I do? It was a rough weekend. I live near Dover, DE, and I work in Dover. It was "Race Weekend" (nascar) and I had to work all weekend, so it was rough. I stayed on plan, (mostly) but I suppose the stress didn't help. I'll get there by Friday. No oppourtunities to exercise this weekend either. Not only was I working, the traffic was awful, and my gym was closed so race fans could use the parking lot. As anyone who lives near a Nascar track can tell you, it's crazy when a race is on. I am SOOOO happy to have off tommorow. Believe it or not, I miss the treadmill!!! :) I told my husband I might do two sessions tommorow.

Happy Birthday Jibbelle!!! :) :D :cool: :dizzy: Have some jello instead of a cake...you can even put a candle or two in it! :)

Hello to everyone else, and welcome to the "newbies"!! We are a really friendly bunch here!!! Sorry I can't write more today, but I am SOO tired!!! Have a great OP day tommorow!

Starting Weight 232.5
Current Weight 200 3/4
Goal: HOTTIE :devil:

dabrat 09-25-2001 01:52 AM

:D Thank you for the welcome everyone. I have been doing diffeent post and they seem to slow down and noone goes to them anymore :( . I am curious as to what the LA diet is? Please tell me about it? I had to e mail my kids birth mother again. She told the 7 year old that I am not his mom that she is and this is the tramp that waled out on the kids when Robert was 2 months old!!! I was so steamed when Robert got off the phone that I wanted to call her back but we don't have her number:nono: I sent her an e mail telling her to put up or shut up! Anyhow I feel better now. Please tell me about this diet??? Have fun all:wave:

dietingrme 09-25-2001 08:29 AM

:wave: Hello Daphne,

You can find out about LAWL at:

Hey Daphne, Click here.

As Jibbelle said... you are welcome even if you don't join LAWL.

Sue, You can be proud! You have done so well! And you are so close... it may have even been your clothing. I bet by next weigh in, you will be under that mark. Especially, when you can return to the gym.

I'm going to weigh-in today... I didn't wake up last night with any leg cramps or Charlie horses.. I feel better this morning... just drank 16 oz water... fixing to go have a kiwi... still have cake in the house from the shower... but, told myself to leave it alone... said you know that just one taste wil lead to one more taste of it or something else not OP. Hope that my willpower lasts throughout the day... it's going to be a long day away from home.

Have a nice day everyone!


ChrissyB 09-25-2001 10:14 AM

Hi everyone. It's rainy all day today. We really do need it though. Glad to have that rather then the snow that will be there in a few months. I hate winter. :devil:

I'm going to have a 100% O.P. day today!! With NO exception. I need to get back into the swing of things. I need to really drink more water today. I've already had a Mt. Dew (diet) today because I need the caffeine. I really should try to kick that habit but......I'm not willing to put up with the headaches that I'll get. I have deceided to cut down though. :^:

Hope everyone has a good day. I'm going to be cleaning the house and then I have to go and buy some new uniform pants, I'm a nurse, and my pants are getting too big. Isnt that a shame. LOL!! I get tierd of pulling them up all of the time. I'm going to get some with a draw string in the waist so I'll be in them a little longer then the last ones. See ya all later. Take care...ChrissyB~~*~~

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