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Deb on LAWL
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Default LAWL losers and friends Oct. 2006

Wow, I can't believe that it's October already!! The holidays are just around the corner ladies. Here's some to help us make it through.

Here's to us chickies
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Deb on LAWL
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Here's carry over from the Sept. thread---

JM- How did the marathon go?????

Evette- Size 5! WOW!! My thigh probably isn't even a 5!!

Shannon- Glad the scale is finally moving for you!!! I really think that you can make the 30 lbs. by your birthday!!

Jenni- Wanna come clean my house too?????

Michelle- Super job on passing up the bad foods. Feels good doesn't it?!?

Carla- Welcome to our little group!!

Lisa- Here's some to get you through the weekend.

I did good on our date night Friday. Had shrimp and veggies on the grill, a glass of wine with dinner and one beer at the bar. I drank diet coke after that. We had a wonderful evening. Last night though I kind of blew it, didn't plan for dinner and ended up ordering pizza. I had 2 pieces, which is better than what I would have had before. Sucking down lemon water today.

Have a great day chickies!!
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Default Glad to be here

Thanks Deb. I'm very glad I found this little group and am looking forward to the journey! I've already found a lot of good information here.
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Thanks girls--Don't know why the difference but I'm not gonna stress on it either. Still at 159 this AM at home so that's what I need to focus on. Blew it last night--took the kids to Gattiland with some friends and ate pizza--of course. Again though--back to how much our eating has changed since LAWL. Normally I would/could have eaten a LOT more. In hindsight it wasn't too bad. Started off with a HUGE salad and had 2 small slices and a breadstick. Compared to a year ago that was nuthin! Today I am back on track and drinking hot lemon water as I type.

Deb--love the photo album!!! You look absolutely terrific, and now glowingly terrific! Times like this I regret hiding from the camera. Sounds like you did great on your night out--WTG.

Lisa--another day girl.


Congrats to all the losers. Welcome to the newbies. Let's put the weekend behind us (those that are bad over the weekend anyway) and have a POP week.
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Hello it October already? Is time flying by or what? Just like all of our weights, just flying off of us!! Hope everyone has a POP day or at least tries to. Take Care everyone!
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Default hi all congrats for being here another month!!!

Evette..Have you lost al your wt. on LAWL since June??this Year???

I soooo loook forward to talking with you all..Went to a party last and had fun but kinda watched everyone...Some drinking too much, some others eating too much,,Just like I used to do...I had all water...chicken and fresh raw vegies....felt good when I woke up this morning:..Down a size.almost in size 14...After all I was born a size 10!!!!
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Hello everyone,

My goodness, October already! I just had one thought...We are getting really close to the busy holiday season. Come up with your plan of attack now so that you will still be successful no matter what.

I had another crazy experience at the COD on Saturday. I have just decided that this group of counselors really don't have a clue! I saw in my folder that it said in red letter "Motivate Client". Of course it wasn't the one that I had saw last and honestly since I have been going, I have never seen this lady. So what I am going to do is, only go to weigh in once and that will be on Saturdays because I don't work on weekends and I can tell if the WI is more accurate. Their scale never matches mine and I was down 1.8 which I was happy about, but I just wasn't sure it was a real loss. If we aren't there at around the same time with the same type of clothes on. Who knows???
Ok enough of that.

I hope that you are all working your plan whatever color it is. Let's really do some damage in October.
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Joni - Atlanta, GA
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Nance - Evette lost through a combination of Atkins (which she started a while back) and then LAWL; she's detailed her efforts it in other threads, but I'm too tired to look right now. I did want you to go to bed thinking she was more of a walking wonder than she is.
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I want to be a Loser!!
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Hello to all.. Just wanted to take a second to intro myself.. I posted a bio on the other board.. I am looking forward to sharing and learning with you all. I started TO today and go back tomorrow for further instruction. Wish me luck
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Default October

(I apparently posted this in the wrong month, haha )
Hi all. My name is Margo and I am starting over in the month of October. Today is Day 1 of the TO and so far all is going well. I have worked out and am feeling good. I am having a few cravings right now, but this is because this is usually the time where I would be full of bad carbs. But not today. I hope everyone is having an absoutly wonderful weekend and I am going to be a regular on this site. I need the support and I want to help support others!!
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"Print"cess Jenni
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Good evening ladies! Today was second day of Fast Forward (the no bars version of TO) and I was UP this morning!?!?!?! This after a really good night gone bad. Went over to Destin with a friend last night and had dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe (never been to one before), and then a movie. Had the best time, really, and got home around midnight. Well, THEN ex-DF had left several angry-toned voicemails saying he came by my house and I wasn't there, etc. and THEN the crazy shows up at my door at like 12:15 A.M. !!! Grilled me about where I was, who with, etc. and yelled at me about not working things out with him..... THIS after like a week or so ago, I laid my heart out, and sobbing while I did it, and he just flicked my heart right off his radar, and NOW he's busting MY chops because I went out with a man?!?!?! Then today he's such a secure and big man he sent me the ugliest text message ever and then would not answer my return call. Even picked up the phone and hung it up. Now THAT's what I call a guy with NO BALLS. WHat a friggin' nut job! Thank GOD I got away from him when I did. If he shows up here again I'm calling the police because he's really starting to scare me. I don't think he will because he made a huge point of telling me he had a date tongight and that I was horrible in bed, so if I'm lucky he's out of my life forever. I DO feel sorry for the poor girl he tricked into going out with him though. Hopefully she's loaded with money, because the only reason he needs a woman is to support him. THAT's why he's so pissed at me, because he can't live here anymore.

WHEW! Sorry, but I had to get that off my chest before I binged on any food in place of it.

Now, back to LAWL. I have done the TO just as I was told and like I said I gained this AM. I'm hoping it is going to be abducted by the whoosh fairy while I'm sleeping tonight.

Everyone have a great day tomorrow!! Let's all start October POP and keep it that way (at least until my birthday on the 22nd right???

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Deb on LAWL
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Cassie- I saw you sneaking that new avatar pic in here!! Big difference chickie. Your face is so much thinner. You are such a cutie!!
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Here's to a new month, everyone. Let's make this the best month on record ever. I know that if I consciously decide to be perfectly perfect until November 1st, (which covers Halloween), I can do it. I haven't been drinking my water everyday and I know how important that is to my success, so it'll just have to be too bad if I have to use a public bathroom - I'll suck it up and take my chances. What's the worst that can happen?

Hey, Jenni: Feel free to unload whenever you need to. It's better than pigging out! And we don't mind a bit. (Give that jerk a kick in the a** for me, will ya?)
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Well I'm off for vacation in the morning (Oct 2) my plan is to eat light and maintain for the week I am gone. I'll check back in when I return.
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Good morning everyone, happy october, my favorite month of the year!

So I haven't been into the COD in a week and I probably won't be in again until friday, though I need bars so maybe I can stop in. I'm in the middle of midterm exams and I just can't get out there right now. So busy. I also haven't been keeping up with my diary. I have enough homework to do.

Question, what do you guys do to break through when you can't seem to get belong a certain number? I need to a jump start and I hate TO. Any advice?
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