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Red face Good Morning

Good Morning Ladies,
Hope everyone is having a POP day! Yesterday was WI @ the COD and I was up .6 Hopefully I can lose by the end of this week. Last week and this week have seem to been harder for me to drop some lbs. Does this happen and is this the time they recommend TO. Does everyone here use the supplements? Sometimes I feel as if they don't work. Is there other supplements I can take OTC, so I don't have to pay so much money at the COD. Today I feel a little frustrated and I almost went to buy tacos for breakfast but instead ate my oatmeal and yogurt and OJ. There are just times that I want to give in. Everyone here is great and I love how you all are so supportive of one another.
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I want to be a Loser!!
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wow It seems like forever since I posted. Its been crazy here. We have been on the go so much.. I haven't exactly been OP, but don't think I have done too bad. I haven't WI in a week. I plan on going this evening. You ladies are looking great. I will post after weigh in.
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Default remember me Baja???

hee hee hope you all remember me,......Well tried to email yesterday but here in a small town outside of las vegas...had no connection...wireless!!!!

Challenged here a bit ,,but doing ok...Here is the deal.......I have been on this program for 6 weeks..lost 21.6 of last mon. I know that is good...BUT....I am just too rigid...So on mini trip I loosened up a bit, ..I went to dinner the first nite and had one (yes 0ne) glass of wine....COnsidered it a fruit...nice fruit..Last nite had one (yes one) glass of wine but still pop...SO whats the problem..Nothing I hope...I have a history of achievement issues....very important...Sure thats not all bad...very successful in business retired now......But gosh am I rigid,.....I am working towards moderation...I don't do that well...Kinda all or nothing....sorta...anyway I still charted and drank lots of water....If I can pull this off it will help my rigidity...I am fun however!!!!....Oh,,DH played in golf tournament..I walked an hour and played poker...had a ball..will walk again today...

I will post this cause I do not want to loss this if connection is gone..I miss you all...really look forward to checking in daily...I will really have trouble when we go to our home in Baja connection there except in a small town twenty minutes away...thanks for listening...nance
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gosh ..being gone one day and cannot catch up...will try before this computer crashes..

Debbie/Nashville... am here near Vegas fun lots of action

Red deb.....In Vegas black black..for me anyway....I usually wear something nice..pants nice top and nice jacket all day that can carry you through the may not even go back to the room before dinner...

Cassi---Love Parrotheads

Geraladine...congrats on your loss soooo far

Jamie..down yeh!!!!

more later...gotta walk walk walk nance
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Hey Nance- Good to hear from you! Have a great time, don't stress too much about the wine. Sometimes it is okay to let your hair down a little.

Jaime- Wow, I guess we are pretty close. I can tell that I have dumped some weight because my bras are feeling too big again and my pants are getting baggy. I still have a hard time looking at that those numbers on the scale and realizing that they are mine.

Michelle- I LOVE Great Pyrenees. They are the coolest dogs.

Quirky- Welcome!

Debbie- Have a wonderful time in Vegas. Just remember, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.......except for calories!

Cassie- Yes, the noodles are refrigerated. My sis also found them in Fred Meyer in the health food section. Keep to the faith chickie. I know some days it gets tiring, but you are doing a wonderful thing for yourself.

Evette- So glad that your trip to the Dr was good. I am sure that she was very impressed with you. She should be!

Lea Ann- No naughty kids today? Maybe you need to set off some stink bombs and frame someone for it.

Rebeca- Wow, I remember when your SIL got started. You are so kind to help her out.

Pearl- What? No info badge? We will have to get one made for you, ASAP! I get tons of questions too. People who I barely know will ask all about what I am doing, how I am eating, then tell me a zillion diet failure stories. I have helped my cousin do LAWL, however, and she has lost 35 lbs so far.

Steph- Scale fluctuations suck!

As for me, I am still sick. The eyes are better, but for some reason, I am not. My jaw is throbbing. I cannot decide if it is my ear or my mouth that is hurting. Anyway, I finally broke down and made an appointment with the Doctor this afternoon.

Opinions please: Last night I was laying on the couch, so miserable. I had to sleep there because I cannot lay flat, it hurts too much. Anyway, DH bought me some "medicine" in a shot glass. I thought that it was Nyquil. Turned out to be Cinnamon Shnapps. It really helped me to feel better, but I was already done with my food for the day, and that was an extra starch. Now I can't decide if I earned my $10.00 or not. What do you all think?
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Baja--where are you "playing"? I used to live about 100 miles out of Vegas.

Katie--I say go ahead--you were tricked!! Besides--the kids are worth it--it's not their fault their daddy tried to liquor you up and take advantage--lol. And you jinxed me--I got my all time favorite kid--for 2 days!! And YES, I am being sarcastic. He's a little monster (to put it nicely) and now claims to have a headache--awwwww. He's just pressured up from not being able to talk.

I am working hard to pull myself back up on the train--got derailed then run over, but I am trying. (the train talk is for Pearl!). I don't think I am subconciously doing this--sorry but I disagree with that philosophy. I would love to be thin and don't think I have issues with it. My issues are with food. It is my drug of choice and I like good food (didn't say good for you food, just good food). I manage to end the day about 98% OP then do something dumb. The gain is mine alone. My DH excuses my bad behavior this week on all my recent test results- the second round will be better--give me a written test anyday!!

Okay--I'm better! Hi to everyone I didn't mention.
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I survived the spin class last night - it actually wasn't that bad. I iced my quads and hamstrings when I got home last night and I stretched my legs a lot after the class.

Today, my butt hurts - a few more classes and I should build up my saddle seat. At first, I felt like a truck had hit me but once I got up moving around it wasn't that bad.

I am off to the COD at lunch. I'm on day 2 of TO.
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Katie: I agree with LeaAnn, you were tricked in to drinking it. Go ahead and add that $10.00 to your pot.
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I say add the $10.00 and and extra $1.00 for the trauma of being tricked. Sounds like my DH. Good week on this end. Work is getting busier so I find I'm rushing around too much to worry about feeling hungry. Down 11pounds now after that silly 1lb increase on Monday, after being POP all weekend. Stupid scale!
Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying their week. If you have the new cookbook try the frozen mocha drink in the back section and the Oriental Shrimp Salad in the soups/salads. I made both this week and they felt like takout or restaurant treats. Helps to stay on track. I also plan my self one of the biscotti here and there as I find that is a real treat to look forward too and helps diminish the cravings if I have something special occasionally. The only hard part is losing a starch out of the day!

Have a great day everyone and keep at it!!
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I just wanted to jump in and say I was down 0.6 at WI for a total of 2.2 in my first week back. I guess I am on track
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Martha's losing on LAWL!
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Confession time: Ate an egg mcmuffin for breakfast thinking I wasn't gonna have time for lunch. But one of the meetings I just went to was a lunch meeting. I ate a healthy portion of Veggie lasagna, salad, and FF dsg. Way over on starches. Oh well, tomorrow is another day!
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Krispie--I like your idea of extra for "pain and suffering" or something like that! Congrats on the losses.

Martha--good attitude--life happens!

Suzanne--CONGRATS--you are back in the game!
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Suzanne---way to go chickie

LeaAnn--I am in Primm DH playing golf on the two nice courses..Off to poker..I will getr all those old guys....hee hee deserve the reward you are working hard.

And thanks again buddies....Babjachick,,nance
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Cassi - WTG you didn't cave

Prazteam-- I'm so gald I was just think about what I can bring to Thanksgiving that I would be able to eat and enjoy with out feeling . I will keep eye out for your recipes.
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On stabilization
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Wow! There is a lot of will power out there today! The good fairys must be sprinkling the dust!

Got a question for y'all--- am getting ready to start matching the ornament exchange, but there are a few names that the folks are missing in action. I hate to cut anyone out that wants to participate, but also don't want someone to not receive an ornament because a participant has gone MIA. Does anyone have any contact with the following people? I've PMd them, in case they are lurking-

Kelly27 (last post 8/8)

Skipper (last post 9/7)

Chklithunder (last post 10/3) - I know Carmen's around, but I don't want her to miss her PM

Dolphin ( I know that Sherry posted recently too, but if anyone is in regular contact with her....)
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