LAWL losers and friends Oct. 2006

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  • Id love to try and focus on having a perfect day --maybe target 3 POP days per week. and once I attain that goal, have 4, etc. My hardest is weekends. They are so busy. last week I had a perfect week, only to be up 2bs. I tried not to fret, put my membership on hold for 4 weeks (til the endo fmy training sessions with the PT) and will try my best to be POP each day -- and weigh myself again the end of October. I have a difficult time being critisized when I am staying on program but just working out. This 6 week program I am on is very aggressive.

    My training program is just amazing. I feel soo great after each session; meeting 3x aweek and then going in for an additional 45 min of cardio (if possible) the other 2 days. Results have to show. My family is amazed at my arms (but its my belly / butt that needs it the most)

    My computer died last week as well so I have my old one now and at the beginning, this wouldnt work either --

    Hope everyone has a great week. I really need to stay motivated and be successful this week!
  • Quote: Evette..Have you lost al your wt. on LAWL since June??this Year???
    Bajachick3: Oh no, I lost part of my weight doing the Atkins diet. I've been on LAWL since May and I've lost 35 pounds doing this lifestyle change. I love the program!!
  • Quote: Nance - Evette lost through a combination of Atkins (which she started a while back) and then LAWL; she's detailed her efforts it in other threads, but I'm too tired to look right now. I did want you to go to bed thinking she was more of a walking wonder than she is.
    Wow, thanks for answering her right away. I feel like you guys know so much about me....
  • Good morning ladies -

    Had a great NSV weekend as far as being OP, had a stressfull weekend though, went to MIL, (she's truly the MIL where all the jokes come from....only I don't think they are very funny since the joke's on me) Found out my FIL has cancer again...8 mon. ago they found cancer in his it's in his lungs and they are doing surgery this week - hince the trip to MIL. My good frind (been friends since 8yrs. old when we met at church camp) is in the hospital - has blood clots in her lungs! She is only 28 and just had a baby 2 weeks ago. Her DH is beside himself while their 2 girls are being passed around from family to family while he stays with her at the hospital. no telling when she'll came home.

    Took my 8 yr DS to get haircut before going to MIL and a lil' girl comes up and starts to read him a Cosmo mag article about 101 sex tips! What is that about? I told her she needed to go find her mom and took the magazine away from her, I handed her a Babysitters club book from the kids shelf and sent her on her way. (Enjoyed the long talk in the car on the 2 hr drive to MIL)

    Imagine, MIL from he.., FIL Cancer returns, Df in hosp. , sex talk with 8 yr old, and stayed OP!
  • Michelle - WTG on your NSV! Buffets are so hard! I heard someone say "An all you can eat buffet is NOT a challenge to EAT ALL YOU CAN!" As for your weekend - I'm praying for you FIL and DF. Sometimes when it rains, it really pours. I'm so proud of you staying OP after all that "rain". Please know that we are here for you and I know you are a strong woman! You can do this!!!!

    Carla - Keep us posted on your first WI. We're here for ya'!

    Lisa - Come on girl! You sound too down for a cutie patootie like you! Pick yourself up and get going girlie!!! YOU CAN DO THIS!!! Here's some - for ya!

    Evette - You're into shopping because you've turned yourself into a LAWL HOTTIE!!! We'd love to see some pictures of the new "duds" when you have them on! - Hey, I wonder if we can turn shopping into a sport!?!? By the way, I was larger than a size 5 when I was BORN!!!

    Margo - We're here for ya' girlfriend! You can do this!!!! (By the way, I read BOTH threads to catch up, so I saw you both places!) AND I love your "Margolicious". You go girlie!

    Baja - You may like those things - but you'll LOVE seeing the new you in the mirror in a few months! Keep up the great work!!! And isn't that a great feeling to wake up feeling great?!?

    2bfit - Sounds like you need to "motivate COD"!!! As for the WIs, it's really about the bigger picture anyway! Not only are we losing weight, we're getting healthier, making better choices (educated choices!) and we're feeling better about ourselves with each day!!! Keep on keeping on girlfriend! You're doing great!

    SAHMof1 - Let us know how tomorrow goes for ya'. We're here for ya!

    Jenni - Sounds like you're not blinded by LOVE anymore!!! Ain't it a hoot when we see someone's true colors?!? I agree, if he shows up again or continues to contact you in a malicious manner, call the police. You never know when someone is going to go that one step too far and you've got your babies to think about! Hugs and for ya!

    Deb - Jenni will have to kick him in the a$$ for ya cause he doesn't seem to have the other parts of anatomy that we females usually aim for!!! By the way, I thought you were already perfect!!! As for restrooms, at least you can get to one - out here, we drive 30 minutes before we get to a public restroom, so I always have to make sure I can make it out or back before need one. (Okay, that was TMI, but I just had to share that!)

    Sommer - Okay, I know this is crazy, but sometimes, just taking a breather and eating something (not much) as a treat will boot me back on track afterwards - a couple of days later. Like on vacation - we ate smart but not POP and gained 7 and the first day back on POP, lost 5 of them. I don't want to recommend this, as it takes will power and definately isn't the norm, but it works for me. The secret is to maintain control. I know some "diets" recommend a "cheat day" eat week or a "cheat meal" each week. I'm afraid that would be too much temptation for me. So, sign here to free me from fault:____________________

    Sue - HANG IN THERE!!! Don't get too frustrated! And if you need to vent - we're here for ya!

    As for dh and I - we had a wonderful Church time and the boys went out with their friends to a movie, so we came home and had POP lunch and dinner together. (and a nap!) It was quiet and wonderful. We've both lost the weight we gained on vacation and I'm actually down a little more. So, it was worth it and proves that we can make better choices! Got a lot of keying to do this week, and I'm at church right now printing 18 cds for Pastor, so as soon as I'm finished, it's drive 45 min. home to get to work!
    Blessings everyone!
  • Helllooooo guyzzzz!!! I feel out of the wagon in September but I am back, with 6 more lbs than I ever cared for but hey, I AM BACK! I missed you guyz so much and there has been so much going on here! Its impossible to catch up with the whole September thread but I will eventually know how has everyone been... I bought my tickets to Brazil and that is what my new goal is, to be looking FLABLESS AND FABLOUS before getting in that plain! I have 8 weeks, therefore at least 16lbs to be gone before than! I erased my old weight because from now on I dont wanna look at that 189, lets just pretend the highest I have ever been is 175!!!

    Evette, MT, BOOS, SOMMER and everyone else i have missed, You guyz have done so great and I am so glad you are still around!!!
  • Cassi--I love the new avatar!!!
  • Rebeca--great to see you!!! And you look fabulous by the way. Yeah! on getting your tickets to go home for a visit. Hope things are well for you in MB.
  • Cassi - I'm trying not to hate you because you look 21-ish in that photo!!! OH MY GOSH you are adorable! You go girl! (and thanks for posting the new photo and letting us see the new you!)
  • BOOs- Thanks girlfriend! I cant believe at your ticker... 161 sounds soooo good and it looks so close to your goal! Congrats for staying on board! MB weather is marvelous right now! Just perfect to loose weight LOL
  • Morning Ladies! I hope everyone had a nice weekend! (Reddeborah, I am here, but I do not have a pc at home, so I am only online during the week). I love October! My favourite month, and my favourite time of year. This weekend I pretty much rested as I was pretty sleep deprived from camping. When I went into the COD last Thursday I was up 1.2 lbs, but when I went in on Saturday morning I was down 4.2 lbs. Go figure. I figure by tomorrow, I will have gone up 2 lbs, which should mean a loss from last Tuesday (if that makes sense).

    Cassie-Love the new avatar! I think I am going to have to update mine (it is from last year)

    Margo/Carlita- to the forum! This is a great group of ladies!

    Evette-Congrats on the shopping trip. I am starting to get into shopping. I desparately needed some new clothes as my pants were literally falling off of me. I went to one of the plus size stores I usually go to, and yup, I am down 2 sizes. I love it!

    Jenni-Bye bye toi bad rubbish! Interesting how people show their true colours when they can't get what they want...

    Everyone have a great day!
  • Good Morning, Ladies!

    What a beautiful fall day here in Charlotte, NC. I love this weather! The kind that encourages exercise and discourages chocolate.

    It's good to see everyone back in the game. Speaking of which: Go Panthers!

    I'm off to hunt for Halloween costumes for kids. It's hard finding something for DD that is not too childish, but not too sexy. She would love to vamp it up but DH and I are pretty strict about that sort of thing. Hopefully we'll be able to meet somewhere in the middle. Kids are home from school today for Jewish holiday so we will be hanging out together. I miss the days when I would choose their clothes for them and then spend the whole day playing. I was a fun mom back then. Now it seems I'm the Grinch. Oh well, time marches on......
  • Rebeca!!! I totally missed seeing you, I'm glad you're back. It's so good to know you haven't forgotten about us!
  • Rebeca: Welcome back! I missed seeing you too!

    Carol: Congrats on the 2 size loss! That's wonderful! Shopping is soooo fun!

    Pearl: about being a size 5!!

    Cassi: Lovin' the new avatar. Looking good!!
  • I kept reading about Cassi's avatar, so I had to go in search! Nicely done Cassi!