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So proud of me! NSV: Went to eat at a buffet (DH choice) I passed up the Fried Chicken, Battered Shrimp, Homestyle Mac & Cheese, Dessert Bar, I could keep going....

Instead I ate Baked Salmon, (2 Lemon Wedges and a Red Onion Ring), 1 Broccoli Spear, grapes, pineapples, Mango, and I had Lemon Water....YUM! Ate a LA Lite Carmel bar while he had dessert Bar!
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Hi All,

I'm new to LAWL and have 2 friends who have done wonderfully on the program. I'll be joining next week - I'm so glad I found this site!
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Hi Guys- TOM looming- it is the worst PMS I have had in a long time. I am up but it is my own fault and I take all the responsibility. Let's just say I had cake for breakfast today, left over from the party last night.

Shannon- that is great on the loss this week, you were right! What did the girl at COD say?

Lea Ann- Sorry about you WI, but at least you saw the 150's at home! It will be a while before I see that again at this rate.

Well I am off to try and be in control of my eating today. Wish me luck
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Carla, you are going to find that the ladies here are awesome. Very knowledgeable and very supportive. Check in every day - it really does make a big difference.
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Oh poop. What the heck happened to my ticker???
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Thanks Michelle and Jenni!

Michelle: Please don't be jealous! Girl, I've been waiting to get to this size. I still have 19 more pounds to go.

Jenni: I was even thinking that maybe the sizes run bigger now a days? I don't know. I think it was the whole "shock" of those jeans fitting. I have NEVER been in a size 5 and in the Junior's department.

Ahh well, I did go out shopping yesterday and bought myself some size 6 slacks from Old Navy, one of those big belts to wear when you wear those long tunic shirts, ummmm bought some size 5 and 7 jeans too, in the Junior's department at Macy's got some new boots....I'm just turning into a shopping fanatic! It's crazy how much I love shopping now. I used to run away from the malls and not even leave the house because I was so embarassed about the way I looked. It's amazing.
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Default October 1

Hi all. My name is Margo and I am starting over in the month of October. Today is Day 1 of the TO and so far all is going well. I have worked out and am feeling good. I am having a few cravings right now, but this is because this is usually the time where I would be full of bad carbs. But not today. I hope everyone is having an absoutly wonderful weekend and I am going to be a regular on this site. I need the support and I want to help support others!!
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Default congrats to Sannon and Evette

hey girls way to go

Evette..have you lost the 68 lbs on LAWL since June 2006. ???..Wow..let us newbies know your secret to such success..

ShANNOn I am also on red...hope it continues to work ..I WI tomorrow..

Hey chickies..I went to a party last nite with DH and took some country dancing...Good workout..Lots of food and booze there...This chick had water...Two small chicken breasts with no skin and fresh vegies,, I am starting to feel better..gone down a size..ALmost in size 14...Then can shop at regular stores...Excited....

I look forward to talking to you all.....I know you all understand what is happening here. thanks...bajachick....Some people noticed I had lost some Wt. I guess I was up there...DUR yes were.....But I am going in the right direction...Dinner with friends tonite...I really look forward to decaf coffee for the cocktail and fish and vegies for dinner...who likes wine anyway..or cosmos.////?????..really..ME!!!
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