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Happy Birthday, Bre! Hope you're having a good one.

Jenni, are you a little bit glad that you found out what a louse he is now instead of a lot later? You deserve better. Hang in there and be good to yourself and your kids. You're all gonna need some extra hugs. Wish I could give it to you in person, but this is the best I can do.... Know that we're out here thinking of you.....

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Talk about Labor Day. I have been a working, laboring girl the past week and today. I'm the person who still had her college textbooks and homework. Sick, I know but I'm a pack rat from way back. The microwave and large tv went kapoo so that's less weight to transport. Whatever is left out of my $ limit up to $5,000, I can use to purchase replacements, turn on utilities, etc. I want everything that's going to break to do it now before I go. Okay, my brother is here to drag more stuff to the tree lawn for garbage pickup tomorrow. Have a good rest of this night and thanks for the birthday wishes.
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Good evening!

Pearl, the avatar is my cat Apollo. He is a chocolate point Siamese, about a year old. Thanks for the welcome back...

Dolphn...welcom back yourself. Summer is definitely the hardest time for me to lose weight as well so don't feel bad about going off track. You are ON track now, so that's what counts!

Have a great evening!
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Joni - Atlanta, GA
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Tree - Welcome aboard. I think you'll be pleased with the program and even more pleased with the group here!

Kayla - I'm a Georgia girl too and ALSO went to Michaels - I'm into rubber stamping (cards) but have more supplies at the moment than I'll probably ever I'm on restriction from buying more until I use up what I've got!

Pearl - gotta hear how that porkloin turned out. I have to confess, I made the gazpacho and while it was somewhat tasty, the texture was odd - I'm wondering if I pureed too much or too little. I think I'll have to stick to V8 to get some of those last minute veggies in. I also made a recipe for guacamole that I found in a book called Super Foods - it swore that "you wouldn't know the difference" - it combined frozen asparagus and frozen peas and spices, etc. It killed me to pay $3.00 for the asparagus, but I did. I made it to the letter like the recipe and let it sit over night and I want to tell you it was the grossest thing I every had - it did NOT taste like avocado based tasted like pureed asparagus and peas....gross (and for the record, I love fresh asparagus and LaSeur baby peas). Anyway, I didn't do too well in the cooking department, but I'll keep trying.

I, too, had a splurge at yesterday's holiday grill out. I was not in control of the menu so I did the best I could with what was there. Homemade baklava was the dessert and I had no intentions of having any. While we were all sitting around talking, I was drinking my water and enjoying myself, and the host places a plate of warm baklava topped with whipped cream in my hand....fork on the side. I took a couple bites (it was too die for!)....and when my boyfriend was done with his I reached over to grab his empty plate and handed him my plate and stepped back. I don't think anyone noticed and it looked like I cleaned my plate. I know I should have just said no thanks...but the guy had rambled on all night how hard this was to make and how long it took them and yadda yadda yadda....I just had to try it....

Bre - happy birthday to you!!! I live with a Pack Rat and it drives him crazy that I'm always organizing and getting rid of stuff. He gets it from his family. When they fill up their homes, they build on sheds or rent out storage units. Goodness me. How crazy is that? He still collects and saves stuff, but now he stores them all in those big, nice rubbermaid containers in the basement. They are slowly taking over his car garage space. Over the years I'll be curious to see if his car has to move outside!

Jenni - Wish my scale showed -2 lbs!! WTG
Soon you will be looking back at the past couple weeks and saying "Thank the Lord!" Just a few things you have posted about your ex-DF sends up some major red flags. Please keep moving forward and don't look back. I went through a pretty sad divorce about 8 years ago - lost 35 lbs in about 3 months from shear sadness. Made myself pretty darn sick in the early part of the separation, but quickly realized I needed to take care of myself and I did. A couple years after my divorce, I met the great guy that I am with today and my ex continued to be a selfish soul and cheat on other women - he never changed; he never grew up (and he was in his 40s)!
Try to stay on track as much as you are able; take vitamins, get in some exercise if you can, get rid of his stupid stuff, and don't even think about dating for a little while. There was a little formula I learned in "divorce care" class - for every year you were with someone, you are supposed to give yourself a month off from guys/dating/etc. (in my case I had been married 7 years, so they highly suggested I wait 7 months before dating). Now, the formula isn't all that important, but taking time to be happy with yourself is important. So many people hop into a new relationship thinking it's the answer to their grieving; not a good idea. Give yourself a little time.

I'm not going to weigh until Wed - still hoping I can get a 1/2 lb loss and entered in the drawing for stuff. I like to win stuff. Even if I don't remember what the STUFF is.

Hi to Deborah, Dolphin, Suzette, Sommer, Juliemarie, Space991 (and Appolo)..

I'm guessing a lot of regulars are enjoying a computerless weekend!! If you're all out there, howdy!! That would include LeaAnn, Evette, Cassi, Repo Katie, Aphil, Heather 1 and 2...hi to Deb, Rebecca, Carmen).

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"Print"cess Jenni
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Joni - No worries on the not dating thing. I have no urge whatsoever. I did manage to get all my food down and keep it there. Ex DF is not a bad person. He just harbors too much bitterness towards previous exes of his and can't let it go. Now I'm lumped in there too. I called and left him a voicemail to say I was sorry for the things I said and how I treated him in that last fight, but he did't call back or acknowledge me at all. So I guess you were all correct. I said a lot of hateful things, but so did he, and ....

Oh heck, why rehash it anymore. It's obvious I'm the only one here who hasn't moved on.

Bre- I've been cleaning like a mad bandit too. Just trying to get rid of pack ratted stuff I guess!

Redeb-Thanks for the hugs girl, I need 'em!

Hugs to all,
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Good Morning, Girlfriends, (& guys if you're out there too).

Time to get back on the horse. Had a terrible weekend - food wise - and am feeling blah about it, but it's a new day, a new week, and I'm ready to face the music. WI Is later today. I'll be happy if I didn't go up on the scale - as going down would be too much to even hope for. Hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday.

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Bre - Happy Belated Birthday! You don't look a day over 21!!!! (I don't have my reading glasses on either!)

Jenni - Get that "crap" out of your house and that "crapper" out of your life for good! And don't even think about another guy until this one is a faded memory! He didn't deserve you and you deserve much, much better! So get out of the house, do something you enjoy for yourself (that doesn't include restaurants!) AND, find something positive to focus on like those little blessings of yours! Don't let him drag you down in the mucky muck! Take control girlfriend! BooYAh!

Bre - We used to be worse than we are but I learned from someone (I don't remember who it was) that if you haven't used it in a year and it isn't worth major money or isn't a seasonal item (like Christmas lights that you only USE once a year) sell it, donate it, or pass it on to someone that could use it! So, we have a yearly "inventory" and do just that! The one exception is the catering category because I have a collection of dishes etc., that I hold on to and use when I have a LARGE job rather than the smaller ones I enjoy more consistently. Hope your birthday was wonderful!

Space99s1 - Apollo is beautiful! Must look like his mom!

Joni - The pork loin was AMAZING!!! We ended up doing chicken and porkloin in the Mrs. Dash Mesquite marinade and it is the best marinade I've ever gotten in a bottle! (I like to make my own!) It is very much like a "BBQ" flavor and will help me alot because I miss BBQ sauce and I've tried many varieties of the sugarless ones and they are awful! So this is a major find for my family! We have the pork and chicken to eat on for this week and another 1/2 porkloin put in the freezer for another time. Incidently, I cooked fresh kale and also cabbage this weekend to go with some of the other veggies I have in the freezer. So I have our meals ready to go and I've packed some up on sectioned plates for dh to take for work! Woo Hoo, I'm ahead of the game for a change!
As for the gazpacho - I usually chop it up sort of like a salsa consistency. Another thing you can do is puree one or two of the veggies and then add the others and just do a course chop. Then you've got the best of both worlds. Sorry it didn't work for you. But I AM proud of you getting in the kitchen and trying it! Go chef Joni!

reddeborah (Deb) - Jump back on the horse with the rest of us! Oh yeah, that's a train, not a horse!) Hope WI goes well or at least doesn't go badly! You're awesome! Keep on keeping on!

I had to get up at 6 this morning to take my 16 yr old to work. Since we homeschool and we're going on vacation in a couple of weeks (13 days to be exact but who's counting!) we won't start homeschool until we get back so he's working with a friend of ours from church. The hard part for me is that we live almost an hour from church, so I leave at 7 and get back around 9 and then go back at 4:30 and get home around 6:30! I'm a "mean momma" though and make my son pay for the gas to get him back and forth! I believe in teaching my sons accountability, respectability, a good work ethic, and good morals and values. So what I have is an amazing 16 yr old and an amazing 13 yr old that will one day be an amazing husband and father! They both know how to cook, clean house, do their own laundry, set the table for an elegant dinner or for an informal one, and they know how to treat a lady, and how to submit to an authority figure. Are they perfect - heck no! But their momma loves them and is proud of them! So how the heck did I end up on that soap box?!?

I got out a bunch of cookbooks over the weekend and I'm getting some recipes ready to post for us. Variety, variety, variety...

We had Sunday Service despite the water damage (extensive!) and it was great to come back together after such a mess on Saturday and still be able to have service.

Well, I hear my Honey Love Sugar Babe stirring so I need to get some breakfast going for us. Wonder how egg beaters would taste with some of that Mrs. Dash Mesquite?!? (just kidding!)

My motto today is: Don't give up AND don't give in! We can do this TOGETHER!

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Hiya chickies!!! Sorry I've been MIA for about a week - I didn't do it on purpose I've just been so busy with personal and work life I haven't even had time to catch up!!

Wow - you guys have been so busy around here - I can't even begin to catch up on even September's posts yet!!!

Well for those of you who remember a few weeks back I was waiting on some news - well, it finally worked out - I turned in my resignation today at my job and I'm starting a new job on Sept 20. I'm sad, but also sooo excited as well!! Please keep me in your thoughts that my transition is smooth. I hope to be able to still login and see/talk/chat with you guys, but it might be minimal for the first few weeks until I get a little comfortable!!

Wow, I miss you guys. I've been maintaining, but definitely not losing. I need to really get back on track - not been doing to well. I've had about 1/2 op and 1/2 POOP days - nothing to brag about - I should probably be lucky that I've not gained 10 lbs. My DH bought these absolutely yummy oatmeal cookies and well - I've thoroughly enjoyed them for 3 days now - each night with a glass of FF milk. hmmmmmmmmmmmm, but I finished them off last night - so they are gone - officially out of the house and still in my tummy.

I'm buckling back down as of today - no more cookies and crap and I'm going to start concentrating on more cardio - that is what is going to help me get this weight off for good.

To all of those being good and losing - WAY TO GO!! that is awesome

to all the newbies!!! I'm losing track around here quick!!!
talk to you soon!
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Good Morning everyone! Boy, go off line for a few days and you miss a lot!

Tree- to the group!
Pearl-Your posts always are great morning pick up!
Jenni-Another coming your way!

The weekend was nice, not long enough of course. I went to kickboxing class Friday night, and my teacher decided to run us through the wringer! Oi, were my quads sore. Even today, I still feel a twinge. Oh, well no pain, no gain. If he wasn't so good looking I probably would not go back . I went with my mom, my aunt and brother into Toronto and saw Spamalot. Even if you are not a Monty Python fan, this is a funny funny musical. If you are, all I can say is Fetchez le vache! I was pretty much POP all weekend. Saturday was a huge loss of 3.2 lbs from Thursday, but I don't count the weigh in as it is on a Saturday morning and I have not had anything to eat. Bless their hearts at the COD, they get so excited for me and then I go and burst their bubble and say I don't buy that weight loss.
Sunday, sort of on POP, drank quite a bit of lemon water, and saved all my starches and proteins for dinner at my aunt's house. My aunt is an amazing cook, but due to some health issues my uncle has (he has issues absorbing calories) she cooks EVERYTHING in butter, lard, you name it. She knows I am on a diet, yet she still pulls out the desert. Anyhoo, my brother has been having some stomach issues lately, so because of HIM she did everything low fat. Don't you love it! I had some hard cheese, and a few hot munchies. Monday was a POP plan. I made the baked ziti that was posted, and was it ever yummy. The best part, 8 servings! No cooking for me this week!

I go to COD tonight, so we will see how I did. Cheers everyone and have a good day!
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On stabilization
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Hey, chickies! I am here, I really am. Not even managing to lurk, it seems. Rats! I really miss y'all! There sure is an amazing amount of new faces on here too! That's awesome!

I'm still stuggling to get back on plan after my trip nearly a month ago. Nothing sounds good to make - I am in a food rut. If eat another piece of chicken breast or another salad, I may scream! Even my 6 year old DD says "I don't even have to ask what's for supper.... I know.... chicken."

I don't intend on staying MIA anymore.... got too much to catch up on with you chicks! Stay strong, and have a great day!
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Well I had a bad weekend - I wasn't POP but I did make so so choices. I never overate like I would have in the past but I didn't eat my proper portions for purple.

However, yesterday was a new day and I was better yesterday and today I am totally on track. It was my first slip up in 4 weeks. Lots of lemon water and water today to get things going again.

I read the posts from over the weekend. Everyone is doing so well. I am glad I have this site to keep me on track as well.
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Deb on LAWL
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Hi chickies-

For all of you that was POOP this weekend, I at least hope you had fun doing it!! Now it's time to get back on the wagon and get POP again.

Me, I was working all weekend, so that wasn't an issue. Matter of fact, I was so stinkin busy yesterday, I missed lunch and didn't get all my foods in. Ya see, you ladies that love that 50% off coupon from that store, make me work harder cuz I am a dept. manager at one of those stores!!!! That's Ok though, I love my job!

Joni- On the Jillian Michaels newsletter. It's a once a day newsletter you get and you don't have to be a member of her site. I am on a free trial thing, but I don't use it enough to justify the cost. click here This should take you to the website to sign up for the newsletter. I get about 4 different ones on this site. I really like the everyday cheapskate one. Oh, and being on craft supply buying restriction, I just tell DH that I am saving for retirement. He said that I better live to be 200 years old, because that is how long it will take to get it all used up. He doesn't say anything though because his hobbies are WAY more expensive than mine - trapshooting, rebuilds hot rods, leather crafting- ya get the picture.

Bre- I hope you had a wonderful birthday!!

HeatherPP- YAY on your new job. Hopefully it will be something that you love.

Lori- I hear ya on the food rut. My problem is that I don't want to cook. I have been living off of Quizno's chicken salads and sandwiches and frozen dinners it seems like. DH has been going out of town a lot and I hate to cook for myself. On my days off I try to plan to bulk cook and freeze, but I get thrown off track and never get it done.

Today I am going to finish packing all those fat clothes I can't wear and they are getting hauled off to the Salvation Army. It's amazing to see all the boxes packed up and makes me ill thinking about all the money I have spent to clothe myself in all these different sizes. Hopefully they will be put to good cheap use for someone else.

Have a great day everybody!!
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"Print"cess Jenni
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Howdy Gals!
WI was a success - down 1 more pound from Friday. That's 12.8 total. I'm happy because I stayed POP all the long stinkin' weekend, and in spite of my mood. Work's OK today, and I gotta get back to it.
Hugs all around and more later!
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Pearl- do you just sprinkle that Mrs. Dash on the meat or do you mix it with something to marinate it. I have it but have just been shaking it on before I grill the meat.
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Let's try this again . .
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Mrs. Dash has a whole new line of bottled marinades. I bought several of them too-they're really good.
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