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I hate this computer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I write and post then look back and it's gone!!!

Lori--yes--I do have one--I would go mad if I didn't--I have plenty to do.

Carmen--that's great!! It's good to get re-focused.

Katie--good to see you--you'll get that placed lined out in no time and have more time for yourself (and us!)

Kristi--come play! We miss you.

Hi to all!!!!
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Hiya Kristi - Wow the tatoo sounds interesting - would love to see a picture whenever you get a chance!!

JM = I agree - there would be nothing left of Katie - !!!
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I dunno about that, there is a full length mirror in the bathroom here, and oh man, I can see where those lbs are gonna come from!
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Ok, girls... so I look at this page, and I see Lori, Lea Ann, Heather and Katie all here together again. I'm so glad everyone is back together!
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On stabilization
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Originally Posted by skipper View Post
Lori - I missed you hitting your 50 lbs!! Whoo Hoo - did you get your new fire pit???
Not yet - I am still trying to decide what I want. I got some birthday money a couple weeks ago - the big four-oh - so I may splurge and get a really nice one!
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Purple Sunshine - "I work my butt off in the gym and I still get nowhere!!!" You have got to be kidding! I KNOW you feel better, are in better shape and look better in your clothes! So cheer up girlfriend! You're almost half way there!

Carol - So we have even more in common! I've got to try the ziti recipe soon. I, like you, like to make enough of a dish to last a few meals or put 1/2 in the freezer. Yesterday I made a meatloaf using 2/3 gr turkey breast and 1/3 ground 97/3 beef. I used a lot of different spices, green peppers from the garden, and onions and it turned out terrific! I made 2 LARGE loaves and put 1 1/2 of them in the freezer for many meals. I love that! I agree about the LA cookbook. It seems to be written primarily for single portions and that leave a lot of room for error when I got so much going on in the kitchen. Let us know about COD and WI!

Boo'sMom - I love the banking idea! What a great opportunity to teach your children the RIGHT way to do things for the future!

Marilee - Welcome back! (So, did you just KNOW I'd be joining in August so you had to leave or what?) Advice for COD tomorrow - Remind them who the customer is! You don't have to take a bunch of bunk off of them! Stand your ground girlfriend! Be strong! You can do it!

Skipper - Okay, what does the sign say in your avatar? And who's that little cutie beside the other cutie?

Jenni - It's better to be locked out than locked up! :O

Katie - You've risen from the hiding places! We've missed you so much, glad to see you here again! Can't wait to hear about the new job - you've got to fill us in! About your WI for biggest loser, just be glad you aren't the BIGGEST loser even if you weren't the one to lose the most! Make sure that mirror isn't a MAGNIFYING GLASS!!!

Carmen - 5 pounds is great! Keep it up girlfriend!

Deb - I absolutely love your ticker! I tried to go to *************.com to make something different for myself, but I never figured out where to go after that.

Kristi - Lurkers are so sneaky! First they get a holiday, then they get a tatoo! I think you're very brave to get it and frankly, your foot seems like a neat place to have one - you can hide it if you need to!

I'm just getting out here today. Had a MAJOR confrontation with someone last night (them at me) and it was devastating! Had to recover from that since it was someone I respect. Spent time at church working on some issues from the water damage. Got to get new mic cords and guitar cords tomorrow across town. (1 hour 1 way! Oh boy, a field trip!)
Still feeling like I'm cramping some, haven't weighed since I'm up so early taking son into town for his job. DH is sleeping and I don't want to wake him just to turn on the light and weigh.
Made meatloaf yesterday (see above) and it is Yummy! DH is down another .8so he's happy! (I just love that man!)
Was told today what a great worker my 16 yr old is. "He'll do whatever I tell him, when I tell, and he'll do it well!" Nice to hear that from a friend doing your son a favor! Seems like he's reaping benefits though, he's planning on putting out more bids because of the excellent help he has now!
Staying POP, although I was so upset last night that I didn't get all my food in. Felt like I had a lump in my throat!
I got all that resolved today and all is well. Just still recovering from the slam! (Don't you just hate those bruises that are "internal" on your feelings!)

You ladies are the bomb!!! I don't think I'd get through the day without using knowledge I've gotten here.

Oh yeah, did I mention how graceful you're getting with each passing pound?!? Lovely, just lovely!

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My 3 grandkids & myself
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Hi guys I havenít been on in so long Iím only going to try and play catch up from today.

Lea Ann I can relate to TO Iím only done it once since Iím been on the program, but Iím seriously thinking of doing it again. Youíre still doing well. The banking thing sounds great I think all kids should learn the importance of saving. Maybe if I would have learned when I was young I wouldnít be such a spender.

Hi Cassi hang in there youíve done great and I know you can get it moving again.

Heather glad to read your back in the gym and working hard at the cardio. I did read back that you will be starting a new job. A BIG congrats to you. I wanted to reply to you that day, but they are starting to monitor our online status, so I donít get on much. I havenít been on at home, been to busy. I took a break this week, but I want to try and get going daily. I want to lose more in a few areas before my party. I put my trainer on hold I had about 4-5 sessions with him trying to do it on my own. Still playing around with to many bad choices with the food I donít know whatís going to kick my butt in gear to work harder. Good thing is I kept 10 lbs off at my work weigh in and Iím winning and the challenge ends next week. There are only 3 of us in the WI challenge, but that gets me $40

Marilee I can relate to needed a break. Good for you for being ready to want to get going again. Congrats on you being down a lb. Good luck with TO are you drinking their juice or something else? I think if I hadnít been exercising I probably would have gained. I just seem to move up and down 3-4 lbs, but still fooling around to much to get below 180. The center told me if I would just try to get back on program I could lose another 14-16 lbs by time my party in Oct. At least she told me she doesnít expect me to be perfect, but says I act like Iím on maint. Sending hugs back at you.

Lori congrats on getting to your 50 lb mark.

Sommer hope your feeling better. My DH has had those before and I know they are painful.

Jenni sounds like a weird, but glad they were there to help you.

Katie glad you found some time to say hi. Good luck with your Biggest loser WI tonight and congrats on your new job. Hopefully you wonít have to work so many hours soon.

Carmen glad your doing good at losing again. Keep up the good work.

Deb Iím sure youíll be fitting in those goal jeans in no time. I know itís so exciting to try something on that used to be too tight and you find it now fits. Keep up the great work

Juliemarie how did you do on your marathon. Sorry if you posted it some where I havenít been reading too much. Did some of you guys get together to watch you?

Kristi glad youíre enjoying your new tattoo. Stay with that strong motivation and Iím sure youíll be down to 150 in no time.

Pearl hope you have a better day tomorrow.

It was nice seeing so many familiar faces or names on today, I felt like it was a reunion and made me have to be a part of it. I canít say Iíll chat soon , but Iíll try.

Wishing us all a good weekend with lots of losses.

Miss you all.
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Hi Everyone -- Enjoyed reading the updates & successes! I am finishing up 2 days of TO and while I did okay, I didnt drink enough water; I know I will not be at my lowest weight (end of June) but I am focused (or hope to be).

I started working out a bit again, changed gyms to be with my friend; she gives a killer workout -- but its hard to see how much has come back from not working out for 2 months. The new place has a day care too, $3 per session so it wont break me. I'm also joinging a 6 week training class where you meet with a trainer 2x a week in a group of 8. i'm going to talk with them and make sure that this will focus on weight loss vs. muscle building but I'm pretty sure this will be good for me --

My goal is to be <250 by the end of September and then jump to the next goal. I was woken with a horrible headache and TOM this am, so today was a difficult day and I hope WI tomorrow wont be too bad because of TOM. My biggest challenges are work -- and not eating at work; every Friday night I kill my diet because they have so much food and I am not planning properly. So my challenge for this weekend is to stay POP and weigh in again on Monday. I'm hoping that the more frequent weigh ins will help me get back on track.

TGIF!!! (although maybe not when I have to work all weekend) and still have to write my "million word essay about my scholar -- my 5th grader" -- its the homework assignment we were given to share with the teacher his learning styles, enjoyments, and personality - hopefully I'll be in bed by 1am lol

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Hello everyone!!

Katie: So nice to see you back!

LeaAnn, Cassi, HeatherPP, Marilee, Lori, Sommer, Jenni, Carmen, Deb, Juliemarie, Kristi, Pearl, Lori, and all the other girls I've forgotten.... TGIF! I don't have time to do personals because I have to catch up on the posts. I've been SO busy.

Some good work yesterday, the big boss here at work, called me in her office to present me with a great opportunity. I would be taking on the position of a Data Analyst for our hospital's Marketing and Customer Service departments. Another plus, I would be given a "trial" period to see if the position suits me and vice versa. I have nothing to lose, right? Pay increase is another plus! I'm just scared to leave my comfort zone. Ya know? Well, I just wanted you ladies to know what was going on with me.

Weight wise, TOM is over and I'm still at the same weight on my tracker. No complaints, just hoping to see a downwards move soon. Take care everyone and have a great weekend!
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Morning all--busy day today--can't wait for it to be over in all honesty!!

Barb--love the new avatar

Sue--good luck on the essay!

Evette--sounds like a perfect opportunity--and you are right--nothing to lose!

Hope you all have a super Friday!! WOOHOO!!!!!
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isn't it interesting how so many people on here are changing jobs, getting promotions, etc.? Makes you wonder if it has something to do with weight loss and increased confidence and self esteem. Keep up the good work girls!
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Let's hope it trickles over here to my part of the country!!!
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Pearl - You are too sweet - and yes, I feel better and my clothes look better than when I started,
but I've just plateaued. I've stopped losing period - weight, inches, but thankfully not motivation -
I know I've needed it - and I think even w/ the not eating so great here and there - the exercise
has definitely helped me to maintain, but it is just frustrating.....I'm so sorry to hear about your
confrontation - I sure hope that works out. Internal bruises are the worst and can cause so much more
stress than you would ever realize - hopefully things iron out peacefully...... Way to go on having
such a productive DS!! That makes you so proud I'm sure.

Barbara - Sounds like you will be the big winner at work... Good luck getting your $40.....I know all about
trying to do the gym stuff on your own. I'm a good motivator for myslef, but the PT is getting so expensive.
I actually just called mine this morning and told him I was going to take some time off myself.

Sue - Congrats on getting back to the gym and hopefully going with your friend will help - it always helps
having someone there - even if they are on the opposite side of the gym!!!Those small goals are so important
sometimes - I think the larger ones can cause us to get frustrated and lose focus!!! Good luck on your Sept goal
you can do it!!

Evette - Congrats on the new possible opportunity at work - I hope it turns out to be very beneficial for
you in every way - Hopefully getting out of your comfort zone will help give you more excitement and motivation
- that is what I'm planning on in my new job - yes, it is always scary, but usually worth it in the long run!!

LeaAnn - Hey chickie!! Good morning to you!!!

Lisa - Yes, it is funny how things have happened to several people around here. I truly believe that making
changes in your life creates more positive thinking and self-esteem causing you to believe you CAN accomplish
more!!! How are you doing?
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Choc Thunder
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Default T G I F

Hi Chicks and Happy Frrrrriday!

My yesterday was totally POOP, trying not to let it get me down and trying to stay focused with my eyes on the prize. Chugging my water as we speak .

It looks like you all are doing great. Keep up the good work, and thanks for the inspiration.

Pearl - I honestly feel for you. Here's hoping that the relationship has not suffered irreparable damage. I know how it hurts to lose respect for someone or when someone you truly respect treats you without kindness. Trust me it is their problem, not yours and be glad of it. WTG on staying on plan after the ordeal. Not many of us would have been able to be quite as strong. Brava, Chickie!

HeatherPP - You are looking great and just think, this plateau means you're REALLY close! Keep up the good work, and remember some of that great advice you're always giving us to encourage us. You've come a lonng way Girlfriend.

Katie - Great to hear about the BL challenge. I think you've done a marvelous job. I don't think there's anyone here who couldn't be doing better with their WL journey, but remember we could all be doing much worse too - we could be giving up. So, take the credit that is due you, and remember your whole family is healthier in large part to YOU! So a victory for your DCousin is a huge victory for you as well. You truly rock, girlie.

Sorry, I have a meeting so I can't continue with the personals. See y'all later!

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Let's try this again . .
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Evette-congrats on the new job-hope it works out.

Pearl-I hate confrontations-I'm glad you're getting it worked out-but I know what you mean about the lump in your throat.

Barbara-The marathon is on Oct 1st. I'm ready for it, the training is getting old. Especially since life has been getting in the way and I've slacked a bit the last couple of weeks. i had my nephew in town (and we were definately moving the whole time, but still), and then I got sick and was out for almost a week. The last group walk was out 3rd 20miler, but I was still recovering (nagging cough) so I only did 10 miles. I don't want a relapse, so I'm really trying to take care of myself. We have one group walk left (16mi) and then the marathon.

Oh-and for you Portland/Vancouver gals-I'm going to be in the movies! No-seriously. 2 years ago when I did my first marathon, there was another newbie who is a film student. She did a documentary of her training and interviewed a bunch of us. She's screening the movie at the Hollywood Theatre on Sandy Blvd on Sept 21 and 22. I'm going to go on the 22nd. How weird will it be to see myself on a movie screen!
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