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  • I will drink my water and eat healthy today because:

    I want to wear jeans and a t-shirt and look cute
    I want to wear cute little shoes
    I want to wear sexy underwear
    I want my husband to lust after me when I'm loading the dishwasher like he used to
    I want my oldest daughters' friends to say "Oh we met Jen's mom and she is just like Jen - really funny and easy to be with...... and she is so pretty"
    That's it for today. I have a lot more wants but will save them.
  • My daily reason today is that I want to feel comfortable wearing shorts next summer.
  • I want to feel like I used to feel.... I want the outised to match the inside.
  • I want to be in control, not food control my thoughts because when I over eat, I feel food has the upper hand and prevents me from feeling great.
  • I would like to throw that old stretched out night gown away and wear something slinky to bed and look good in it, too.Thats why I stay on program today.
  • I stayed on program today, and I will continue to stay on program tonight, because I want to fit into my shorts that I wore on my honeymoon.
  • I will have one more glass of water before bed because I want to make my Holiday challenge.
  • Today I will stay on plan because I want all of the weight I lost from TO to stay off!
  • I am staying on plan today coz I REALLY want to finish my couch to 5k program and am to damn stubborn to give up on it.
  • I am staying on plan today because everyone around me at home and on this board seems to be falling sick to colds, allergies, headaches, etc. and I have been the healthiest I have been my entire life this past year. I believe it is from healthy eating. I am a nurse in a pediatricians office and I am exposed constantly to all kinds of stuff, yet I have not caught anything.
  • I am staying OP today because before the holiday I was finally back to 160 consistently and want to break through to the 150's!!
  • I am going to stay OP because I had to break down and buy a skirted bathing suit. THATS IT, NO MORE !! I am not an elderly old lady.
  • Today I stay OP because I like they way I feel when I give my body healthy things to eat.
  • Staying POP--my scale is inching back toward 160 and would love to at least be 160.? on Saturday at WI. This week I have gone from 162.8, 161.8, then today 161 (I KNOW I had sodium/water weight from the foods I ate) even--love the direction and don't want to blow it. The birthday/slumber party is going to take all I have!
  • If I ever get to the Grand Canyon again, I would like to weigh so that I could ride the donkeys down to the bottom. I weighted too much last time.