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SasseMom 08-31-2001 11:38 AM

LA Weight Loss #34
I thought we coud use a new thread!!

Nancy, That was great!! Too much of it was true! :lol:

Weigh in day for me!!!! PLEASE let the scale go down!!!! I survived my second kickboxing class. This was with a different instuctor and she was tougher then the first one! Wasn't sure I was going to make it, but I did!!! :dizzy: I am sore all over!!!! But I'm going to try to keep up the classes two days a week. And I'm going to try to do the machines at least twice a week as well. I'm definatley going to get my money's worth out of the gym!!! :D

Good Luck to everyone who has weigh in's this weekend!!!

Starting Weight 232.5
Current Weight 209
Goal HOTTIE :devil:

Jibbelle 08-31-2001 11:33 PM

hello again!
WOW...so many posts to catch up on! I think I read them all though.

Thanks for the new thread!

Thanks to everyone for the recipe ideas. Keep them coming!

Sorry to hear that your plan is on hold, but you know we are all here for you and cant wait to hear about your progress when you start up again. Keep us posted on your job hunt and how your pseudo-plan is going!

Ok...so as for me. I have had a really long week. I worked over 60 hours this week....missed meals, ate out, ate late, missed supplements, and didnt drink all my water. have not been to the center since Monday. I did as best I could to stay on the plan, but it was WAY too difficult given the circumstances. When I ate out I think I did really well. What is going to hurt me is eating too close to bed time and not drinking my water. By my scale at home I have not gained or lost this week...so I may be ok. I am going to the center first thing in the morning, so I will let you know how it goes. I have been at the same weight for the last week and a half...so I really wanted to lose this week. I guess I should be happy with not gaining though. I will just have to wait and see what happens.

Hope everyone has a nice evening and a great holiday weekend!

Take care all--

SasseMom 08-31-2001 11:54 PM

Well, the scale went down!!!!:D It's about time!!! It's only a pound, but it's a pound I fought with for a week!!!

So how is everyone else doing? I hope everyone had a GREAT on plan day!!!!

Starting Weight 232.5
Current Weight 208
Goal HOTTIE :devil:

marciew 09-01-2001 01:22 AM

Sue~Congrats on the loss! Hey a pound is great! WEIGH TO GO!!
Jibbell~There are gonna be weeks like that...you'll be just fine...just drink extra water this weekend!!

Thanks to all of you for the support! I truly appreciate it..I am so wishing I was on the plan. I feel so gross when I am not. I hope everyone has a great Labor Day Weekend!!

talk to ya all soon!

Jibbelle 09-01-2001 11:03 AM

weigh in
Well gals...regardless of the problems I had this week I am still down a lb! Which is great because I have been at the same place for almost two weeks. Maybe I am out of my plateu. So...I am down 12lb in a month...which I am pretty happy with.

Menu so far for the day:
breakfast: toast, egg, kiwi

To go yet:
mid morning snack: nulight

lunch: chicken salad (just chicken and a little mayo), melba toast, plum, lettuce and tomato salad

afternoon snack: apricots and nulight

dinner: going out with friends from college tonight...not sure where yet...hopefully there will be something on the plan for me to have

Have a good day everyone!

marciew 09-01-2001 12:51 PM

YEA JIBBELLE!!! I am doing the happy dance for you!!! Great job!!! Hope everyone has a great holiday!!

dietingrme 09-01-2001 04:15 PM

:wave: Hey Everyone,

I hope that everyone is having a great weekend! Sue & Jibbelle... both down a pound... that's fantastic! :) Congrats! especially with all that's been going on. I hope that they continue to drop off.

Marcie, I hope that the job issue will soon be looking up for you!
Even though you are not going to the center.. you can stay OP & probably do better than me.

We have changed to a new accountant at work & new software program... having to work twice as hard... old program trying to stay current & new program... trying to enter all existing data & learn program... little tired & stressed... & just felt hungry. Wish that I could just say that the :devil: made me do it... but, I did it... ate a chicken burrito, which was not OP last night at the Mexican restuarant. Intended to do better today... we slept in to nearly 11:00... then, I grilled some lemon pepper catfish & some salmon.... I had the salmon with a sm amt of brown rice & some fresh pineapple... guess, that I'll have a nu-lite in a bit & something real light for dinner... going to try to start eating dinner lots earlier. Jibbelle, I know what you mean when you have to work late... it's hard to eat according to plan.

I hope that not too much damage is done here... I didn't have the fried ice cream last night, nor the grilled corn on the cob today... it's just hard to resist it all... all the time... how do you do it?

Just padlock the fridge, or better the kitchen door, & ban me from the restuarants...

I think that I'll go for a walk... try to sweat a few pounds off...

Ya'll take care... & I'm glad that you enjoyed the email... I thought that it was kinda funny.


NEBRNATV2 09-01-2001 10:20 PM

Hi everyone,

I got on the scale and I have gone down 2 lbs since the last time I weighed in a couple of days ago. I hope that I don't gain any wieght. In fact I am surprised that I haven't gained any weight with all the crap that I have been eating.

I went over to the house to get the mail and ran into the jurk. I called from my cell to see if he was home and no answer so I was going to go in when I saw him pull out of the drive and then up to get the mail so I had to face him and yet again he was still very cold to me. What an asswhole so I cried all the way home:cry:

Tomorrow I am going to get up early go work out then to church and then to the store for some groceries. I have been going to bed so early here lately. I have been so tired so I must have needed my sleep. I went to bed about 9 lastnight and then was awake about 5 something when my mom went to work and then I got up about 7:45.

Well that's all for me.

Karen M

SpringManor 09-02-2001 09:53 AM

Hi everyone. Geesh, I feel like I have been gone or something. I just realized we have a new thread. We have been busy renovatating my dog kennels. I have been doing okay on eating, just not getting in all in and at wierd times. Hope that doesn't hurt. I ate at 9 last nite. Not getting all my water in, but will work on that today. I am not eating any junk though, when I do eat, it is program. Maybe all of this work I will lose!!!!

Well, good luck everyone. Karen, you hang in there. That husband of yours is a real jerk. Wait till you lose the weight, he will come crawling back and you can tell him to get lost. Don't let him be your downfall, you are a special person, don't forget that.

dietingrme 09-02-2001 12:20 PM

Hey Lorrie,

All of your hard work should pay off! A little tip that may help you get your water in... take some with you when you are working outside...

What kind of dogs do you have?


SpringManor 09-02-2001 01:27 PM

Thanks, I will do that. I have Collies. I have show dogs.

dietingrme 09-02-2001 02:03 PM


Collies :) , how neat! Any related to Lassie?

Take care,

Jibbelle 09-03-2001 02:07 PM

another day...another 1/2 turkey sandwich
Good day all! I wonder how many of us are at bar-b-ques today? Not me. I knew I couldnt resist the temptation. So here I am having 1/2 a turkey sandwhich, sauteed zuchinni and green pepper, and a plum.

Our A/C is broken and the guy promised to be here by 1:00 today. I can't wait for him to get it fixed!!! We have been sweating for 2 days. It has been good for my water intake though. I have dranks lots!!! ;)

Anyone do anything exciting for the holiday?

dietingrme 09-03-2001 09:45 PM


Not much exciting here. We have had just a nice lazy weekend... kinda enjoyed doing much of nothing. Children came over... rented several movies and just enjoyed watching them together. Son-in-law & daughter went to Dairy Queen... got everyone a treat except me... I settled for some air-popped popcorn... not really OP, but not as damaging as a blizzard.

Missed breakfast again... slept in after watching movies half the night. Had a grilled chicken salad (lettuce & broccoli). No starch... hubby ate my entire box of melba toast, after eating his whole box... naturally he spread each slice with butter... Made me a little :mad: especially when not wanting to go buy groceries.

Tonight, I didn't have any lettuce left (daughter used last to take to work for her lunch tomorrow). Not many groceries left in the house... that is OP groceries. Had some brocolli left... it was raining.. so, I figured some soup would be good.

Steamed broccoli in water, added 1/2 can low sodium chicken broth, 1/4 cup skim milk, 1/2 slice reduced fat swiss cheese (rather have had cheddar... but no reduced fat in fridge), added a little cornstarch to thicken, seasoned with pepper. It was actually good... hubby ate 2 bowls with his hamburger... no hamburger for me.. just a bowl of broccoli soup. Husband asked would I make it again soon... he liked it. Anxious to see what counselor says... not exactly OP... but, better than a hamburger... and I feel that I need a little something besides salads.

Jibbelle, you have mentioned soup from the center (I think)... they don't have it here... said something about it being seasonal... i kinda like it anytime of the year... what type to they have?

I hope that everyone has a great week... I kinda hate for the work week to start, but, at least it will be a short week!

Take care,

Jibbelle 09-03-2001 09:52 PM

The soup they have at my center is a cream of chicken...with little bits of dehydrated veggies. I think you mix it with a cup of hot water. I have never tried it, but it may be a good base to start with...adding in more veggies or chicken.

We just got our A/C fixed!!! WOOHOO We have been without all weekend. We are so happy....so is the dog and the fish.:lol:

Check out this link for slimfast recalls....be glad we are not on this diet plan!!!


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