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Back in the saddle!
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Welcome, Cherry! Great to have you! And may I say, your avatar does not at all look like a woman who is in her 200's. You've got good genes!!!!!!

As for me ... frustrated ... I posted a LONG post a couple of hours ago, and it's nowhere to be found! Maybe it will show up?
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Yeah i have one of those weird muscular bodies and I am tall. I tend to look about 30-40 lighter than i actually am but the health problems prove otherwise. High Blood Pressure is the main reason for me wanting to lose and the excess weight I have been putting on has been in my tummy. I was on LA before and lost 40 pounds and was a very happy sz 14. I kept it off for a year and a half! I got a systemic yeast infection earlier this year which really messed up my metabolism and I put back on almost 30 pounds in 6 months. So now my goal is to lose at least the same as I lost the first time which will take me down a bit lower than a weight I was comfy with. Thanks so much, you ladies are lovely!
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Welcome cherrycolor!!

Sommer - Wow, what a nice present a European tour would be after completing your weight loss goal and to top it off, you're graduating!! Awesome.
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Missing Ohio
Thread Starter
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PurplePirate - this is what I copied off of a yahoo search. It better explains it.

"The Rice Diet is a low fat, low salt diet, which despite its name is not centered on rice. It was developed in the 1930s at Duke University, and is sometimes known as the Duke University Rice Diet.

On this high-complex-carb, low-fat, and low-sodium whole-foods diet, "Ricers" lose weight faster, more safely, and more effectively than people on any other diet. Men lose on average twenty-eight to thirty pounds and women on average nineteen to twenty pounds per month! The Rice Diet also detoxes your body, ridding it of excess water weight and toxins from processed foods and the environment. The program's results have been documented by extensive studies and confirmed by thousands of people who report amazing weight loss, as well as immediate improve-ment in such conditions as heart disease, diabetes, and hypertension. After all the other diets out there have failed them, people find that the Rice Diet is the one that finally works -- for good."

I should probably get off of this thread since I'm no longer doing LAWL.
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Nah, you don't need to leave us. Everyone has to find what works for them, but you sure don't have to go!
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Princess Heather
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Back from WI...lost a little over three pounds. I am thinking about switching centers. There are new people each time I go and today I was lectured about my eating habits, and how these lite bars are "plastic surgery in a box"....please. Do I look like I was born yesterday???? It was just really depressing that I lost 3 pounds and all she could yammer on about was the soy protein and how these bars are so amazing. Anyway....I LOST THREE POUNDS!!!!!!!

Okay I'm off for mother is coming to town tonight and I am certainly not ready for her arrival. She's here for a week.....we'll see how that goes! Later chickies!
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HeatherCP - WOO HOO ON 3 LBS!! Pardon me being so blunt, but screw the counselor. (1) It's a short week and I'm sure she's trying the hard sell to make a weekly goal, and (2) they probably just got new goals for the month and she's trying that too.

Next time they do that, I would remind them that it would be nice for them to recognize accomplishments rather than worry about sales. I'll bet if you said something to her (or the manager of the center), they would realize how they sound.
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Great Job Heather!!!!!
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Losing the Weight!
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Hey All. Congrats to all who've lost. "Officially" I'm down another pound! Yeah... 26 to go!!!!
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Princess Heather
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Way to go Joan!!!!! WHOOOO HOOO!!!!
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Bre--can you elaborate on the rice diet? What do you eat if it isn't centered on rice? Curiousity is killing me!

The movie was really good--I'll admit I am easily entertained--but we all loved it. (The Devil Wears Prada)

Sounds like everyone is doing REALLY well this week--not me and I won't go near a scale til I am home a few days--so maybe early next week. I take full responsibility for everything horrible I put in my mouth.
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Senior Member
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Heather congrats on the 3lbs lost. That girl is an idiot! You should have said "i was born at night but it wasnt last night!" People are so stupid.

Lea Ann i googled it and its something where you have to go away to do it, its not an at home thing from what i read and its like $2300 for the 1st week. I'll try to attach the link.

Go to "how much does it cost"
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WI today....down another 2 pounds! Woo-hoo!!
Ok, but get this..... On my second WI my counselor mentioned a $25
coupon if I lose 5 lbs. I hit that mark on my next WI but due to a
sales pitch forgot to get my coupon. Today I go in and I overhear of a
promo they had "If you had a loss during the 4th of July weekend you
get a $10 coupon".....I'm a bit amped from working, long day, son also
waiting with me, other kids home alone and I'm asking her tons of
questions and she's being vague, she finally says that I'm getting
ahead of myself and I slow it down. I then wanted to use the coupon
and get some bars, welp she says that I really should get 2
boxes.....(made me remember how someone made mention that their goal
is to hit $65 everytime they have you purchase something) soo I'm a
bit dissappointed 'cause I don't have the money for 2 boxes, then I
forget about following through with the $10 promo. & dealing with the
dissappointment and my body starts crashing I really wanted to run
home and eat a RB float, apple pie & the other stuff we have left over
from the 4th.......I get home and I'm more determined to NOT buy any
of their products but make this work so I ate on program but just not
perfect.....I didn't get a veggie, fruit, starch & protein  and it
just got too late to eat. I'm too exhausted to "feel" hungry & I had
to force myself to eat a Lean Cuisine.

I haven't had time to read everyone's post today, hope everyone is doing well.

Purple- you may lose a TO buddy I'm not sure if I should do it since
I've been losing pretty quick. hmmmm, we'll just have to see how the
weekend fairs.
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Oh!! Did anyone get an updated new menu plan? Or is this old news and since I'm new my COD may be behind? A couple of changes- 3 celery ribs instead of 1, added stuff like coconut milk, broth, persimmons and also recommend CC meals only 1-2 times a week?
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Hiya chickies!!! Well, I'm ill and have absolutely no this morning. TOM is just a burden and my DD has not been feeling so great so she has been up and down all night. 3:30 am - I get Mommy, I need to go potty - so what are you supposed to say when you work your butt off to get the kid potty train - wow - she was wide awake afterwards. She didn't do too bad getting up this morning though - so that was pretty good.

Kristi - Sounds like you had a wonderful BBQ and didn't do too bad. At least you stopped when you knew you should!!! That is an accomplishment in itself!!! Here's sending you lots of 160's :.....

Sommer - Glad things are slowly getting better - Wow what a vacation you guys are planning, but that will give you something to strive for and really help motivate you!! I bet you will just be struttin' your stuff in Italy and Greece - you go girl!!!

Cherry!! Nice loss girlfriend!!!

Bre - No, don't you dare leave us - I've tried different things lately trying to spice things up too - but I don't plan on going anywhere - your a chickie - your our friend - stay here!!! That sounds interesting, but if the $$ is true - wow - can't afford that one!

Erin - Girl that same thing happened to me yesterday - thank god I kept hitting the back button until I found it!!! Sorry - I know how frustrating that can be....

HeatherCP - Congrats on the loss - way to go - sorry they were so discouraging instead of praising you like they should have!!!

Joan - wow girl -you are the LAWL master hunh? melting away 1 lb at a time - Hey, would you mind posting a sample menu - I would just like to see what your eating....

Boo - girl I'm with you on the scale thing - don't even want to look at it for now - I can tell I'm so bloated from TOM and cramps are just making me feel terrible!!!

Nina - Girl - if you're losing and you're not having the carb cravings - then by all means - there is no need for you to do TO - I'm sorry that your trip to the COD was so frustrating - I just don't understand why they can be so pushy - I don't go to the COD - so I don't have to deal with that kind of thing - "they wouldn't want me there" by the sound of some of you guys stories!!!

Anyway Congrats on the 2 lbs - you should be proud of yourself - that is a wonderful accomplishment for a long holiday weekend!!!
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