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Jibbelle 08-21-2001 08:57 AM


Thanks for the recipe and welcome to the program!! I just started a couple weeks before you. So far so good.

Keep us posted on your progress!!


Welcome back and good luck to you too! I think that challenge is a good idea....I am trying to figure out what is a reasonable loss between now and Thanksgiving.

Take care all-

marciew 08-21-2001 10:25 AM

Nancy, Welcome!! It is always so exciting to get someone new and watch their success! Congrats on a great start!!

Margaret-Welcome back!! I know what you mean about getting started again after you have fallen off. I am now on day 3 of getting back on the plan and I already feel sooo much better. You can do it!!! I like the idea of a challenge...I would like to be down 25 pounds by Thanksgiving..that is my goal!! That would put me at 166. That sounds very doable!! Great Idea!!

Jibbelle-Dont worry about your weigh in..thats the thing about weighing in 3 times a week..one day you may stay the same..one day you may gain..and one day you may lose. The best figure to look at is the average for the week. Like last week you were down 4.5 pounds..I mean that is really awesome!!

My menu for the day so far is:
1 egg
LA Lite

Have a great day ladies!!

SpringManor 08-21-2001 10:38 AM

Welcome Nancy,

We are all hear doing the same thing, trying to get this extra weight off. I have lost 93 lbs so far on the LA Plan. I am sort of struggling right now to get the last 30 lbs or so off but I will make it. It is a good plan but you have to stick to it. We are here to help each other so feel free to ask questions or get help.


Jibbelle 08-21-2001 11:55 AM

All is well so far today. Menu has been

Breakfast--blueberry Delight and milk
Midmorning snack-- nu light bar
Lunch is packed!--half a turkey sandwich, carrots and cucumbers, plum
Midafternoon snack--nu light bar
Dinner--having halibut in melba toast crumb coating, steamed broccoli and zuchinni, cantaloupe
Dessert (if I deam it necessary)--JELL-O

WOW...sounds like a lot of food

SasseMom 08-21-2001 01:00 PM

Hi Everyone!!!!
Hi everyone! :dizzy:

I hope everyone has a great "on plan" day!!!!


Welcome to our little family here!!! We are the biggest bunch of "losers"!! (sorry I'm feeling corny today!!)

Well since we are posting menus, here's mine for today:

Breakfast: one apple

Mid Morning snack: LA Lite Chocolate Shake (with my dairy)

Lunch will be: 1-2 of turkey sandwhich on diet bread 1-2 small cucumber, cut in slices and dipped in vinegar. An apple or an orange

Mid afternoon snack will be: LA Lite double chocolate bar

I'm not sure about dinner yet though. We recieved some gift certificates to a resturaunt, and we may go there...I'm not sure. I don't really like eating out, it's so much harder to stay on plan. But since I am spending the day cleaning the house, I may just want to get out. We'll see. And most likely my evening snack will be jello.

I have my weigh in tommorow again. I've done really good about staying on plan, and hubby and I have been good about our bike rides. (we do two miles after dinner every night) So I feel really good about my weigh in.

OH! I almost forgot!!! :o I have a pair of size sixteen jeans, that I love, but could only wear for a short period of time. Well, I got into them yesterday for the first time in AGES! They are still snug, but if I keep going, come the end of September, I will be able to wear them comfortably!!! :^: :D YEA ME!!!

Starting weight 232.5
current Weight 210
Goal: HOTTIE :devil:

SpringManor 08-21-2001 01:14 PM

Sue, it is great to get in those sizes we haven't been in for so long....great job. Good motivation too...LOL


Breakfast: 1 poached egg on 1 slice Diet Dry Toast, coffee

Mid Morning: LA Bar / Coffee

Lunch: 6 oz Low Sodium Tuna w 1 tbsp. Diet Mayo
1 slice diet bread
1 small Tomato /Lettuce Salad w lite mayo
3/4 cup Pineapple
Mid Afternoon: Yoplait Yogurt Lite

Dinner: Baked Chicken Breast
Lettuce Salad

Nite Snack: LA Bar w/ can Pop (Diet)

Gosh, this sounds like a lot of food too.

Jibbelle 08-21-2001 01:20 PM

on the plan
By the menus it looks as though everyone is on track today! WOOHOO for us!

I have weigh in tomorrow too. Since I wasnt down on Monday I am hoping to be down Wednesday. We will have to wait and see!

I have not tried any of the shakes yet...do you have to put them in the blender? I hate cleaning the blender. I really like the chocolate crunch bars though...great for that sweet fix!

SasseMom 08-21-2001 01:42 PM


You don't "have" to use your blender for your shakes. I use my dairy in mine and add some ice and use the blender, so I get more of a "shake" feeling to it. One of the counselors at my center, just mixes it with water and likes it just fine that way too. So I guess it's your personal preferences. But I think they are yummy, and I perfer them over the bars, simply because I don't like the "chewiness" of the bars. I like the taste though!!! :)

Starting weight 232.5
Current weight 210
Goal HOTTIE :devil:

dietingrme 08-21-2001 01:48 PM

right at home
Jibbelle, Marciew, & Lorrie, & Sue,

I can't tell you how much that I appreciate the warm welcome! You are all :angel: 's!

Jibbelle, I noticed that we did start about the same time and are carrying about the same load. It will be nice to travel this road together. Take care!

Marciew, Montgomery, heard of Brewton? It's about 100 miles south. :wave: Nice to meet a neighbor!

Lorrie, Congratulations! 93 pounds gone :wave: bye,bye! That is so WONDERFUL! I looked for a smilie hug, but didn't see one. You deserve a big hug... hug yourself today! I hope that you continue on the road of success.

And, Sue, I had typed my message... had a little trouble sending it... said that I wasn't logged in :?: I was a little flustered, but, then there was another posted message.. this one from Sue. Congratulations on fitting into those jeans!

:?: Questions

FREE foods... When the plan says that you can have 2 servings per day of the Free foods, does that mean that you are allowed 2 portions of each free food, or 2 selections from the list?

What about cool whip, the Free green label one? Is it allowed & where does it fit in on the plan?

Have any of you ladies tried:


1 sm container FREE Cool Whip
1 sm pkg sugar-free gelatin
desired fruit

Allow cook whip to soften, sprinkle dry gelatin over cool whip. Add fruit and fold all ingredients together. You may serve immediately, or chill in the fridge, or freeze in the freezer.

We like orange gelatin & mandarin oranges (by the way, are canned fruits allowed? what about fruit juices? :?:

Any flavors and fruits are adaptable. We tried lemon jello w/pineapple & strawberry jello w/ pineapple or strawberries.
They are all good!

But is Cool Whip allowed ? and should I try using fresh fruits?

Another recipe that might fit the plan is


4 skinless chicken breasts
1 can diet coke
1 cup ketchup

You can cook this in a skillet or bake. 45 min to 1 hr.

When I did the math... if you consider this to be 4 servings, the amt of ketchup exceeds that portion listed on the free foods... what if I decrease the amt of ketchup to 1/2 cup?

PLEASE let me know if these recipes are doable on the plan or if they are the
:devil: in disguise?

HAVE A GREAT DAY! and thank you again for such a warm welcome.

:wave: Bye, bye for now.


Jibbelle 08-21-2001 01:58 PM


Your recipes sound great, but I am not sure about the cool whip.

I know that my counselor told me to eat fresh, not canned fruit or veggies. Frozen is ok too. I think that you lose a lot of the nutrients during the canning process. I have eaten canned fruits a couple times when I am out of fresh.

I think you are allowed two servings of fat free food a day...not two of each. I could be wrong though...it wouldnt be the first time! :dizzy:


I didnt like the chewiness of the bars either...but then I discovered chocolate crunch. It is not the same consistency as the others...more like a chocolate covered brownie with crispies in it. It is really the only bar I like. I think I will get a box of shakes when I am there tomorrow. Try that for a change. I am sure I will like it if it has chocolate in it!

Take care all!

marciew 08-21-2001 02:00 PM

Nancy, I have heard of Brewton! How about that! From what I understand you cannot have canned fruits b/c of the sugar. I would reccommend sticking with the fresh ones only. But I could be wrong.

Sue, I know that is just a wonderful feeling!! WAY TO GO!! Before you know it those 16's will be falling off of you!

WAY TO GO LADIES!! WE ARE ON TRACK! I think a bunch of us weigh in tomorrow! I do to and am praying that I will be down! I am ready to get back into the 180's!

Keep up the good work everyone!!

How much water have we drank so far??

64 oz here!

Jibbelle 08-21-2001 02:15 PM

I am a little behind on water today....only had 1 L and one small glass (about 42 oz). SO....I have to get in gear!

Anyone else here have ICQ or AOL Instant Messenger?

marciew 08-21-2001 03:02 PM

I have aol! Its listed as MarcieDavidW! Well I am getting ready to head out to an interview. It will be my second with this company and my first face to face. I put on my navy suit and it is so tight. I can't wait to put it on and it fit good like the day I bought it. Well keep your fingers crossed for me..I really want this job!!


Jibbelle 08-21-2001 03:11 PM


Good luck at your interview!!! My IM name is Jibbelle...I have added yours to my buddy list. I will look for you sometime.

To All-

I sent a message to Suzanne requesting a thread for us under groups and clubs. This will let us have more than one topic going at a time without getting confused. I will also allow other people to find us easier. I will let you know what she says!

dietingrme 08-21-2001 03:50 PM

Thanks Jibbelle! I had to edit my profile... I was still having some difficulty with posting... let me see if I in & I will get right back.

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