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marciew 08-18-2001 05:54 PM

Okay I officially need help getting back on track. I just weighed and I am at 191 now. I started LA WL at 195. I had lost down to 184. I can't fail at this to. I know what I need to do..why cant I just do it?? I am so angry at myself. Does anyone have any suggestions??? I have to get back on track and get my butt in gear.

Marcie W

Jibbelle 08-18-2001 06:47 PM


Didnt you just finish your Jet Start? When I did that I gained a couple lbs...but then when I did my first week on the plan I lost 5!!!! My counselor said that it is not unusual for that to happen. Maybe you will be pleasently suprised when you go in next time!

Stick to your plan until then. I know you will do great! Dont give up...we are all here for you!

marciew 08-18-2001 11:32 PM

I started JetStart but never could stick to it. When I did it the first time I lost 4 pounds. I haven't been into weigh in 2 weeks. I have got to get it together! I know this program works and I was doing so good before and then BOOM...my job fell through, we were broke and I went back to my old eating habits. It all happened so fast. Anyway...I appreciate your support..I really need it right now and hearing all of your success helps as well. I need to bite the bullet and go weigh in. They will fuss at me, but I gotta do it.

Marcie W

SasseMom 08-18-2001 11:35 PM


You can do it. I find that writing in my diary right after I eat keeps me on track. I actually keep it right on the table as a "visual" for the times I need it. Hang in there and stay on plan and the weight WILL come off. I have so much faith in you! YOU CAN DO IT!!


Don't stress about that one pound! 4.5 pounds is EXCELLENT!! You are on the right track!!! Hey, maybe it was your shoes!! LOL

I'm still on track here. I work Friday, Saturdays and Sundays, so that keeps the "nibbles" at bay. I'm a little worried about tommorow though. I took off so we could have my son's birthday party. (he'll be nine! Man, I'm getting old!) Cake, and chips and all that other party stuff. UGH!! But I'm sure I'll get through it. Somehow. I'm also doing a veggie tray, so if I need to nibble, I'll nibble on that! :) Wish me luck though!!!

Starting Weight 233 1-2
Current Weight 211.25
Goal: HOTTIE :devil:

Jibbelle 08-19-2001 09:10 AM


I didnt have any shoes on! :lol: I always take my shoes off to weigh in. I want to be a light as possible! LOL


Sue mentioned that she writes everything in journal as soon as she eats it. I do it a little different. Every night before I go to bed I fill out my menu for the next day. I decide everything I am going to eat (other than free food like jello). All I have to do the next day is follow my plan and fill out when I take supplements or drink water! It works for me! I know exactly what I can eat and I am not looking thru the refrigerator trying to figure out what to fix while I am hungry. That is always tempting for me. I also like it because I can thaw out any meats or veggies that may be frozen the night before. That makes cooking quicker. You really should go weigh in...my counselors are SO encouraging. They keep me on track. Even when I gain they are very supportive also. You can do it...we are all here for ya!

Are you gals taking the supplements that go with the program?
Are there any men working at your centers?

SpringManor 08-19-2001 11:56 AM

What is the fat blocker that I heard mentioned. Is that the Tri Max?

Jibbelle 08-19-2001 12:00 PM

fat blocker
The fat blocker is sold as FB500....it is not the Tri-Max. You take it an hour after you eat meals containing fat (usually lunch and dinner). It think it absorbs some of the fat making it undigestable so that is just passes right through. It is especially good for those of us who travel a lot on business and are forced to frequently eat out.

SpringManor 08-19-2001 01:17 PM

What is the fat blocker? Is that the Tri Max?


SpringManor 08-19-2001 01:20 PM

Ok, thanks....sorry I posted it twice. My computer must be acting up or something cause I thought it didn't get posted. sorry again.
I have not had a good weekend. Lots of eating and family stuff going on. I am a weak person. But I will get back on track now.

Another question? What is the Tri Max for then? That is what I have. Guess I just took what they said and didn't question it. Is the FB500 better?

Jibbelle 08-19-2001 01:47 PM

The TriMax is what you take an hour before meals to help curb your appetite. I believe it also reduces cravings for starches and maybe something else. I can not keep them all straight. I take both Tri Max and FB500. They do two different things.

Sorry to hear about your weekend. They are tough for me too....I am too close to the kitchen too much of the time!! And my boyfriend (who is 6'4" 160lbs) eats all day every Sat and Sun. This morning he was making buscuits, sausage and gravy while I was having an egg, a piece of toast, and a slice of cantaloupe. Those buscuits sure did smell yummy!!!! But I resisted *pat on the back*

marciew 08-19-2001 03:22 PM

Jibbelle, you do deserve a pat on the back! Thanks for the support to both you and Sue! I can do this and I will. I agree that I do better when I write down everything! And it is a great idea to plan the night before that I way I dont have to think about it the next day! I think that I got bored b/c I was eating some of the same things everyday..how about we start posting our menus for the day....maybe that would help me get some other ideas! Would you recommend both the Tri Max and the FB 500? How much do they cost? Well so far I have had an awesome day! I had an apple for breakfast and a diet Mt. Dew, a Healthy Choice Cheese Pizza and a salad for lunch with 32 oz of water, and my lite for a desert. I know that I am gonna stay on track this time! Thanks again for all of the support. I think this board is so important for support and any questions we might have..so thank you!

Marcie W

Jibbelle 08-19-2001 04:05 PM

Marcie W-

I think the supplements are the reason I am losing 5 lbs a week. I have no idea how much they are because I paid for them with my program costs and nu lights. You should ask next time you go in. I really do think they are helping me

Below is todays menu for me. It is a fairly typical menu except for breakfast. During the work week I usually have a LA DeLight or Cereal Bar for the starch and fruit in the morning. I rarely eat the 1/2 protein I am supposed to have in the morning...bad MarcieB!

scrambled egg, toast, cantaloupe wedge

Midmorning snack
nulight (honey nougat)

turkey, bread (little bit of light miracle whip), lettuce salad with fat free dressing, cantaloupe

Mid afternoon snack
nulight (double chocolate)

Oven Fried Chicken (per Karen's recipe), sauteed zuchinni and mushrooms (in a little pam)

peach (normally I have a peach and fat free vanilla yogurt for dessert, but I used my dairy in the oven fried chicken today)

This menu gets all of the required foods for one day on the Red Plan. I am never hungry and I eat several times a day!

SpringManor 08-19-2001 05:05 PM

What does the red plan get that the purple doesn't? I can't remember and can't find my red card that I got.

marciew 08-19-2001 05:20 PM

Thanks MarcieB!! I will look into the suppliments. I am gonna go and weigh in tomorrow. You are right about getting back in there and weighing. That is a vital part of the program!

Springmanor, I am not sure about the red or purple plan..I am on the gold, but I would like to know the differences of all of them.

SpringManor 08-19-2001 05:23 PM

I have the purple plan. If you want I can try and scan it and send it to you. I used to be on the red plan and did really well. My downfalls came when they switched me to the purple and then the gold. I would like to get the red plan again and start with that. If anyone has it could you let me know what is different then what I have.

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