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Jibbelle 08-15-2001 10:56 PM


I am sorry to hear about your gain, but I am guessing it is either due to your TOM or what you were wearing. Did you know a pair of jeans can weigh 3-4 lbs???? I am sure you will get it next time.

GOOD LUCK! We are all here for you.

marciew 08-15-2001 11:08 PM

Hey girls! Well JetStart didn't happen today b/c the weirdest thing happened to me. I was drying my hair and all of a sudden the sharp pain ran up into my neck and next thing I knew I couldn't look to the left or right. I was in so much pain. I called the place where I am temping and told them I couldn't come in today and I took some pain medications. Anyway...one of my friends brought pizza over for lunch for me. I only had one slice but obviously that isn't on the menu for JetStart. Then I slept until 6:00 and got up, but wasn't hungry. So now I am headed back to bed. Can you believe this? The pain is awful! I have a second interview with a great company tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. I hope all is well for the interview. I will do JetStart tomorrow for sure. I have everything ready. Thanks you guys for the support..it means so much to be able to come here and talk to you all.

Sassie-I hate to hear about the gain but after TOM I bet you have a huge surprise! I bet you lose like 4 pounds! Dont get upset or frustrated you are doing soooo awesome!!

I'll let you all know how JetStart is going tomorrow and how the interview went. Please keep your fingers crossed for me..I really want this job!

SasseMom 08-16-2001 11:16 AM

Hope you are feeling better!

I hope you are feeling better. In my completely unproffessional opinion it sounds like something to do with your nerves. If it hasn't cleared up I hope you'll see a doctor! The way you describe it, it almost sounds like a siatic nerve problem, but of course that's not in your neck! Also, good luck at the interview!!! And I hope you are feeling better.

I still hate that I gained, but I made a constant decision NOT to stress about it until my tom is over, then we'll see. I'm staying on plan, and I guess that's all I can do!! I'll get there!

Starting weight 233 1-2
Current weight 215
Goal HOTTIE :devil:

Jibbelle 08-16-2001 01:11 PM


Sorry to hear that your neck is hurting so bad. I hope your interview went well! Give us an update when you get a chance.

There is a huge box of bagels sitting by the coffee pot...and I have had to walk by it a million times this morning. I AM GOING NUTS! I love bread! argh

Take care all!

marciew 08-16-2001 01:43 PM

Hey everyone!! Well my neck is feeling a little better today. I got up and had my interview and it went really well. They are interviewing 3 people and they will make a decision tomorrow and will call me either way. So that is good..I have another interview at 1:30. It is a phone interview with a good company as well so I am excited about that. So far so good today..had eggs for breakfast, and chicken for lunch. I have drank lots of water already. Just 1 and 1/2 days to go. Jibbelle-hang in there...trust me those bagels wouldn't taste that good to ya....keep doing what you are doing! Sasse-dont get frustrated..i can't wait till you weigh in again! I bet you lose big!! Well, hopefully I can keep up this jetstart and get my body all clensed out!!
Talk to y'all later!

SasseMom 08-16-2001 10:13 PM


I'm so glad that the interview went well and your neck is feeling better!!! Keep us posted on that.


I know what you mean about the bagels...it's hard isn't it. But here's a little story for you that might make it easier to walk away. I LOVE pepsi. I used to go through a cube (24 cans) of Pepsi's in two-three days. That's just me, noone else drinks it. Well obviously I gave up pepsi when I went on the program. As long as it hasn't been around, I haven't really missed it, which was surprising for me. Well, today my neighbor stopped in for a chat, and she had a pepsi with her. It just got me thinking about pepsi...wow wouldn't a pepsi taste good. Well......we have a little country store about a half mile from our house. After dinner tonight my daughter and I went for a little bike ride. We stopped at the little store. I bought her an ice cream for a little treat, AND I got myself a pepsi. Big NO NO I know, but I just REALLY REALLY wanted one, and I've been SOOOOOOO good about staying on plan. I took TWO drinks of the pepsi and threw it out. IT was just sooooo sweet, I couldn't stand it. And you know what, throwing the rest of that pepsi away actually felt good. I DIDN'T WANT IT. I thought I did, but it felt better walking away from it then any enjoyment I could have gotten out of it. You don't REALLY want those bagels do you? I bet walking away from them and saying, I could have and I CHOSE not to felt pretty good!!! Probably better then the bagels would have tasted!!!:smug: YOU CAN WALK AWAY!!!!!! ;)

Take Care....weigh in tommorow!!! WE CAN DO IT WE CAN DO IT!!!

Starting weight 233 1-2
Current weight 215
Goal HOTTIE :devil:

marciew 08-16-2001 11:25 PM

High Five!
Sasse, Just wanted to say "Way to go!" It is okay that you tasted your pepsi..the best part about it is it didn't taste good. I used to drink a coke every single morning and now I have a diet. I tried to drink a regular the other day and it made me sick!! Great job!! Just wanted to give you a high five for that!

Jibbelle 08-17-2001 10:42 AM

Very inspirational pepsi story!! Has anyone found a good diet soda??? I just cant stand the aspertame taste. I have noticed that it is in a lot of fat free yogurts too. ICK

Today I have a lunch meeting and the food is being catered in. I have no idea what it is. I am just hoping there is something there that is on my diet. Guess it will be a suprise. I have done really well so far...have not cheated once...so I do not want to start now.

My boyfriend has been wanting pizza for over a week. Last night he cooked a Digorno after I went to bed so he wouldnt have to eat it in front of me. Of course he left all the dishes for me to clean up this morning! :dizzy:

Tomorrow is weigh in, so I everyone keep their fingers crossed!

Take care!

SasseMom 08-17-2001 11:38 AM

Weigh In Day
I weigh in today too. I always get so nervous. I hope I go down instead of up again. I don't care if I hit the 20 lb mark today or not, just so the scale doesn't go up! LOL

Good luck today Jibbelle. I'm sure that their will be something at the lunch you can eat!! It's probaly too late, but maybe in the future you could bring something, just in case! We had a company picnic a few weeks ago and when I walked to the pavilion with my little cooler full of veggies and diet bread everyone thought I was crazy, but the catered picnic only offered my protien, so I was glad that I brought my veggies!!! :) Later on everyone told me how great they thought it was that I stuck to the plan even at a special occassion!!

Good Luck to everyone who weighs in today!!! :)

Starting Weight 233 1-2
Current Weight 215
Goal: HOTTIE :devil:

Jibbelle 08-17-2001 12:53 PM

Good idea Sassie! That is definately what I should have done. I have not not told anyone at work that I am doing this though, so I would have to play 20 questions, but I guess it would be worth it.

Good luck at your weigh in!

SasseMom 08-18-2001 12:27 AM

I had a GREAT weigh in today!!! I'm now down a total of 21.25 pounds!!!!! WHOOO HOOOO :dizzy: :cool: :p :D I found out that the new sneakers I had bought just before my last weigh in weigh 1 1-2 pounds, so I think I was only up 1-2 pound the last time. I am so physched!!!!

Now I'm wired to hit the thirty pound mark! LOL My NEXT goal! I'm only 31.25 pounds away from the goal I set at LA, but 51.25 pounds away from my own personal goal. That seems SOOO doable!!!

Jibbelle I know you had weigh in today too, how'd it go?

Starting Weight 233 1-2
Current Weight 211.25
Goal: HOTTIE :devil:

Jibbelle 08-18-2001 08:50 AM


CONGRATS!!! WOOHOO *doing happy dance*

My weigh in is today....I go on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. I am a little scared because we had food catered in for a working lunch Friday and I had to eat something. Pasta House catered in...I skipped all the pastas with cream sauce but instead had 1/2 of a breaded chicken breast in some kind of brown sauce and a little bit of salad (with what I am sure was not fat free dressing). I ate just enough to keep me from getting hungry until 5:00 when all my meetings were over and I could go home and have a nulight and a peach. Next time....I will take something! Lesson learned. I felt very guilty....I hate to think about how much fat I ate in just that little bit of food. Thank heavens for that Fat Blocker Supplement!!!

I will post my new weight later this morning.

Take care all,

Jibbelle 08-18-2001 11:29 AM

me again
I just had my weigh in and I am up 1 lb from 277.5 to 278.5. I am dissapointed, but I still lost 4.5 lbs this week so I should be proud of that. Added to the 5 from last week....that makes it 9.5 in two weeks. Not too bad.

marciew 08-18-2001 12:38 PM

Way to go you two!! Jibbelle 4.5 for the week is so awesome!! And Sue...way to go on the 20 pound mark..your headed straight for the 30 pounds mark!
Great job!!


Jibbelle 08-18-2001 02:41 PM


I have a question about the oven fried chicken recipe. Are the exchanges:

1 protein, 1 starch, and 1 dairy

Just want to make sure since I am so new at this.


Marcie also
AKA Jibbelle

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