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Default not at all happy with the center.

hey everyone.

I am a newbi to this forum as far as posting goes but a long time lurker.

I joined LAWL 6 weeks ago and have had nothing but troubles there. I enjoy the program and have had WL success..but feel I have not had the support I paid for.

First of all, I called to get to the center nearest me becasue I live in asmall town but near a big city. The girl on the phone assured me this specific center was the closest to me. Being noew to the area I trusted her. well.. it was NOT. The drive to the center was over an hour! I live 15 min outside of the city.. I was very upset to be driving in a busy area with my two small children for that long...

so then they said there was a much closer center and they would transfer all my files to the new one I would be going to.. that never happened. no problem tho because th enew center just made a new one.

I decided to do the payment options.. we are making the payments in 3 total.
I decided to go with the program where you qualify for the money back option. i told the gal who registered me of my health issues and yet, she did not say that I could not eat the bars because of the nut content. it was the other counsellor at teh new center who told me this.

she also said I needed to meet wiht the center manager to get my program straight so even tho I cannot eat teh bars I would still qualify so long as I stay within 5 lbs of my goal for a year. well I made5!! appts with her. 5!!! ANd NOT one did she meet me.. I was either not in the books or she was not in the office for my appt. finally I got upset and asked to meet with someone else..
in the meantime I was coming inot the center for my WI and consult. 9 out of 10 they lost my file. they never had any idea how much i weighed or my past challenges ect.. if it were not for me tracking in my book then it would never be documented.

I finally got in contact with the assistant manager who did meet with me upon request on the one dya the manage who was supposed to meet with me was not it. he saidI still had to meet with her for the final word...that metting never happened again.. until one day when I was there I again said I had an appt with her. and she happened to be at teh desk. she was upset becasue aparently she was not notified I was to meet with her even tho Iwas right there in the book. she asked why I needed to see her in in front of all the staff and customers I had to explain my situation.. ( I have bowel issues that prevent me from eating nuts) this can be very personal.

we do have this straightened out FINALLY.

now I was supposed to be due for my 5 week appt to retake my blood pressure and measure me. Again. I have made the appt TWICE and the first time I showed up they had no idea i was to meet with someone. I sat there for 15 minutes even after checking in with the front desk to tell them I had an appt upon arrival.. when I got tired of waiting after 15 minutes with 2 small children in tow, i said I am going to have to leave becasue swimming lessons were about to start the girl at the desk confessed again I was not on the days agenda.

I do NOT understand how this keeps happening.. I have seen them write my name down in the books.. it seems VERY disorganised..

I am NOT getting the support I need OR paid for. I want to stop my final payment.

any ideas?

thanks for listening to this rant.
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I would call the 1-800-lahelp1 NOW!! That goes right to headquarters I would explain all of this to them and get some action! I know how frustrating the centers can make it but you PAID for the service and they should provide it.
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thank you for that number! I have been searching for it all morning.

I called and they will be sending my claim to corporate office.

I really hope I htey get back to me.

I wrote down whom I just spoke wiht and made a note of the time I called her ect.. in case there is a problem.

again, thanks!!
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Best of luck on this and

The squeaky wheel gets the grease...again!
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WOW--you have had the run a round! Glad you got the 1-800 number for corporate--definitely your best bet. We don't even have an appt. book, just walk in anytime and we are always seen almost immediately. Keep calling corporate until this is resolved. Good Luck

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I'm glad you finally got somebody to answer! I would, however, call corporate again in a day or two if you don't get an answer. I had problems with my center, and ended up calling the attorney general's office - I don't know where you are from, but in Minnesota they are big consumer advocates. Anyway, once I mentioned ot LAWL that I had talked to the attorney general (it came up very casually in the conversation - lol!), my center sort of took notice and we got everything cleared up. And, the good news is, after that first awful 2 weeks, they've been fine!

Hang in there and make them give you what you paid for!!!
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