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Princess Heather
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ok...i've decided I don't need a personal trainer...i have an 18 month old and a 6 month old to run after (although the six month is pretty stationary!). I swear the 18 month old is about 40 lbs....*the scales say 25* but ever since we picked up DFS#2, DFS#1 can't walk, can't drink from a cup, wants baby food and thinks bottles are for him....I know it's all normal...but ohhhhhh so funny. If looks could make children disappear DFS #2 would have vanished by now....DFS#1 is not amused.

I am doing okay these past few days. today was a bad day...the kids were grumpy and all I had from 7 am to 7 pm was a slim fast shake and a few goldfish...back on track tomorrow. I want to say in the 260's and not go back up! If ya'll don't see me for a few days or whatever don't be alarmed...I am trying hard to settle into a routine and figure out how to get everything done....the dynamics in this house have certainly changed. Thank goodness my DH gets up with DFS#2 at night so I can sleep and be fresh and ready for the day long adventure! PRAY FOR ME! I'm hanging in there....but man it's an adjustment. It's worth every second of it but it has been alot these past few days!
I am off to bed so I can get some sleep! Later chickies!
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Hey HeatherCP- I really does get easier, I PROMISE! About the time they turn 5, hahaha. Just kidding, it should get easier by the day. You are doing great getting routines set, and that is what will save you. Here is a big hug coming your way!
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Originally Posted by hkychik
Stacey, I'd be up for a June challenge - maybe set a goal for July 4th - 5 weeks away?

I was talking with DH and a friend who is doing a different weight loss program this weekend... He is struggling a bit, single father, works from home, etc... We challenged each other to TWO P-POP (perfectly- perfectly on plan) days a week. I've gotten in a comfort zone where I feel like I can sneak a bite of cake and not count it, or have a smidge extra peanut butter with my apples, extra FF cool whip with my strawberries.... you know. I need the same dedication I had when I first started. So, we are starting off with 2 days this week, 3 days next week, and so on....

OK---I guess I'll start the thread!
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Hello my fellow chickies!!!

Katie - One more day to celebrate nine years of bliss - I know you are so excited!!!

Rebecca - Congrats on the wonderful grades and passing those exams. I admire anyone who can work and go to school at the same time - it definitely takes motivation.....

Dawn - Congrats on getting the info early - hopefully you can read it all and get prepared for when you do get ther - soon I'm sure....

Hopefully I can catch up later - to everyone to have a POP day!!!
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I'm having a hardtime this week.....I dunno what my prob is! I am scared to go WI
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