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  • Dawn- Thanks! I guess its better to sub then to have all of it! Sometimes you just dont plan things right and it happens that i most often than not have a extra starch! I guess giving myself one starch per week shouldnt be all the bad!

    MT- I am sorry about the appointment thing! That does suck! About my BM problems, i got the FIBERCON stuff and it hasnt done nothing for me and its been a week already! Its so frustrating! I will try yours over the weekend see if it makes any difference! You know setting my goals to a month thing has actually helped a lot! 620 min a month = 20min per day and if you dont do it today you will pay for it tomorrow! Set a little goal for exercising and it does go a long way!

    Repo- Happy aniversary! 9 years its a long time... congrats on the gift! DH and I will be celebrating his birthday on friday too so there will be a lot of celebrations going on here and HAve fun katie!
  • Heather- I bought it off of ebay, so I had to tell him to delete any emails he may recieve, so he knew it was coming. His wedding band came free with my wedding set 9 years ago. It was a thin crappy gold band then, and he has worn it all of these years. I always joke that his ring came out of the cracker jack box. Anyway, I have been wanting to replace it for years. I got a great deal on ebay for it, and he loves it.
  • Congrats on the 9 years Katie!

    Speaking of the fiber/BM issues, for those who have tried the colonex, what were your results? I don't need details or want pics like on that web site, but just curious if it had the desired results?

    Our intra-city tournament starts tonight, so, unless we go "2 and BBQ", I imagine we will be spending many nights at the baseball park the next 10 days. UGH. It's supposed to get hot again too. UGH UGH! OK, enough whining about that!

    I probably just killed my tomato and strawberry plants. I have such a black thumb, but I try every year, and manage to get a few (just enough to tease me). Anyway, I just transplanted them to bigger containers. A sure indication they will croak!
  • Katie - Congratulations on the 9 years!!
  • Yumm
    Let me tell you what I just found. I know I've been preaching to myself about staying OP and cheats and all, but this was too good to pass up!

    Hershey has made something called Snacksters... 100 calorie bags of sweet stuff. They have two flavors, Chocolate and Reeses PB cup. They were giving out samples at the grocery store today and I found mine in my purse while rummaging for a receipt.

    The chocolate bag has mostly multi-grain cocoa puffs, some cruchy choco chip cookie pieces and some chocolate chips. I can see where these would be awesome for those chocolate cravings, where you know that just one bite of something won't do. At least for me, it's partly the act of putting food in my mouth....

    It is close in nutritional count (except the sugars) to the LA Twists.... I will count it as a starch today!

    The bag has
    100 calories
    3.5 g fat
    60 mg sodium
    15 g carb (9 sugars)
    1 g protien
  • Lori- I am into my second month of Colonix. I like it. At first the results were great and I could count on going everyday. Now I sometimes go every other or sometimes 2 days between. My stomach feels much less "full". I like the fiber drink in the morning. It is very gritty and lumpy but it fills me up. I just mix it with crystal light.
    I do not think it has helped me loose any extra weight. I have not had anything come out of me that looked like it did on the website. I was very scared to take it but it is very gentle (keep in mind NOTHING has ever worked for me before). I think it has improved my skin too.
    I am happy with it, I am just worried what is going to happen when the 3 months are over. Hopefully my body will have learned to be regular.
  • WOW it's so nice to hear how so many of you are really focusing on your exercise I think that's great. I looked into a small gym by where I work and there are no contracts just a monthly fee and then of course the trainer is extra. I'm thinking I might look into it, but if I do I'd have to take longer lunches and then end up leaving later, so well see.

    Lea Ann enjoy our trip to Arizona and visiting with your friends. We'll all miss you post when you can.

    Heather glad to here you doing good and that your able to wear your new outfit. It's a good feeling to know you look & feel good. I would love to see a pic if you have a chance to post it.

    Welcome MissyJ and Smokepole.

    Katie congrats on 9 years of marriage. Also sounds like your doing really well with TO hope it works well for you.

    Lori the snacks you posted sounds yummy, but for me that's were I end up doing poorly. I just taste sweets and I over do it almost each time.

    Congrats to the rest of you doing well. To the others who might not be doing so well I can totally relate and here's to us getting back on board.

    Time to get back to work have a great day.
  • About exercising:

    As a college student I dont have much $$$ to invest in a gym membership! Also I dont like the thought of paying for something and not sure if I will use it! I would recommend to any of you that want to exercise to look for a YMCA in your town! I pay $20month and that includes most classes (ex: Aerobics and CardioBlast are including and also one session with a personal trainer per month)! I am not sure how your YMCA works but for the benefit of exercise just check it out!
  • News regarding school:

    I pass on both of my classes last semester and just wanted to share: I passed Marketing with a 93 and Speech with a 97! Its a big accomplishment to me because working full time and going to school its very challenging!
  • First Day on LAWL and hello to all!
    I really really could use some support! I have tried for 3 months on my own to loose the 10 pounds I gained since moving and getting remarried! So I joined and started the Fast forward 2 days today!
    Any advice?
    I have gained and lost in the past - highest was 160 and most success was on a program similar - I kept it off for 2 years so last year I had a breast lift to fix the outcome of so many gains/losses and now have gained 10 back. I am catching this now though- don't want to have to loose 30!

  • Good for you for catching it so quickly Brooke. My advice is water, water, water, and when are really hungry, sugar free mints or hard candy, coffee, or tea all help fill you up.

    Carmen, Milca, Dairy, Deets, we are missing you chickies!
  • I talked my COD into giving me all the information for stabilization and maintenance even though I’m not there yet. I got new tip cards, a new free to live binder and the maintenance food guide. It’s very interesting. The maintenance guide has a break down for just about everything I could think of. It’s encouraging to know that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel and I will get to eat some of the things I ate previously, in moderation of course!

    Now I just need to get there...
  • Congratulations Rebecca on your Exams!! I give credit to those working and going to school. I don't work outside the home, and I go to school, and that's hard enough! Are you done or do you have more semesters to go?
  • Thanks all for the nice welcome I'm going right over to ebay and check out that Bare Minerals. My niece is getting married Labor Day weekend and my Mom has been fussing about her foundation.

    How do you all keep track of who says what? And then answer it. I didn't check in all day and there were 2+ pages of posts. I don't want to ignore anyone, there are so many successes!

    I have been on an AOL LAWL board all winter. It's dwindled down for some reason so I've suggested that the couple of girls left there come over here. I think they might.

    Congrats on the finals Rebeca, my daughter did her Master's program while working full time and living at home. Lots and Lots of work!! You deserve accolades.

    9th Anniversary. How exciting. My husband gave me a band to match his a few years after we were married. My initial one was thin. I love the wider band. Especially in the summer when I don't wear my diamond for fear of losing it while I'm gardening.

    Thanks for all the encouragement!!
  • Well they should. The more the merrier, right?

    Thanks for all of the congrats, guys. Very nice.