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Hi All, I've been lurking the past week or so. In my discouraged mode and didn't feel like typing

Any way what is this "mineral makeup" you all are talking about? Is it a brand or a type?

I'm trying to stay on program, but evenings seem to mess me up. I need to do this. I'm so annoyed with myself. Good new is I haven't gained. I'll keep "lurking" and reading. You are a fun bunch to "listen" to.

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Debbie- Mineral makeup is a kind of make up. There are several different department store brands, which can be purchased on ebay for a fraction of mall prices.

Lea Ann- Okay, I am going to paste my newsletter here if I can.
It did not come over in the format that I used, but here are most of the articles.

Brower Family Biggest Loser Newsletter

Getting motivated!
First of all, you gotta want it. And if you want it, you can get it! Have you ever seen the T Shirt that says “I may be fat, but you are ugly, and I can lose weight!” It is true. Being overweight IS fixable. We are lucky to be losing weight as a team, because we will be there to cheer each other on, and offer an occasional kick in the butt. I have added some pointers to help keep you motivated.

Set Some Goals
Are you on a journey with no destination? Do you know where you are going, and why? It is time to set some goals. I suggest putting them on paper, and posting them somewhere you will see them. The fridge or bathroom mirror are great places. A long term goal is important. Short term goals are great too. You might choose a goal such as “15 lbs lost by the Finn reunion” or “10 lbs by the 4th of July”.
Besides weight goals, exercise goals really help too. It has been said that it takes 21 days to form a habit. I challenge you to set a goal to exercise for 21 days, and form a healthy habit.

Positive Reinforcement
We are all kids at heart, and we need rewards for good behavior, dang it! Make a list on NON FOOD rewards that you would like to have. When you meet with a goal, reward yourself. You deserve it!
Some non food suggestions are:
o New Clothes
o Makeup, perfume, hair things
o Movies, CD’s, IPOD
o Exercise stuff
o Fishing Gear
o Scrapbooking supplies
o Home décor
o Car stuff
o Hobby related stuff
o Date with your sweetie
Write them down. Window shop. Get a good idea what you want, and get earning! A lot of people I know reward themselves every 10 lbs, and I do, too.

“I can’t wait until…”
What are you waiting for? Here is a list of “I can’t waits” from other dieters.
I can’t wait until:
o I can keep up with my kids.
o I can jog without being in pain.
o I can kiss the plus size clothing good bye.
o People notice my efforts.
o I am in the 100’s on the scale
o I feel good all of the time.
o I can buy clothes from any store in the mall.
o My doctor says that I am in great shape.

What Do the Trainers say?
Jillian Micheals, trainer from Biggest Loser, lists these key points to weight loss on her web site:
• Find your true shape. Want to look like a movie star? Forget it. Even movie stars don't look like themselves after they've been styled and airbrushed. Jillian help you discover your true body type and what you can and can’t expect from it.
• Establish healthy habits. Emotions often trigger the bad behaviors, like overeating. The key is to identify the things that are making you feel pressured, sad, angry, or anxious. Once you have identified your emotional triggers, you can break the cycle and start getting back in control of when, why, and how you eat.
• Change attitude and change your life. A key element of changing your attitude is changing your negative self-talk. It’s this kind of useless negativity that is holding you back, keeping you from being the best you that you can be. Now is the time to turn it around once and for all.
• Set up the support systems you need to succeed.

Making a game plan
How are you going to do it?
Now that you have set your goals, thought about your rewards and wants, you need to decide how you are going to do this. There are many schools of thought on how best to lose weight, but the underlying principle is very simple. You must burn more calories per day than you consume. If you use the internet, this is very simple. Go to Set up a free account, and you can record your food choices all day. The calories, along with with carbs, fat, and protein, will be recorded for you. Another great source for calories is In general, women should consume somewhere between 1200-1400 calories per day. Men should consume between 1500-1800 calories per day. There should be a good balance between carbs and protein. I have read that most people should consume at least 100 grams of lean protein per day. Lastly, water is VERY important for weight loss. Lots and lots of water. Drink at least 64 oz of water daily.

What are some healthy ways to snack this summer?
Here are some suggestions:

o Sugar free popsicles or fudgesicles
o Cut up melons with a tablespoon of fat free creamer drizzled over the top
o Strawberries with fat free Cool Whip
o Celery with peanut butter
o Apple slices with Laughing Cow Light cheese
o Frozen grapes or cherries
o Rice cakes
o Sugar free snow cones
o Lowfat, low sugar yogurt
o Lowfat string cheese
o Lowfat cottage cheese with fruit
o Baby carrots with fat free or low fat dip

Have a great week everybody! We can do this!!!!
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Hello chickies!!!

Bo - I hope you have a wonderful trip to AZ - We will miss you terribly as well - Hope you find some time to sneak in and say hello!!! If not - just enjoy yourself!!

Lisa - I'm totally up for the challenge - I did to think of a good short term goal......

Sznn - Way to go on the hike girlfriend!! I'm sure that after the hike - that metabolism ate up that piece of bread with no effort at all.

Aggie - Good luck with the hair and with any more exams you have left!! Can't wait to celebrate with you after there all over with for the year!!!(or at least summer)

Debbie - Girl welcome to the board - so sorry you are discouraged, but this is definitely the place for motivation - just keep sticking to the plan - it will show results. Are you exercising more ? what plan are you on - several girls on here have great knowledge regarding the plans and trying different things.Give us some more background.

Ktie - Hey girl - Wow - I wish I had a family like that - You are such the motivator!!! You will have created Success all around you and you can be so proud of yourself and everyone you have influenced. I loved Boo's idea about posting the newsletter!!!

Sherry - sorry that scale won't move too much - but hopefully with this june/summer challenge we can make them all move a little!!

I'm doing good - I have one of my new outfits on today - so I"m feeling fairly confident.....I love that feeling - haven't had alot of that since having the baby!!! Maybe I will take a pic later and post for you guys!!! Other than that - I have nothing to report!!
Congrats on all the losers and to those whose scales aren't moving - let's do it girls - it is time for the bathing suits !!!!!!
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Hi Smokepole! I'm new too. I'm sorry you're feeling discouraged, but you've got a good start. 36 pounds isn't too much -- I know because I've lost 44! and I'm still heavier than your start weight!

Welcome, and good luck.
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on the mineral makeup...I have ordered off ebay in the past but now I only buy the Bare Minerals. It is just ground so much finer so to meit goes on much smoother. I have literally had people tell my sisters I looked like a movie star (behind my back) because they saw me in this stuff. I use their foundaiton, blush, and mineral veil. It is the best makeup I have ever tried.
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Katie - Wow - what a wonderful newsletter and so motivational - You are such a great leader for that group!!!
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I have a friend that swears by the bare minerals as well - maybe I need to try that next time I need a refill.....
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Good Morning Girls-

Repo- Great newsletter! I love it! Keep us posted of everyone's progress!!!

Aggie- The fiber therapy is discussing and yet nothing has moved along! I am so irritated about this! SIL says she is also having a problem since she started the diet!

This morning I woke up at 5:45 and got 90 min of exercise since yesterday! 20 min threadmill 10streching (includes 50 crunches) with yoga ball and 60 aerobics this morning with SIL- she has lost 13lbs already! I am so proud of her! Therefore for my May goal i have:

100 to go for my 620 min for May
270 abs to go! for mays goal!

I am not getting on the scale until i go to the bathroom! (TMI I know)

Qustion of the day: Some days i am craving an extra starch, can i substitue 2 veggies for a starch? (we were talking about substitution couple weeks ago)
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Katie - your newsletter has motivated me to go shopping!!!

HeatherPP - I'm sure the bread won't stick permanently, but it sent the scale up 1.5lbs. Amazing how a little abberation from 'perfect plan' makes that needle jump.

I am getting hooked on that hike. It is an urban hike of sorts - only 20min drive from downtown - 1.8s mile straight up - and there is a gondola to take you back your knees don't get trashed.
There is also shopping at the top - cute exercise gear

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Rebecca - the COD told me once I could sub a fruit for a starch, but only occasionally.
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I can't remember who posted the spinach omlette idea, but thanks, it is really good. I am doing my first limited TO ever. I bought 4 luna bars, and I am doing spinach, egg whites, and watermelon. I am in heaven. The lunas are really yummy. Hope they don't upset my tummy too much, but this is a great TO. Day 2, and not even breaking a sweat.

About the gym- My little sister is a genius. She pointed out that we do not have to get gym memberships, because we can go in early or late in the day and exercise at her work. She is a physical therapy assistant. They have tons of equipment, and she knows how to use it all. Furthermore, one of her aids is a personal trainer, and he has agreed to meet with us at the hospital to train us and set up plans. I am so dang excited about this!!! Yahoooooo!
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Hello Ladies,

Lea Ann- Have a safe and wonderful trip back home!!!

Rebecca- What kind of fiber are you using? I got some from Walmart. It is their version of Benefiber. It is called EZ fiber-sugar free. It comes in a green bottle. It is non thickening-grit free-flavor free powder. You can mix it in any beverage or soft foods. I usually mix it in with a glass of Crystal lite lemonade and I've even mixed it in with yogurt. I was having bad problems too and this has helped tremendously. WTG on the exercising. That is something I need to get my butt motivated to do.

Aggie- YAY on passing the big one!!!! WTG girl!! How's Nikita baby doing??

Katie- Awesome newsletter. That's really cool that your family is jumping on the wagon with you. My DSis needs to lose some serious weight, but if you mention it to her, she goes and chows a whole bag of chips just to spite you. I hope everybody has some great losses.

HeatherCP- Great job on the loss and finding your motivation again. Congrats on the new baby DFS.

Missy- WELCOME to the family!!

Smokepole- Sorry that you are discouraged. Hang in there, at least you are not gaining. You can do it. Keep your chin up.

I had a gain over the weekend too and I am not exactly sure why. I worked all weekend and stayed pretty much OP. I did fix a meal that I got the recipe off of the website that the LA chef's had modified. It was super yummy, but sat in my stomach like a rock all night long. I guess that I should stick to what I know works. The scale was down this morning, but still up .4 from my last weigh in. I don't plan on going to WI until Saturday. Our center hasn't gone to the once a week appointments, but where I used to only wait 5 or 10 minutes has turned into 30 or 40 minutes and that drives me crazy. If I drive by and there are more than 2 people sitting in the waiting room, I just keep driving.
Have a great day chickies!!
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Kristi _ yea, we have a store called ULTA that just opened and they carry all kinds of hair, nail and beauty supplies - I'm going to have to check it out soon.

Katie - How lucky are you girl!! That is wonderful!!! I know you can't wait to start taking advantage of that!!!
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So, oh yeah, it is our 9 year wedding anniversary today. I almost forgot. We are going to celebrate on Friday night. I bought DH a new wedding band, titanium, very nice. I gave it to him last week though.
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katie - Wow Happy anniversary!! Sounds like a nice friday night planned out. How did he like the ring? Was it a total suprise?
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