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  • Hey, y'all! Welcome back from your various weekend trips. We stayed home and were very low key. I managed to stay MOP (mostly on plan) but dang it - I really need my family to finish up that silly cake in the freezer. It calls my name every time I walk out there. GRRRRR On the plus side, WI was down 2.2 since Friday. I only bumped my ticker down a little - but I really hope to be in onderland by next Monday. WooHoo!

    Welcome Skipper and Missy! You'll find this a great place for support, questions and answers.

    DF- what a crummy experience. Sheesh. Some folks have NO respect.

    Lea Ann - you are a traveling fool! Be sure to pack yourself lots of mini snacks. I'm already thinking about the 12 hour drive to Wyoming in a couple of weeks. Lots of water, string cheese, grapes, grape tomatoes (Costco has a big basket of them and they are REALLY good!), baby carrots, cuke sticks, sliced apples... I am even going to try edamame... a little frightened at that! I am a muncher while I drive, and while it is usually sunflower seeds (and yes, I plan on a few of those too! ) I am thinking these other things will help. And lots of GUM.

    Aggie - you are so smart! Good job, Girlie! You're almost done.

    Nice job on the hike, Sznn! I wish I had your ambition. I spent too many years fighting forest fires to enjoy hiking anymore. If I ain't gettin' paid for it, I ain't doin' it! Too bad really, because I grew up hiking and camping in Yellowstone.

    HeatherCP - what you are doing is so awesome! I'm sure that little one will adjust to a good schedule in no time. DFS#1 will love having him around soon too.

    Off to tackle the garage. DH sold his 4 wheeler this weekend, so I have more room and can get stuff out of the middle of the floor now!
  • Kristi--good point--there's no way--I hope it's just sodium.

    Lori--MOP is another good one right along with POOP! So glad someone is going to be driving more than me--ours is 11!! I don't even count MB since we are flying. WTG on the 2.2--you are soooo close--woohoo. My ice chest sounds a lot like yours--even the girls are being pretty restricted, except for their granola bars since I won't share mine--lol. I'm with you on the gum and sour ice breakers (Katie--I FINALLY found the tropicals--love the lime coconut--yum!). Have fun in the garage--ugh.
  • Repo - you said you were doing take off with watermelon? Does that work well? How much do you eat?

  • Well, long weekends are not fun! They are fun for fun, but not for dieting ... I managed to do okay, but far from perfect (so much for the challenge). I was going to do TO through the center Sat /Sun, but my counselor didnt recommend it -- said I would feel too restricted .. but I wish I did. Sat had a margaritta (just one), but dragged myself to the gym later that night for 1/2 hour of weights and 40 min cardio.

    Sunday my worst was having chips . .and then I was going to do TO yesterday but we slept in a bit and my daughter had a parade which I walked with her .. ended up wayyy too hungry and had a slice of pizza and then just ate OP the rest of the day and did another 30 weights and 30 cardio last night.

    I think I know why I am staying the same .. I weigh in on Fridays and then Friday, Sat, Sunday (and sometimes on Monday) I am not perfect on program. I bite here and there is just killing me and I think I need to get back to being 100% .. . okay, I just finished my confession.

    Good thing is that I can really feel something different about my body; the exercise is paying off, but just not in the scale.

    I'm doing TO today and tomorrow and weighing in on Friday -- I'm hoping for a loss. I plan to exercise tomorrow and swim on Thursday and then the circuit training class on Friday before I weigh in ... I'm hoping for at least 4lbs .. . or begging my body.

    Enjoy the day!
  • Quote: Thanks for the warm welcome. Submitted for your approval (as Rod Serling would say) is a "before" picture of me. Refer to avatar for's all I got. Actually, I just enjoy showing off my celeb photos

    Wow, thats a huge difference, you look great!
  • I have been doing 12 ounces of watermelon 4 times a day. Mary says that her best TO ever was done with watermelon.
  • Thanks I love watermelon and the thought of another take off and 4 oranges a day makes me want to puke!
  • I just bought a new scale and now I can try it out.
  • I finally bought a digital food scale. It cost me 30 bucks, but I really like it. I love how accurate it is. I even took it camping.
  • Me too I bought an escali or something like that with the tare feature and weighs in grams and ounces to .1 i think.

    I hated the one the center gave me and never trusted it or even if I was reading it right. Now there is no doubt.
  • I know someone else here had this situation...what do you you think I have a legal leg to stand on the call LAWL headquarters to complain about my ccenter going to once a week/appt only visits when my cotnract stated otherwise? I am fed up with COD and the other woman here got a refund for this...what do you think? What would you say to the customer service people?
  • I think the lady got a refund for her unused portion not the whole thing...I could be wrong.
  • deetsmom: I think it was for the unused portion that she got the refund as well. I would definatly call the 800 number if having appointments is difficult for you, find out what they have to say. If I remember correctly that is one of the things the stressed when I joined was that you could come in at your convenince no appointments necessary. I don't know if I could handle the appointment thing either, I like to go at my own free will. I would tell them that you signed up and it stated no where in the contract that you would have to have an appointment and since they are changing to that you would like your money back from the unused portion of weeks.
  • klvan: thanks for the tip, I love mexican food maybe that will help me with my cravings as well.
  • I love watermelon period. I haven't bought one this year yet though - I could turn into a watermelon!!!