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  • Happy April Fools Day everyone!!!!

    Happy April fool's day..

    How's my little black sheep doing today!
  • I haven't posted in while because I am a GROUCH right now. Even though I've been on plan my scales aren't moving--AGAIN. Thought the changes were helping but I've stalled again. Sorry to gritch. I am a day or so away from TOM and DH (who as yesterday has lost 30!! I am trying to be nice but I am sooo envious) reminds me I always do this-maybe, but it doesn't seem I go up soooo much. I've been up 2 pounds now for a couple of days. I'm doing the unlimited TO this weekend but too crabby to be optimistic about it so I am probably sabotaging myself. OK--enough whining.

    Here's to April being a better month!! Later today I will retire my dead bumblebee and try to find something with some energy to get moving!! Later girls--will get caught up with everyone--missed you all this week and welcome to the new gals.
  • Good Morning Everyone!
    Happy April Fools Day...

    Just got back from WI. One less pound of me! Happy Dance!
    I set a mini goal for myself to lose 10 pounds by the end of April. We shall see. Spreading some everyone's way!
  • Hi Boo'smom:
    I was wondering where have you been? Glad to see your post again. Sorry about that hard time with scale, and really hope that TO help you in something
  • My SIL finally had her baby last night after an emergency C-Section. Mommy and baby are doing fine. My grandma is also doing much better after the Dr. took a liter of water off of one of her lungs with a needle yesterday. I am going to take my kids, and the rest of my family to a place called Lava Hot Springs today. Fun place to swim, unbelieveable Thai food, and resort type shopping. We all need a break from stress, so we a just getting out of here. Hope you guys have a really great day!!!!
  • good morning chickies!

    I think I finally got a pic of me up. I am not sure. I am going to post this to see
  • congrats on the new baby in your family katie!! I am glad everything is ok and everyone is doing fine.Must be a big relief.

    Ok heres my pic, its small but I dont know how to get it bigger, I am not good with computers .
  • Happy April Fool's Day!!

    DD went with me to COD for weigh in. She is excited again about the program and has lost 5 pounds. That is motivating for one week! Oh, the joys of a teenage metabolism!

    Painting youngest DD's room today and picking out paint for oldest DD's room. The house is finally taking shape and looking "decorated."

    I made a Chicken Cacciatore last night that was to die for!! Totally OP and totally delicious. I'll post in the recipe section later today. If you try it, tell me what you think!!

    Have a good one!

  • Sherry:
    Congratulations! Thanks for the wiil power dust! I forgot to post yesterday, about your test, reminded me when I was in college my Biology professor was nobody can pass a test and I remember that all of us in class made a competition of who is gonna have the highest/ lowest percent b/c we all knew that nobody is gonna have more than 50% of a 100%. That man was , girl, you are gonna do better in your next test!

    Suzanne: (from March thread)
    Hope that you enjoy the movie. BTW, I like the way you said "I choose" that is true, we are the ones that made the chioces.That is a lesson that I have to learn.

    I have to confess, yesterday night DH and I went out for dinner with the kids, I have a Taco salad but the sin was that it came in a edible bowl, and I eat a piece of the edible bowl, not the whole thing, but a 65%of the bowl. This last two days I've been a little over on my starches and I know that is TOM, made me feel so anxious that I end up eating, I know is anxiety what made me eat something even when I don't feel hungry.
  • Thanks Milca. Now, if I can just spend more time studying, and less time on this computer....
    I'm addicted!
  • Today will be very quiet for me. We cancelled our camping trip since our friends' new motorhome wasn't ready, so my DH and a couple of buddies went sledding in the Crow's Nest Pass. This is the first trip in many years for my DH - he really wants to buy a sled, but I told him to rent one first and make sure he enjoys it. We already own quads (something I love to do too), so I'm not sure he needs both, but ...

    My scaled showed me a great number this morning - a new decade . I will be going to COD today, so I will move my ticker with whatever is official. I just had a bowl of oatmeal and am drinking some vanilla earl grey tea - won't have anything more to eat until after WI. Think skinny thoughts for me.

    Last night I had a great epiphany. I was thinking about Deets and how she has been struggling with keeping those last few pounds off and the other ladies on here whose scales don't seem to want to move for days (or weeks) on end. I am so thankful to all of you for sharing your struggles . Don't get me wrong - I am not happy you are having them, but it has made LAWL more real to me. I see all of the advertisements with these fantastic losses in short periods of time and want that to be me. I believe the fact of the matter is that those results are not typical. It is more typical to struggle during this program, either with encountering self-induced bumps on the journey (i.e. not eating on program) or with strubborn scales that aren't cooperating no matter what we do. For me, the stories shared here are the real LAWL.

    For me, this journey has been anything but smooth since I joined in Nov. I really didn't lose any weight until the last week because of self-sabotage. I was so frustrated with how I was signed up, that I was letting it get in the way of doing what is best for me. After I met with the Manager of my COD a couple of weeks ago, things have totally changed. It makes me feel good that the COD as a whole isn't like the individual who signed me up. When the Manager indicated that they will carry my weight loss weeks for as long as it takes me to get to where I want to be, I knew that "they" really do care. The COD I go to gets most of their new customers from referrals - they want to keep it that way.

    I know that no part of this journey is going to be easy, but I am thankful everyday for finding you chickies. You are my strength - the strength to say NO and the strength to keep going. Thank-you .
  • Morning friends,

    Katie -- was it a boy or a girl???? Name and stats, please.

    Suzanne, I totally agree with you on coming to a peaceful place with LAWL. I felt the same way - they are a business and sometimes their "sales" people treat you less like a person and more like a potential sale. But what I came to realize, and it sounds like you did too, is that I am doing this for me. I am making good choices so I can have the body I've always wanted. I am teaching my kids by example how to be fit and healthy. I am learning that I have self-control and am in charge of my own destiny. I think once we get to that place mentally, the rest of it just follows. I will be forever grateful for that.

    Anyway, here's to an OP day for us all! Gonna take my kids to see Ice Age this afternoon as it's rainy and yuck outside...not much else to do! No popcorn for me!

  • Hey girlies, Happy april fools day!
    Repo girl, im so jealous, we had snow here til a week ago when we finally saw the first spark of sunlight...then followed by rain, rain, and some more rain...and we have weather predictions of more snow in april, i cant wait to go home...this place is good for one thing and thats studying! we went all the way to negative 10F this was so cold that it was impossible to breath in when outside...and my poor nikita (doggie) could barely do her business...seiously if u had a nose drip, it froze on your face! enough about me...
    congrats on the new baby in the family...out of curiousity whats happening to grandma?
    suzanne, good luck on your WI, i am so happy i found this website as well, its just the right amount of support i was lacking...its hard for me, i live alone, abroad, no contact to any LAWL but now i got you girls, and i feel a lot better, i even set an april goal for myself. and if i reach it, it will be officially the lowest weight i have been since after high school...i wish all you girlies a great april with lots of weight loss and motivation toward the summer right around the corner! lets get in those bathing suits!
  • Aggie - can I ask how tall you are? I am 5'4" and am really not sure about my final goal. I want to fit comfortably into a size 8 (a 6 would be great if my body allows it) and have no idea what weight that would be. Our current weight's are very similar.