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  • <Sigh>...Why can't this daylight savings time thing take place during the WEEK as opposed to the WEEKEND! I think its rotten we have to lose an hour of the weekend. Instead, they should move it to 4:00pm Eastern on a FRIDAY (so it becomes 5:00pm, quitting time). Sounds like a plan to me!
  • Our neighbors who live across the street right next to my Grandma used to hassle us a lot. They would call the police all of the time because we had too many people parked at our house. We live at the very end of a dead end road, and they would call the cops because we were blocking off traffic? They even sent the police out here the day we blessed one of our babies because there were too many cars here. I told the officer the deal with them, and he went over and told them to stop calling. We did something pretty naughty to them one time too. They were having a family reunion at their house, and the day before they hung signs at the end of the road and on the main road the said "Jackman" (their last name) with balloons and arrows. Mysteriously during the night, all the signs had been changed to say "Jackass" or "Jackoff". Hmmmmm, wonder who would be so rude?

    Aggie- I was off plan all day yesterday. This is a dumb excuse, but I have not bought groceries yet this weekend, and I am out of quite a few things that I need to be OP. Is your dog pure white? Very pretty. We have a Great Dane who is pure white, and he is so unique.

    Sherry- Have fun studying.....NOT!

    Milca- I promise if I win the lottery I will take us all on a 3FC LAWL cruise so that we can all meet!!! Have a great day!

    Space- A catdog huh? He is probably better mannered due to his feline upbringing.
  • Space:
    You are too sweet,Glad that I made you laugh, I love to laugh, I love to enjoy the positives and good things that life give us and I love to share them with everybody! Completely agree with the time change, Why do it between Saturday and Sunday I miss one hour of me time!Come on I need to relax! OH I forgot a dog with a feline side?? Isn't that cute!

    Lak and space:
    They sure use it to heat the dog food or maybe to dry her panties! I don't understand either the realtionship with the dryer and the dog food, just imagine my face when I was reading the note, I was like, what the f***#$%^$%&?

    AHA!! Couldn't imagine who could do something like that?? Let me guess
  • Lak:
    Forgot to mention love the picture of your dogs, I want a dog!
  • Katie:
    A cruise HMMM! Let me think how this could be with all of us there:

    At the end:
    Dh's while we are in the cruise:
  • Milca, you are just too funny. You forgot the DH and clueless while we are away on a cruise!

    Instead of studying this a.m., I got to help my DH clean and rearrange the living room. (lucky me). I'm not too worried about tomorrow's test though. It's in the nursing skills, and I'm good at that. It's anatomy that's a b*****.

    Katie, it sounds like you had a good time yesterday. One day of being off plan doesn't screw everything up completely.
  • Suzanne- WooHoo great loss!! When I signed up and she was going through the book. She said that you can do carb cravers but you have to count them differently and if you want to do them you can ask. Probably a good thing I never really looked at them, cuz carbs are my weight downfall.

    Boo- I hope that you are feeling better. Congrats also on getting into the smaller size. I can only dream of when I can fit into size 10.

    Lori- Sorry about weigh in. Just think about when TOM is over, you will be well over the 20 lbs.

    Milca- Sorry about your neighbors, they do sound like strange obnoxious people. Good luck with them girl. I'd be giving them some of their medicine back to them. I believe what Sherry said, what comes around goes around.

    Katie- You are such a naughty girl...

    We also have two big labs and a 5 lb. miniature dauschaund. People get a kick out of it when we take all 3 for a walk together.

    Sherry- have fun rearranging. My DH cringes when I get into that mood. He's not a big fan of change. He hates to go out of town for a couple of day because he is scared to what he will come home to, depending on what decorating bug I get at the time.
  • Sunday Confessional Booth

    I really detest this time change half of my Sunday has vanished!!

    Went to a fondue party last night with the best intentions....but I indulged like a fiend - it was just so dam tasty.
    It didn't stop there - out came the chocolate fondue - oh yes I really held back on that front - ya right.

    Miracles do happen though - the scale is down 1 pd.
    But I will be putting on my halo for the rest of the week, because I know those slip ups sneak up later.

    Have a great Sunday all my fellow chicks.

  • Okay, here's my time-change confessional. So most of you know we are moving to San Diego. My DH has already gone out there to start work, and will be home every other weekend or so. Which leaves me alone with the three kids. My DH has always traveled a lot with work, so I am used to him being gone on the weeknights. This is our first weekend alone, and it's been pretty tough. The kids were fighting, cross, and whiney all day yesterday. I HAD HAD IT! So at 4:00 I went all through the house and changed all the clocks ahead to 5:00. I fed them dinner (at 4, pretending to be 5) and put them to bed at 6:00 (really 5:00). Am I a bad mother or what? My kids are young and usually go to bed at 6:00 anyway, so I figured since the time change was coming in a few hours, why not have it come a few hours earlier. Well, they all fell asleep -- think they must have been tired (which accounts for some of the crankiness). And they slept until 6:00 this morning (normal wakeup time) so I can't complain.

    Well, as I am basking in the glow of no children at 6:00 (really 5:00) I get a phone call from my pediatrician's office (never knew they were open that late on a Saturday!) telling me my oldest son's strep test came back positive. I had taken him in on Wednesday and figured since I hadn't heard, then we must be fine. Plus, he's not acting sick at all. And of course we have spent the last 2 days at every park, playground, and public place possbile (took them to the movies even) and have probably spread our germs abroad. My apologies to anyone we infect!

    Anyway, not too great of a weekend, but hopefully this time away will go fast.

  • mmmmm How to count chocolate fondu I know all fruit and dairy if you use milk chocolate. Ok maybe not. Suzanne I'm with you I detest the time change why can't they just leave it alone.
    I am dreading tomorrow when I try to get up at five am I'll have to double my coffee just to get going. Then when we turn the clocks back the dogs will still want to get up early.
  • Good Morning everybody. Just wanted to say hi and wish everyone a happy Sunday - don't have loads of time but I sending good vibes to all of you!!

    lak-Your dogs are so cute! Is that a springer in the front?

  • Hi all--

    Katie--bad girl!!--too funny though. Funny thing about Boo--she NEVER barks and we fully expected her to. She finds other ways to annoy us though. She's whining at the door right now b/c the girls are having a picnic in the front yard and don't want her out there--poor baby. Hope you enjoyed your day (and being off plan) because I know you will get right back on track. I think an occasional indulgence helps with sanity.

    Space--I'm 5'6--would give anything for some of your height!! Stretch out some of the lbs.

    I hate losing to the time change--after 10 years in Arizona (no time change--ever) it's weird. That's all anyone talked about in sunday school so I guess it's a big deal.

    Lak and Debbie--love the pooches! Debbie--I feel better today--thanks--now tomorrow at WI may be another story--I promise to TRY not to complain too much though!

    All this housecleaning talk is making me sleepy--I need my sunday nap! My house is AWFUL right now--I am really bad--when I worked full time a housekeeper was my gift to myself--now I have no job and no excuse for a messy house--UGH. It really is on my plan for tomorrow--when everyone is GONE!

    Sign me up for the cruise--what a blast we would all have.

    Sherry--good luck on your test!

    S--did you have to mention fondue while I am TOM and TO???? Agony!!! JK--hope it was fun.

    Christie--sorry about all the time without DH--even when they drive us crazy they are nice to have around! LOL. Hey--whatever works with the kids--you desreve so "me time" and the one with strep probably needed the extra hour.

    Time for my Nascar naptime--love the races but the engine buzz and round and round puts me out!
  • What a bunch of doggie people we are!

    We currently have a black lab named Raider. He's a really good dog, except for the digging. I am threatening to cut off his feet if he doesn't stop. (the kids out at this everytime I mention it!)

    Aggie, I used to have a pit bull. He was a super dog. Once I had to leave the house in a hurry for a fire call and left him all alone with a steak on the coffee table (oh, to be single again and do stuff like that!). I came back 6 hours later and the steak was still there - along with a large puddle of drool on the floor! I had to get rid of him after I got married - he was old and didn't adjust well to the move and not being the only man in my life, and started going after the neighbor's sheep. Bad dog! Pits just don't deserve the bad repuation. I've seen poodles meaner than my PB ever was.

    Chocolate fondue? Oh, yum!

    Christie, I wish I had thought of doing that with my kids! That's not being a bad mom, that practical parenting!

    God's protective covering? HA!! Too funny! I had to sweep down my Halloween decorations before all my company came last week - didn't think EMIL would appreciate all the cobwebs.

    Katie, got that cruise booked yet? Color me there!
  • Hi gals -

    I went in last Thursday after being completely off plan (let's just say I'm ready to strangle the girl scouts LOL). I went in and they think I'm ready to start stabilization,but there's no way I can do it after a 3 lbs gain (and that's after a 2 lbs gain 2.5 weeks ago). So I've gained almost 6 lbs on my month binge. BADBADBAD and I can feel it too - my nice fitting 6s are snug again.

    So I bought 5 more weeks in hopes of losing 8.4 lbs. I went back yesterday (Saturday) and had lost 2.2 so I had a lot of water, I suppose. Today is a challenge b/c we're having a suprise party here and I have already eaten too many Sun Chips and the guests haven't even arrived yet I'm making myself go back in on Tuesday.

    Some day I'll get to maintenance.....
  • Ok, here it is for a brief appearance! My avatar is now a pix of me at my son's baseball game. Figured I could do something different now that hockey season is over.