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Originally Posted by Boo'sMom
Milca--never a bother. I don't know much about it because I wouldn't let her finish the salespitch today but it's a LAWL program for 8 weeks where you do cycles of TO, Slimdowns (?), and jetstarts, along with all the pills and they say you will lose 2-3 dress sizes in the 8 weeks and you get all the products (I assume) for $279. My center just finished a "5 week slimdown" so I guess this is the new thing to push. During the last one they were all hot and heavy over "a guaranteed 10 lbs lost" well, yeah--you are already guaranteeing that in the regular plan so why should I pay extra $$ for a different way to lose the same weight. Not sure if this makes sense. I will look for the "5 week program" handout they gave me and see what the deal was.
That sounds like a plan to reak havoc on your system if you ask me
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Deb on LAWL
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What happened to teaching a new lifestyle or 2 lbs. a week is what you should average. I think they are losing sight of the big picture and just trying to make a buck off people. Honestly, how many pounds do you have to lose to drop 3 dress sizes and doing it in only 8 weeks? I agree with Deets, it will wreak havoc on your system plus how likely are you to keep the weight off?? If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is.
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Yea Marbear!
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ugghh, feeling totally stuck! Am jumping down from red + to red tomorrow.... Some for me and some for everyone!

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Kristi - Hang in there girl, things will start moving downward again.

Sending you some weightloss vibes!!

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kristi dont get down. It happens at least they are changing you now. It took my center almost 7 weeks to change me. As for the 8 week program thing I have seen a sign up at my center for a few weeks now advertising the 8 week program but they never tried to push it on me I think because of the shakes and almost all of the ladies there know I cant tolerate dairy. One of the greatest things I could have ever put on that first application was I could not tolerate dairy. Since then nothing has ever been pushed on me!!
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A scary thing just happened to me. I live on the edge of a downtown area in a CA city, not the best neighborhood...but not the worst either. I was in the livingroom doing my workout videos and someone rings the door bell. it was 9:15 PM. We looked through the peep hole and there was a man dressed in a checkered plaid shirt and a cap. his chin was down and we could not see his face. of course we did not open the door but the dogs were going nuts. and he rang the door bell again. you would think that he would of gone away after he heard to dogs barking like nuts. but he keep standing there. so, i openned the door a crack, but he was not on the porch, so i could not see him, and i asked him what he wanted, but i could not hear him, since the dog was bark so loud. so i shut the door and called the police. I am worried now...maybe should invest in a home alarm system or something...think i am over reacting? Usually, i go out the front door to get the dogs pee. i have a couple of dachshunds but they are loud and have very deep barks. but i am wondering if people have seen me around and know that i have little non treatening dogs. advice?

Marbear- i have been back and forth in the 168 to 172 range for the past two weeks. I am so desperate to get down to the 160's!!! So good luck on your quest as I battle mine!!

I am a so stressed over this stranger thing, i feel like eating a pint of ice cream....but i decided to write to you guys instead.
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Muji- what did the police say?
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Good morning..

Muji...did you call the police?!?

I would like to 'boast' about a NSV today. For a book report, my youngest son in fourth grade is doing a "party" to honor the subject, Kareen Abdul Jabar (from his biography). As part of the party, he is bringing in brownies. Last night, he and his brother (7th grade) made the brownies. OOHHH...they smelled soooo good but I held back and had my strawberries and sf jello. This morning, though, they needed to be sliced up (I wouldn't trust a 4th grader to do that...there'd be more in his mouth than the plate. )

So I did it....without one bite. Without ONE taste. And....I had not eaten breakfast yet either so it was on an empty stomach.

I know...small achievement but I thought it was significant for me..
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Deets, Debbie, Mary--thanks for the reassurance! I am terrible about second guessing myself and all day I wondered what if. Now I am sure my regular program is the way to stay. I so easily buy into stupid gimmicks--how much have a spent in the last 15 years on "diet pills"??

Mary--super scales!! I know how exciting a new decade is!!

Kristi--it happens--at least you are trying something new to get moving--good luck with the change. Remember--we all get stuck but you can never give up! You are doing great and getting closer to your reward all the time--YEAH!!

Muji--How scary! I can't even imagine how you felt/still feeling! Keep us posted. Talk to your neighbors if they had strangers/saw anyone. NSV coming here instead of the freezer! You are so close to moving a decade, too! Yeah for you. I'm stuck in the middle so it seems sooo far away.

Space--no NSV is small or insignificant!! They ALL help us continue on. I'm pretty sure I couldn't have done it. I managed to stay out of DD's strawberry shortcake last night at Jason's Deli but did have a bite of her grilled cheese--unfortunately, it was still delicious to me!
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Muji -- scary! You did the right thing not opening the door full wide. Nobody has any business at 9:15 at night.

Space -- congrats, real good NSV.

Sznn -- TO SUCKS! I seriously hate what this does to me. I've said it before, but I think I have blood sugar issues. I wake up just sick, sick, sick whenever I do TO. I'm shaky, clammy, and feel sick to my stomach until I get that orange down my throat! I'm going to keep going though...hope it will do some damage on the scale!

To our other fellow TOers, have a good POP day! I'll be back later!

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Good morning girls:

Thank you very much, totally agree with all of you about the 8 week thing. I am not ready to give up a P and a S for 8 weeks, I NEED FOOD!!!

Take it easy girl, Goodvibes for you :

Szn and all the TO'ers:
Hang in there and the ones that fnished today, hope that you see a lost!

That was scary!! Is good that you call the police, hope everything is fine by this time!

WTG on the brownies, I feel your pain , yesterday I promised myself that I am not going to cheat and I was going to stay POP, I bought DH some light chips he likes to have stuff like that for him when he do his sandwiches to go to work, I am a junkie on chips and salty food, and I resist temptation and stay POP on the plan... I feel happy b/c after my wild weekend is difficult to get back on track and stay focus!

Katie, Carmen and Heather:
Girls,Hope you have a great day.

To all of you hope you have a great day!
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Wow - Chickies - you guys were busy busy last night!!

Muji - How scary - I can't even imagine how frightened you were - but hopefully having the dogs there helped!!! Did you ever call the police? What did they say??

Lori - Congrats on that 20 lb mark - that is wonderful!!!

Kristi - don't give up girl - you have done absolutely wonderful - Hopefully since they are moving you down a plan - that will get things moving again - sometimes it just takes confusing the body some to make it work for you - we're here for you girl!!!

Boo - Glad you decided not to do that 8 week thing. I'm with the others - it seems like more of a short term quick fix and a money maker for LAWL. I'm definitely in on the opinion that just sticking with POP for a few days - works just as good for me -

Stiesta - Girl I must stay - you are beautiful from what I can see in the picture - you should be very proud !! I'm sure you can get to your goal before moving and enjoy that bikini in San Diego...

Katie - love the self fullfilling post - but I want to really think about it and put it in perspective....Thanks for posting that one...Hope you had a good evening as well!!!

Space - Way to go on the NSV - that is wonderful!!! I did the same thing with Savannah this weekend - she went to potty at the mall (even waited in line for the bathroom) - so I bought her a cookie - Wow - it was hard, there was one little corner left in the bag, and I had it in my fingers - but then I said - Savannah - there is one bite you go - and I gave it up - I've done great since Sunday!!! New focus for me....

To all the other chickies-- Hope you have a wonderful POP day!
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1dayatatime(on LAWL)
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Good Morning chickies!!

It a gorgeous day today!! Going to be mid 60's.We started cleanup last night.What a job! I think we are getting new siding though because ours was damaged so bad.That is a VERY good thing!

PurplePirate~Yeah I would wait till you need a plateau breakers.Sounds good to me.Good luck with the blue plan

Hkychik~ Congrats on passing the 20 pound mark!! Way to go!!

stiesta~ I love your pic!Love the scenery too! Where are you??? I need to come visit!

Pinkflamingo~ Congrats on your cholestrol!! Mine is also high as of last year(when I was 70 pds heavier)I go back to the Dr next Monday.I am going to have it retested.I am praying it drops like yours!!It runs in my family but it should have at least dropped some!!

Katie~ I buy the slim fast optima high protein.It comes in chocolate,vanilla,strawberry, and coffee flavors.

Well all Ill be back later!
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One good thing she pushed on me was some Easter egg promotion. You pay $5 for an egg and all the money goes into a pot and at the end of the promotion the person with the greatest loss wins the pot. Of course I won't win that, but every egg had a 20% coupon and we are due to buy our supplements this month, we get 3 months at a time so we already get 20% off then they will let me use the coupon for another 20% off--I like those kinds of deals. Anyway, wish I had at least gotten the details--I can't remember a thing when I leave--unless they tick me off--LOL--which really isn't very often. I just remember TO, then everything cycled for a couple day with shakes/jetstart/regular plan.

I did look on the Slimfast site for the shake breakdowns:
Low Carb -- Optima -- High Protein
Cal 190 -- 190 -- 190
Fat 9 -- 6 -- 5
Sodium 260 -- 200 -- 220
Carbs 6 -- 25 -- 24
Sugars 1 -- 18 -- 13
Protein 20 -- 10 -- 15

Everyone have a great day--I am MAKING myself do my video--right now!! There, it's in writing. Have a dentist appt. later this morning--UGH--not a fan. Talk to you later.
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