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Unhappy Newbie in Houston just joined LAWL & am Totally losted....

My title says it all...No one explained to me Carb Cravers or anything I have had 3 different counselors since Monday but I have only went in Mon Wed Fri!!! They are pushy and over bearing and rude and one of them went so far as to say: You don't need your Dh to make these type of decisions, I was like but I remained calm then told her yes I do thats how a marriage works, you see you compromise and dicsuss these things...and when you get married, you would understand!!!
You NEED these La Lites, and now I know I don't...
You NEED these supplements & now I know I don't...
I just feel so confused the only thing they were concerned about is that I did my payment upfront etc... I am on the purple plan and so fed up with them after 3 days..

Is anyone on the purple plan without lites and they exercise, I use the leg machine and I do Pilates(dont know if I can say which ones)
will I be able to succeed with out the light s and alternating the 2 exercise regiments?
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and i am so sorry about your experience, but I am glad that you found ud because you will get support here.

did you already buy the lites in bulk for the whole plan? if so you are kind of stuck with them unless your dr can say you can't have them and then it still sounds like your COD (center of Doom) would still try to get you out of that. Sadly some CODs are pushy, but the plan itself does work. Look at all of us!!

You CAN request a plan without lites if you haven't bought any yet, but from the sounds of your COD they are going to be really upset about that.

How much exercise do you do? it is ussually about 5 hrs a week that pushes you up in plan.

Most of the supplements they sale can be bought in your local drug store for far less and so can the lites, take-off juice and Deets knows of a shake.

Stick arpound here and you will be fine....we will help you

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Hello Princess Zaria

I'm sorry that you have that bad experience. Completely agree with you about
DH, I like to talk with my DH before I buy something too. Some COD's are like that, very pushy and persistent on the sales, but there are also centers that the counselors are very cool and helpful. Here the girls knows a lot of things that you can use, and trust me, I learned a lot from this girls. As shennie said, the plan works and she is one of the biggest examples that it really works.
You are gonna love this site, you are gonna find a lot of support, friends and tips to help you in your Weight loss journey!
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Im sorry they are so terrible Is there another center you can go to in your area? Take some time and really read through some threads here, there is a TON of information and support for you!
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Hi, and welcome!! I have been on the program since August, and have lost nearly 50 lbs now, without lites, so I know that it can be done. However, at 210 with no lites, I think that you should really be on the red plan. I started at 218 with no lites, and later switched to blue, but since I started exercising more that 5 hours a week, I am back on red, and still losing. Sorry your center is being so difficult. If you do not want to do the lites, tell them that the bars upset your stomach and made you really sick. They will have to give you an all food plan like red. Good luck!!!
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Hey Zaria-

GOOD FOR YOU FOR MAKING A DECISION TO CHANGE YOUR EATING AND WEIGHT!!! It's a big step! Boo on that Center for being such
******'s !!

I just tell my COD that my Doctor advised me against any additional supplements other than what I already take (extra calcium, multivitamin, flaxoil caps, and milk thistle) (okay-and it's a white lie...lol)

That usually shuts them up because of legal issues, and health things they don't know about you.

From what I have learned on this forum - you can buy them other places, or they're not really necessary.

Stick around here - it's like a big support group! Very motivational to all go through this together.

WELCOME and glad to have you around!

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Hey Zaria I was on purple up until today. I have been at my current weight for about 3 or 4 weeks now. Just recently I started exercising again and I am working out more than 5 hours a week so I got changed to blue to see if that can break my platu. I did purple with no lites but that is because I am allergic to dairy so they wouldnt let me do the lites. As for the supplements I am doing the reduce plus. Dont do it. I dont see any benefits to it. They will always try to push things on you just stick your ground and say no thank you. I think any plan takes some getting used to but once you get it its really easy. I was on purple for almost 10 weeks so if you have any questions just ask. Everyone here is very helpful and nice. As for Carb Cravers they told me to try not to do them everyday. Maybe everyother day if I had to or a few times a week. Same goes with the frozen dinners. Plus with the sodium you might want to consider drinking a little more water on days you have those. Just read through you book and any questions you have post on here. If we can answer it call your center and ask to set up a meeting with the manager of the center. And if they still arent helpful change centers (if thats possible). Things will get better just stick with the plan and keep coming here for help and support!!

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Welcome, Zaria. Even if you have purchased the lights, you can get out of it. I was pushed into that "buy in bulk" on 3rd visit. I hesitated and they assured me that they would refund if it didn't work out. I went back on visit four after reading every thread on this board and told them it was gagging me to eat them. I insisted that I couldn't stomach the idea of two per day (and really, that wasn't far from the truth). You should be on red if you are not doing the lights. I joined at the end of January and am averaging 2.8 lbs per week without lights. AND I have taken two out of town not exactly POP trips.
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Welcome Zaria! I've found this board is really helpful when you are trying to get started on the program. I'm sorry that you had such a bad experience with your COD - shame on them! But if you read up on these boards, you'll have a better idea of what's going on. I have lost my weight without lites - I didn't tolerate the soy, had all kinds of unpleasant GI consequences. I had to get a Dr.'s note, but my doctor wrote when I told her my symptoms. As far as the supplements, I haven't done any, and have just been firm with them when they bring it up - they get the message! So, welcome, and hang in there - it takes a while to sort of get with the swing of things, but the program is really pretty easy to follow. And there are great recipes on the recipe thread - I swear I've cooked more since I've been on the program than any time in my life. So, welcome!!!
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Zaria, I know how you feel!! I think my experience during my first couple of weeks soured me on LAWL. It wasn't until I commented that I might need to get an attorney involved (I was to the point that I wanted my money back, I was that frustrated!) that they backed off with the hard sell.

That said, let me just caution you to learn from my mistake. That was way back in October and I have bounced up and down, making very little headway for too long a time.

Ultimately, it is all up to you. This board is marvelous and will give you the support you need. If I had been wiser, I would be at my goal right now.

No, you don't need the Lites (I am on the Red plan without Lites - although they want me to move to the Purple plan without Lites) nor do you need the supplements. Read your books and go to the thread here for ideas of what everyone else is eating - that was and is a lifesaver for me!!

Good luck to you and welcome!

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Welcome Zaria! Don't let your initial bad experience with the COD turn you off of the program. Take one day at a time and you will be surprised how much easier it becomes over time. You can do this!!
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