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Default yay for me!!

I've been trying eat healthier. Today I went to a gas station I haven't been to in 2 months. The guy at the counter looked at me and said, "you look thinner! Are you losing weight?"


Also, i've been getting pimples and spotting between cycles. My Gynocologist said I need a lower dose of birth control pills. He said I don't need as much estrogen because my body is healthier. Plus he said the new pill will help me lose weight!!!!
I'm sorry I'm so horrible and bragging guys. I'm so excited though. The last time i went clothes shopping I cried I was so embarassed with how I looked. I still have 17 pounds to go, but I know it's not impossible now (I'm 6 foot and currently 197 pounds). I'd love to get down to 180.
I love this website! I love all the support and chickie love that is here, LOL.
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