LAWL Losers & Friends - February 2006

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  • Mrs Beanie - It is so good to see you post!! I'm so sorry that things are so hectic for you - Sometimes we get so involved taking care of family and/or friends that we don't quite take as good of care of ourselves!! Just remember - your DP's need you to stay healthy and take care of yourself so you can be there for them too!! I think Katie has given some great ideas for ways to create yourself a better OP and no fail environment. I don't know you great, but from all the posts I know that you have supported many of these chickies on here and they are where they are partly b/c of your help. You are an inspiration to many chickies old and new!!You've lost 50 pounds so YOU KNOW that you CAN make this plan WORK!!! You have to choose that for yourself. Yes, you don't want to hurt anyone's feelings for bringing bad food, but you are the one that has to live with yourself either being happy or disappointed. I don't think you should be disappointed - you have come along way and everyone has times where they fall off the wagon - but YOU!!! have sooooooo much going on - who could even imagine what you have been through and the things you have on your shoulders!!! I think you are doing good just by not having a breakdown and staying physically and mentally able to help. We are all here for you - whatever it takes!! We know you can do it - JUST TRUST IN YOURSELF AND YOU WILL KNOW IT TOO!!!!
  • Barbara - Hey chickie - that is wonderful news!!! You are just melting away 2.5 lbs at a time!!! Send some of those loser vibes my way - !!!
    I just know you will do fine at the party!! You have already planned it in your head - and if you can go through 3 potlucks and still lose 2.2? lbs - YOU CAN DO IT GIRL!!!!

    oh OT - I looked for that chicken boullion stuff today and couldn't find it - what did you say the name was? Maybe I can find it online? I think I might make some of those brownies or cookies this weekend myself!!! YUM
  • Thanks Heather, I'm sure trying, but it can be hard at times to stay strong. The bouillon is made my Herbox mine was in a box that had 8 packets in it.

    I bought some food for my daughter and myself last night. My side had all the healthy stuff in it and my grand daughter wanted donuts to take home. I LOVE glazed donuts and I think I might have given in to one, but I didn't even let them in my house, put the food straight in to their car:-)

    I got a call last night about a job and I called him back today he wants to me with me at 1:00 today. He first thought of me for a sales position and I told him I'm not a sales person. Then he said we also have a planner position, so well see. Wish me luck as you know I hate interviews, but this guy seemed pretty cool over the phone and even told me I could come casual if I wanted. Which you know I wouldn't do that.

    Oh and one other thing I went to Wal-Mart today and they had a ton of clothes marked down to $5 each, so I bought a size pants in a 16 and a shirt and slacks in a 14. Can't wait till I can get in them:-)

    Ok off to get ready!
  • I just ate Boca riblet for lunch. It was really good. It ate it with a tiny baked red potato and raw baby carrots. The sodium was a little high, so I'll get some extra water in today for sure.

    Barb- You are doing so well. Hope you are proud of yourself, you sure should be!!! I'm sure you will make good choices over the weekend. After lasts weekends dinners, I think you proved yourself to have willpower supremo!!

    Hey Mary, how was Mrs. Kaykays class?
  • My first WI!
    I had my first WI today, since starting the plan on Tuesday. I lost 4.4 lbs! Yippee for me! I wasn't too sure what to expect, I'd been nearly POP, exept yesterday, when life just got in the way.

    Then, when I called hubby to tell him the good news, he asked me to stop at the store and bring him ZINGERS of all things. We had a good laugh over it, and when I stopped at Albertsons I saw they Luna bars 10/$10 so I bought a case of lemon zest.

    Hang in there, Beanie - you've given a lot of yourself to care for your parents, now do a little for yourself.
  • Lori - Congrats on the loss!!!
  • Heather~ enjoy the circus…I am sure Savannah will love it too. Do you watch 7th heaven…. When I watched it the other day I though about you (the daughter who just had a baby named her savannah too)

    Gym~ yeah for you you deserve it

    Marisa~ GNC has coupons a lot on their website (sign up and they will e-mail you the deals) there vitamin is good, but it is big

    Erin, Britt, woo hoo on the loss

    Katie~ great job with your goal…keep it up. I eat the ice brakers like crazy they also have a berry kind that are in a purple tin. The COD told me I can have them and not count them as anything, but to not go crazy and eat a tin a day because although one has 0 everything, 50 of them have to be something but I used them when I started to stop late night trips to the kitchen for all of the not so good foods…kept them in the nightstand.

    Beanie~ Glad to see you back….I can be your full fledged butt kicker if you need one. You know that you can do it, because you have done it before, but I have learned that one day can easily turn into 10 so just get back on board….and stick around

    Barb~ how dare they charge us again… I am glad you chicks are free, but i am telling you, we can ban together and sell our plans on e-bay and sit up our own site and be rich we can even get that 3fatchicks vacation together for all us to meet. on the loss

    I am down to 151.0 (.8 loss since yesterday) this morning…so I am still aiming for my 150.something for Saturday so that I can set a new goal…fingers crossed. I think I might be able to get another .4 or so from this TOM water weight.
  • Great job Lori!!

    Deets!! I am calling you out, where you been chickie?
  • Shennie - no, I don't watch 7th Heaven although whenever I see the previews for the show - I wished I would've started years ago......I just love the name Savannah and it fits her so well. My grandmother told me when I picked it out - that is was such "A SOUTHERN NAME" And I told her Well, I'm going to raise her in the south - so isn't that okay>>?? It was just funny

    I'm so glad you are getting really close to that 150 -Hopefully you will get it Saturday - I will have to log in just to check!!! I can't wait till I get there!!
  • I love the name Savannah too. Sorry, Heather, but one of my Great Danes is named Savannah. I really only call her that to get her attention, the rest of the time it is Nannah. I always tease my kids that I am going to go to town and leave Nannah to babysit them.

    We are really missing some of our friends lately. Carmen is out living it up this weekend, but where is Sy and Bre? Come out and play ladies! You, too, Star, you lurker!
  • Well Hello Ladies hope that everyone is doing fine!

    I went to WI this am and lost 3.6 pds since wensday, I also did not tell them I was on TO because I feel that most of the loss had to be water. So I will not be changing my clicker. I am going to finish TO today and be back OP tomorrow and will weigh in again on monday...Hopefully some of it will stay off.

    Do you all weigh your foods? I just recieved a LAWL scale on Ebay for $7.00, and boy am I glad I got it. I think I figured out why I stalled I was only giving myself (eyeballing it) 1/2 the protien. I think you all said that could affect weightloss if you are not getting all of you portion sizes. I feel pretty darn silly. But tomorrow is a new day!! Hope you guys have a great OP weekend.

    Congratulations all you Losers---Way to Go!
    I will be around

  • Katie - That is funny about the Nanna. I catch myself calling her that sometimes - but is what she calls Bananas and plus that is what I call my grandmother - hince her great-grandmother - so I try to stick with Savannah as much as possible!!! Funny that you said you would leave Nannah to watch the kids - I'm sure they just giggle over that one!

    EmmysMom has been missing for a while too - Is she on vacation ??

    Bernadette - You go girl - Your my inspiration for the Weight Loss competition at work - geez - over 3 lbs is great - Did you do limited or unlimited TO???
  • Aw Katie, I feel so loved

    I just got in from being out since 8 and am about to go out for a little more errands now that my son is home from school.

    On LAWL, I weighed in at 133.6 this morning, thats down .6 and they sat down with meand outlined a SUPER STRICT plan, which I am not thrilled about- I was given two weeks more loss for free and they want me to replace one meal a day with their shakes and sub 4oz Take Off juice w/water for two of my fruits per day...they want to see how this works...apparently their big manager has gotten involved since I went over their heads again the other day. This is their last super strict idea and in anticipation of this and TOM in a few days, this is officially my cheat day. I have had a taste of everything I have been fiendishly craving for weeks and letting my body get a shake up...tomorrow is super strict, so for today, I will enjoy being NOT POP, LOL. Im off , ill check back later- have a great weekend, everyone!
  • Deets- Wow, that kind of sounds like what I imagine **** to be like, you know, SUPER STRICT DIET!!!! Anyway, I hope that it works out well for you. Have fun sampling today.

    I bought some new Laughing Cow lite cheese last night at Super Walmart. It is in a plastic crock, instead of the little triangles. 45 cals per serving. It is really good, a lot like the other, but a lot easier to spread inside of a pita or into a rib of celery.
  • Yeah Mary! That is great news!