LAWL Losers & Friends - February 2006

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  • Heather- I have been trying to get my food in earlier, too. Just my fruits, actually, because I seem to have a hard time getting them all in.

    I woke up early and could not get back to sleep, so I got in the tub and read a book. It felt so good. Gotta go make breakfast for the troops, I'll check back in later!!! Katie
  • Good morning....YAY i lost 2 pounds....not sure how...funny thing is that I did not exercise this week and have been eating all my food.....I hope I don't bounce back up again.........but yayayayaa it happend
  • TGIF!!!!!!!
    Woo hoo- the end to yet another long and grueling week.
    Congrats to all the ladies with losses

    I've been staying pretty much OP for the past couple of days so I'm hoping for another loss at WI tomorrow morning. I'm also going to do TO w/ the Knudsen's juice tomorrow too.

    My question of the day- I'm looking to get a multivitamin and was wondering if anyone has any suggestions..... The last time I was taking vitamins was months ago and was taking prenatal ones. But I'm off the baby track for a while now until I get my body healthy again and I've done the One A Day Weightsmart stuff and that made me want to puke
    Tomorrow after WI I plan on going to Curves to workout. I really hope I make it. Have a great Friday ladies!!!!

  • Katie - Glad you enjoyed your personal time relaxing in the bath - Wow - you've been up early two days in a row now.......You go girl - How is the motivation coming along? Better?

    Marisa - Good for you going to curves !! I've heard about alot of people taking the Sam's multivitamins. I know the ones at GNC for women are really good - buy they are kind of $$. I don't know if you have a Kroger grocery store, but they put their mult-vit on sale buy 1 get 1 free alot!! Good Luck finding on!! Congrats on staying OP!!

    Gymgurl - That is wonderful news!!!!! I'm so glad to see you finally lose!! Do you think maybe your not getting enough food for the amount of exercise you've been doing? maybe try adding just a little to see if it makes a difference? Sounds like the plan your on is right for you when you don't exercise - but maybe your body really needs a little more food to let go of some more weight?? Congrats to you - that is wonderful. I know how frustrating it is to not move on the scale when your trying soooooo hard!!!
  • WI = Down 5.2 lbs!
    Good morning, ladies!

    Congrats on all the losses!

    I, too, am ecstatic to say that I WI today for my official start of Week 3, and lost another 5.2 lbs!!! I am so glad! I had maintained since Saturday (TOM), and was so glad to see the loss! This plan is really working for me ... hopefully I will be able to be POP next week (or close to it). I will be out of town again, so no updates until Friday.

    Happy Friday, ladies!
  • Good morning chickies!!!!

    Went for my WI this morning and was down .5 from my last WI but thats up .5 from my scales lol so im just gonna leave my ticker alone until my next WI (Tuesday) She didnt seem worried at all that I only went down .5 since i started my workout on Wednesday but she said to be sure and keep writing how much exercise I get in daily in my diary so they could keep track of it. She also said to cut back on the the RF peanut butter. I have been having it for breakfast a lot lately because its quick and im usually pressed for time to leave and get to school to grab a parking space. So she says to cut back to 3 times a week and see if that helps any. This is the first time in a few weeks where i felt they actually did me some good. The past two days I have also been drinking extra water and she suggested that i keep that up. I wrote down Pita pocket and she said what is a pita pocket lmao I was shocked she didnt know what it was and told her where she could find them and suggested that she try them lol.

    Another teacher!!! What grade do you teach? I am currently going to school majoring in K-6 but i want to teach the younger ones. WTG on the cereal bars sounds like they are working for you and quick to grab on your way out.

    WTG you are doing great!!! Keep up the good work

    GL on cardio tonight How fun your going to the circus thats cool. Dont forget to take a luna with you no cotton candy, hotdogs, popcorn or pretzels!!!!!!!!!! I agree with you about the eating more of your foods earlier in the day just doesnt work out a lot of the time lol. Now that i know there is a microwave at school i can take left overs or LC meals with me yay!!!!

    Wow you had some alone time!!!! Isnt it nice!! You should probably try and do it more often.

    WTG on the 2lb loss thats great!!! sounds like when you are exercising your not getting enough to eat.

    Im also looking for a multivitamin so i cant wait to see what some of these ladies have to say. Let me know if you find something good too. GL @ WI tomorrow. Have a great workout at curves too!!!!

    WOW thats great WTG girl and keep it up

    Got a few errands to do so ill be back later.....
  • Erin - That is wonderful news - Already 15 lbs - you are doing wonderful!!!

    Britt - That is so funny - you know I wasn't even thinking about the eating part of going to the circus. I was so excited about the fact of going. I guess now that you mentioned it though - I'm so glad I picked the time that I did. We are going at 3:30 - so that will be perfect time for Luna snack and already eaten lunch before I go!! Thanks for the suggestions. If nothing else, I can throw a banana in my pocketbook or something along with the Luna!!! Great thinking - glad to know you are having progress. Hopefully cutting back on the PB will help even more. Just be careful of those LC too often - they will get you with all that sodium!! I usually limit to 3/week and usually try not to have them two days in a row - I treat them alot like red meat....
  • Hello! I have been rearranging my dining/ living room with my new furniture, that is unbelievably nice! Makes me want to lay on the couch and enjoy that room.

    Erin, Britt, Gymgirl, Whohooooooo!! Great job on the losses ladies!

    I am proud to say that I have been POP since I set my goals Wednesday morning. I have no intention of doing anything else. Weekends are a little harder, so I am going to plan well for them. I have been going to this website,, and I just want to recomend it to all of you ladies. The flylady has really helped me to organize my time and my house, and I am really thrilled with her. Now my dishes and laundry are always done, and people can drop in to visit anytime they want, I will be ready. Check it out if you have a chance!

    Here's to a POP day everyone!!
  • Good morning Katie - I know you are just gleaming with that new table. I will check out that sight!!!
  • okay chicks!

    Im counting on you to give me a good butt kickin motivation revvin get me back on track pep talk here. I am having trouble sticking on plan with all the hectic things going on here. Im either working, running errands, sitting with the folks, or trying to catch a couple hours of shut eye during the times my dad or mom don't get up in the night!! The other day I had fast food for breakfast lunch and dinner!!! I am not getting all my fruits and veggies in or all the protien for that matter. Getting lots of starches though. I was at my breaking point but my sister gave me the last 3 nights off. Im about to go back on duty for the whole weekend with no relief! Any hints or help would greatly be appreciated. I know that I could have lost way more by now and that kind of bums me out and I go in this circle of beating myself up and just getting discouraged.

    I need a PLAN OF ACTION!

    THanks in advance for any help

  • Okay Beanie! You have already lost nearly 50 pounds! No way are going to give up on that!! Now, life is busy, but surely while you are sitting with the folks you could carve out a few minutes to do some food planning. Maybe you need to stock your parents house with OP foods for you, since you are there so much. Also, what about a cooler in your car for fruits, baby carrots, celery, cheese sticks, yogurt, cottage cheese, bottled water, pita sandwiches, etc. How about Lean Cuisines for work? Don't forget CC meals on the go. PB&J is inbounds, and that is way fast. As far as eating fast food is concerned, do your best, pull the top off your burger, sub a side salad for fries, bottled water for pop. You can do this Linda. You have done so well so far. It is great that you are taking care of your parents, but you deserve to be taken well care of too. DO IT for yourself. You are an amazing lady that deserves to feel great, and I know that when we do not eat OP, we don't feel as good as we could. DO NOT punish yourself for falling off the wagon, just jump back on! It does happen to all of us from time to time. Stay close, you know we are here for you! Can't wait to give you a big hug when I come through in a couple of weeks!!
  • Katie - Aww thanks! I so appreciate it! I will take your suggestions and put them to work today! I need to get my little notebook out again and start planning. Learn to say no to bad foods - My sister (on the diet too) had baked a cherry pie and a lemon meringue pie within two days! I know I can do it, its just been so hard. Like yesterday Im watching the folks and my other sister brings us shrimp baskets from Dairy Queen. Uggg I could have thrown it away but I didn't want to hurt her feelings she was trying to do something good. I so want to succeed at this thing. I can't wait to see you either. I can't believe how time has flown by!!
  • I know what you mean. My family sometimes sabatauges me without realizing it, too. It is nice that you have other sisters around to help a little. Caring for older people can get all consuming somtimes.

    Attention Candy Lovers: I bought the best SF candy last night, had to share. It is called Ice Breakers Sours. They come in a green tin about size of a coaster, with the candy and gum at the checkout at Walmart. The candies are like little mints, but they are pink lemonade, apple, tangerine, and watermelon flavored. The pink lemonade are my favorite. Anyway each candy has 0 calories. They really taste good to me. I bought them because DH was planning on sharing a bag of chips with the kids on the way home from the store, and I knew I had to keep my mouth busy!
  • Katie - I love those things too they make a berry sour one too in a purple can. My husband stole mine and ate the whole thing. It made his mouth hurt real bad afterwards though!!
  • Hi all, just got back from the center and lost another 2.4 lbs. Silly me reminded her that I was to move down a color once I got to 215, but then asked if we can wait till Monday.

    She mentioned their site is up now where you can chat with a nutrionist plus more, but get this you have to pay it cost $99 a year. I was like WOW you guys are expensive in every thing you have. I said no thank you I will stay with the 3fat chick site for my motivation and help

    I wish every one luck this weekend staying on plan with Superbowl weekend. I'm having a potluck at my house on Sat night, but I know what is being brought and what I'm making and it's all good and healthy. I'm even going to make those brownies and oatmeal cookies that some one shared. The hard part will be on Sun a friend from church is opening up their home and so far what I'm hearing that people are bringing I almost want to stay home so I'm not tempted to eat the snacks. Off to get some things done hope you all have a great weekend.