LAWL Losers & Friends - February 2006

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  • Hello everyone,
    I must confess I had a food meltdown last night. I had been OP since Jan.9 without any real pitfalls. Anyway, I was down because I've been staying on plan and the weight has moved very slowly. Anyway, I caved and had a very yummy, but very bad dinner. My stomach was mad at me afterwards because it was very greasy.

    Back OP today.
    My goal is to lose 7 lbs. in February.
  • SHennie,
    Sorry you are having to deal with the red tape at the social security office. Those kind of things can be so frustrating.
    I am from the south (grew up in GA, and went to college in Auburn, AL...lived in Birmingham since college) Anyway, I bet Willie C was a neat southern lady. What a great idea to name your son William C.
    Good for you that you are down on the scales. You are my inspiration!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are at about the same weight, and it is moving very slowly for me too!!! Sometimes I want to give up, but I really want my flabby belly to flatten out, so I will keep on!!!!!!!
    You know the ins and outs of all the plans, so I'm just curious. I'm on gold with bars, but if I did not do bars, what servings would I add to the gold?
  • Bernadette - From what I was told Yes, Knudsen's - 6 oz 4 times a day - You can mix it with water or drink straight since it is not quite as thick as the TO juice. I think I mix mine with maybe 1.5-2 oz of water each time....
  • Leah - Great question - Hopefully Shennie or someone can answer it. I've actually wondered the same thing too. I know they wouldn't recommend it - but what if you switched things around - one week Gold w/ Lites and then the next week - the extra food with no might be enough to keep the body fooled too!!!
  • Hey Chickies!!!!

    Ok i just got to work from school so they wont mind if i wait a little bit to start working lol.

    Heather, Tee, Erin, Carmen and others who requested more info on the BL workout I will post it in the exercise yard right after i finish here!

    I see that you are in TN also your close to Memphis right?

    for myself I have decided to not do TO anymore. Other than the first time i did TO it hasnt been a big difference for me. I have been using the Knudsen's juice the last several times I did TO but havent seen great results. However, it is different for everyone so give it a try and see what you think. Good Luck!!!

    Stick with it girl and you will be back down before long!!!!

    Welcome Back to being OP!!! I think that sometimes out body needs a little something offplan to give it a little shock. As long as we get right back OP i think its alright once in a blue moon!

    Ok im off to the Exercise Yard to dish some info....
  • Hey All. I weighed in last night and in 2 weeks I'm down EIGHT pounds! Yeah....
  • Congratulations stargazer! 8lbs in two weeks is amazing.
  • I have had good results with Knudsens, and with 4 oranges. I like them both. Took my walk with one of our dogs this morning. It was really nice to get out a little bit. I filed my taxes online last night. The bad news: Man, we suck. It is stunning to see how poor we really are. The good news: Our return is HUGE!!! Which means great things for bills, and home repair. I hope that the E File is as fast as they say it will be!

    I see that many of you are losing, WTG!! I am not going to WI this week. I want a little more time to work on my goals. A little NSV last night. My SIL invited me to a craft party last night. They served cupcakes, and I said "No thank you." As I sat and looked around something really strange hit me. I was the thinnest lady there! ME! That has not happened in so long. Of course, my SIL is 8 months pregnant.....but still, it made me smile inside.
  • Leah - I was on the purple plan w/ lites and bc of med reasons they moved me to red w/no lites. The difference was 1/2P and 1 Starch More. Looks like the difference between the purple plan and gold is 3V vs 4V. So I would think that leaving out the lites would mean an increase of 1/2P and 1 Starch.

    Hope that helps.

    My official one month WI was today. Down 21 pounds!

  • Rose and Joan- Congrats on wonderful losses!!!!

    Katie- I'm so glad you had that experience at the craft party last night and glad you enjoyed your walk. Getting some fresh air is usually enough to lift some spirits!!!
  • Thanks for clearning that up Shennie (blue vs purple).

    I'm on Blue b/c of exercise but I only exercise 4 days a week (sometimes only 3). What I'm wondering is if I should follow gold on the days I don't exercise? Blue seems like a lot of food, especially w/o the cardio workout I get on the other days.
  • Quote: Rose and Joan- Congrats on wonderful losses!!!!

    Katie- I'm so glad you had that experience at the craft party last night and glad you enjoyed your walk. Getting some fresh air is usually enough to lift some spirits!!!
    Thanks! I haven't been here very long, but already you have all be so friendly and supportive, and I REALLY appreciate the support I get here. You guys are the BEST!
  • Rosie-What a great weight loss....

    To all you other losers WTG!!

    My body decided to stop losing weight for a minute, but boy am I gonna fix that...can we say TO!!!!!!!!I have to say that the knudsen juice tastes really close to TO juice hhmmm...a $20 bottle of juice or a $4 bottle-hhmmm tough one there.

    Hope that all you chickies have a great rest of your day! I will be around and thanks everyone for the juice tips

    Hang in there girls remember "nothing tastes as good as being thin feels"

  • Wow ladies - I just looked at my journal and I have so much to eat tonight after the gym....
    Right now I have left:2 Lites, P, 1 1/2S, V,FF, Fa

    OMG - on the way to the gym I will have a Luna
    Well for dinner is planned
    Sirloin - P
    1/2 potato - S
    Salad w/ few nuts - VFa

    then maybe a banana - FF and I guess I will have a luna and for my bedtime snack.

    My appetite is just not back from being sick -Going to the gym, so hopefully that will cause more hunger.....Geez, it just seems like I have so much to eat tonight....
  • Finally, DH went somewhere. He is driving me crazy!! On his days off, I feel like I am under a microscope. He called into to work for a few hours. I am getting a new dining room set tonight. Well, new to me. My aunt and uncle are getting a new one, and called last night asking if I would like their old one. They have no children at home, and always invest in nice things, so I know it will be great. Mine table's legs are falling off, and the chairs all broke a long time ago, so we are using white patio chairs. They really should sell it, but are so sweet that they will not allow me to buy it from them. I am so excited! I hauled the old table and chairs out, and now I am going to mop, so we can move it right in tonight.