• I need to have an endoscopy (scope down throat into stomach) next week and most likely won't be able to eat much that day since I will be pretty out of it. I am not sure what to do. I figured I would ask you guys on here, who seem to be more knowledgable than the counselors at my center. Will this mess my weight loss up if I miss a day of some food?
  • Laura - I think as long as you try to have some OP foods - it won't mess you up too bad. I was really really sick on Friday, Sat and Sunday and I didn't eat all my food. I tried to eat softer foods (due to strep throat) - but foods that were OP. Just try your best - that is all you can do. I actually used the CC for the first time b/c I could have pb&J sandwich - which was soft and didn't hurt my throat - just maybe look for some things you would want and can have and get them ready for that day.....Good luck to you with the endoscopy - my DH had that done also......
  • i agree with heather and even more so I say focus on your health and then come back to LAWL. If you can make healthy choices great, but if all you can have is soup, do that too...just take care of you, worry about LAWL and being OP when you are ready.

    But i don't belive one day will hurt you, just don't go into the second day eating alot of heavy foods.
  • Yougurt....diet jello....look in the cookbook for soups and make ahead....
  • I have had a few endoscopys. I don't remember my throat being all that sore afterward, but of course you have to fast until it is over. In fact, I remember going to Olive Garden for a late lunch with my mom after one of them. Hopefully, you will feel pretty good afterward. Good luck!