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Question LAWL Cookbook Question

Hi Guys,

I purchased the new cookbook. Looks good. I like how they are in one serving portions. I have a question though for anyone else who has it...what is the difference between a "starch" and "starch treat"?


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Rosie - in the old plan (before the start of 2005) there used to be limited starches and proteins. The starch treat was a limited starch - some you could only have 1 time a week - like rice/pasta/SF icecream,etc. . A REAL pain.

I'm sort of surprised that the new cookbook still references that. I wonder if there are still places that the program features limited items.

Is there a copyright date?
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Post 2006 are out there?

Are the 2006 ones out there already? My center said they aren't expecting them until March. *Sigh* And since I just started a couple of weeks ago, I don't have an old one either. I'm definitely looking forward to getting the new book!
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Julie the cookbook I have shows 2002 and I asked my center about that after I bought my book and there was still so much talk about a new one coming out. They said they might have used the same page, otherwise they didn't know. They did say that we seem to know more then they do about some new products as they were not aware another cook book is coming out and they still swear this was the new one that was shipped to them. I'm happy with it as it is still giving me more choices.
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My center also says the cookbook will be out in March. Since there are really differnt levels of centers and different regions its hard to say but if your center doesnt get the new one then im sure someone on here will be happy to pick one up for you and send it to you. Sometimes the Coporate centers get the new stuff first and then it goes out by region.
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