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Default How much are they gonna get me for on the bars?

HI all! I introduced myself today on the roll call thread. I joined LAWL on Saturday, did take off yesterday and today, and start using the bars tomorrow. I've read on here that they give you a "bulk discount", and she mentioned that today, but I had some questions about that. She said the bars are $17 a box. How much do they normally cost with the bulk discount? Are they going to try and get me to pay for all of them for the whole program? She sounded like it was a one time deal with the coupon. Do you only get them at the bulk price if you pay for them that one day?

Thanks in advance for any help. I have a person on ebay I've been talking to that has some to sell, and I want to get an idea of the bulk price before I buy there.

Also, my center never mentioned the rebate some of you have talked about. Is that an LAWL thing, or is it depending on the center?

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The rebate is a corporate thing and you need to eat the bars to qualify, although you will spend more on the bars than you will ever get back. Anyway, that said..I like the Lites, I did not buy the bulk rate cos I had already forked over $400 for the program and didnt feel right about that. I did the smaller bulk of 10 boxes, which took me long enough into my program and success that I decided to buy more. You will hear a lot about the bars, but I really like them and they do offer promotions from time to time with discounts on the bars, so dont feel a huge pressure. You can start with a small amount. Be careful with the Lites on ebay to insure you are getting the freshest product available. This, coming from an ebay powerseller Good luck to yoU!
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If you are about to buy on ebay i would not buy pay more than $10 a box, $20 for a double box because after shipping you are going to basically be paying the $30 dollars to the COD. You should get showed 3 packages to choice from tommorrow. One with just enough lites to get you through WL , one with enough to get you half way through maintenance and one that will cover the whole package.

like deets said they have some good sales from time totime and you can get soem lites there.

Also be sure on e-bay that you are paying attenion to wether they are selling a box or a double box. a box will only last you 3.5 days.
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When I signed up I bought the bulk rate to get me thru WL weeks -and I got a double box for just about 20$. I think the 17$ rate is for a single box - or 7 bars?

I also got the three plans - one to get me thru WL, one for WL and 1/2 maint, and then thru the entire program.

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When it was my turn for the "bar" meeting, it turned out that I couldn't use them because I was insulin resistant. I was on purple and they moved me up to red with no lites. Because of my medical condition, my counselor said that the guarantee was still in effect if I lost the weight. Otherwise, the guarantee would not be honored without buying their bars.
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Michele I would probably buy a smaller amount like the 10 box bulk i think that is the smalled bulk you can get to make sure your even gonna like the bars most of us do! However you can always buy them in bulk and if you buy in bulk you usually get free weeks or at least I do at my center. They also do have the promotions several times throughout the year where the lites are on "sale" and most of us stock up then. They did tell me on Monday that the lites went up to the $17.00 per box but that if you bought in bulk you would get them for the same price they were before the price increase however i cant rmember how much that was lol. Good luck and welcome to the program!!! Hope to see you on our monthly thread for LAWL losers and friends.
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