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textjewel 01-01-2006 09:47 AM

LAWL Losers & Friends - January 2006
New Month, New Year, New Thread!

Happy New Year, Chicks! :carrot:

Wishing us all a year filled with happiness, and reaching our goals.


deetsmom 01-01-2006 11:22 AM

Happy New Year everyone! We had the cutest little party. We woke my kids up at 11:30 and served them "hors'deuvres" of special chocolate milk, eggnog and cheese, apples and crackers. They had hats and noisemakers and were really excited. Most of all, my 26 month old, he was having a blast! After midnight we called my mom, one of my three sisters and my best friend and then put them back to bed. It was really sweet. I told them that I will always be thinking of them on the stroke of midnight on New Years Eve:) That should give them a lot of guilt when they are in their 20's, LOL! Anyway, I wish you all the best, and most of all HEALTHY 2006. Its the most important thing we all have in addition to our families and friends, bravo to us all for being in control of our well-beings with LAWL!

deetsmom 01-01-2006 11:25 AM

Sara- its definitely good to have a goal size. I set mine when I signed up at LAWL and hit the mark about 6 pounds before hitting goal (my original sign up goal was 135). Taking a guess, Id say a size 2/4 for your height at 135. I'm 135 at 5'4" and in a loose 4. I had a c/s too and the skin is looser, but all in all, its the smallest I have ever been (I was chunky as a kid).

Repo girl 01-01-2006 11:52 AM

Morning All! I am stumbling around here with a case of "cork flu", but it really could be a lot worse than it is, since I lost track of how much I had to drink before midnight, and we did not get home until 3:30! We had such a great party. We held it at my sis's house, she live 3 doors down from us. Everyone we invited came, and some brought friends with them, so we really had a full house. We played poker, domines, Would You Rather, ate, drank, chatted, and sang karekoke for 3 hours. It is wonder that I can talk at all today! Overall it was a really fun night, but today I have to work hard at undoing the damage of all of the food and drink. We are taking my grandma to lunch for her birthday, so I think that I will save 2 starches for that, and forgo my breakfast starch.

Deets- That is a cute New Years. You are such a fun mom!

Mary- I am an hourglass too. I used to hate being curvy, since my best friend in school was straight as a stick, and very thin. Then my now husband told my that the curves made me HAWT!!!

I think that I forgot to tell you guys about my inches this month. They measured me on Friday, and I have lost 5 inches of my hips in the last month! At first she thought that she must be measuring wrong, and called another counselor in to check. She confirmed that was right, and pointed out that she can see a big difference in my hips. Then I started thinking about how my hip hugger jeans are not hip huggers anymore, they button clear up around my waist. I went home and called my sis, the massage therapist, since she worked on my hips the night before. She says that my whole body is that smallest she has seen it since before my first baby. That means a lot, since she is the only other person besides DH that ever sees me in my birthday suit!! So overall, I have lost 20" so far.

Have a great, POP day all. I'll check back in later! Katie

mnpeach00 01-01-2006 11:54 AM

Happy New Year Chickies!!!

I know why they limit the carb cravers pizza to once a week, but it tasted SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good. Yesterday I really wanted pizza so I went and got my 2 slices, yummm yummm delish! Pizza never tasted so good.

mnpeach00 01-01-2006 12:17 PM


If you want to continue to do the bars you can substitute the Lunas like others have suggested or you can use the Pria Complete nutrition or Pria Carb Control, they have 170 calories each and have more nutrients than the LA lites (they even are soy protein based). Another option would be to use 3 of the Pria 110 calorie bars/day (170*2=340, 110*3=330). Or you could use one of the many 220 calorie bars out there and 1 of the Pria 110 cal bars. Just make sure they are high in protein and are soy protein based. I recently found many of these bars at my local grocery store for 54 cents each.

I told my center I did not want to do the lites so they moved me from Purple with Lites to Red without Lites. According to my journal I eat the Red without lites but in reality I do Purple with lites ;) . The difference between the two is 1/2P and a S, which I usually write in as one of my snacks and don't write in the lites. I'm one of those people who HATE confrontation of any kind. I did tell my center if I start stalling or need a change then I'll purchase lites for a while. I think I would be doomed if I didn't have my "lites" everyday. The chocolate keeps me sane.

deetsmom 01-01-2006 12:45 PM

KATIE- that is AWESOME!!!! My measurements are due this week, they forgot last week..nice.

steph618 01-01-2006 02:26 PM

Hi everyone! I'll reintroduce myself since its been awhile since I posted. I started LAWL in the beginning of December. I did really well for awhile, but then got sick, and went off plan over the holidays. I'm finally back on plan and doing well. At my weigh in on Friday I had lost 3.5 pounds total. Not a huge amount, but good enough considering I wasn't sticking to my plan. I'll probably be on here more often because I realized I really need some support to stick to this.

shennie_97 01-01-2006 03:16 PM

Happy 2006 Everyone!!!

Went shopping yesterday because eI am tiredof rolling my pants up to fir. I bought some Levi jeans in the Juniors section (which I useto wear a tight 15 in since junior are made so different) and got some 11ís that are just right and 9ís that are tight, but I can look forward to fitting within the next month. It felt really good to shop for jeans in a smaller size, it seems like my jean size has been the last thing to drop. I am already wearing 9/10ís in dress slacks, but jeans have taken a while. Think I will go buy another pair of 7ís when I get to fitting the 9ís real good for further motivation.

Suzanne (from December thread)~Yes you can have OJ for TO ( I guess it is basically the same as eating oranges). I think beanie told us that one. I used it last time and it went fine. Plus if $ are a problem donít forget about Knudsens.

For purple and red plans, do all of your carb cravers have more food in themÖIím jealousÖone piece of pizza on gold is just enough to get you hungry.

wtxchick 01-01-2006 03:31 PM


I love a New Year!! It is like a new page in a journal, all fresh and clean and just ready for something good to be written on it.

Of course, my biggest goal for the new year is to lose this weight. It is time to put this thing UNDER! I've got my plan and I'm working it.

Last year, one of my goals was to memorize one verse of Scripture every week and to be able to recite all 52 verses at the end of the year. So, last night, I handed my youngest DD my spiral 3x5 cards and started quoting! It was so cool - and my kids were so proud of me! :carrot: You know, Scripture memory is one of the best things I have ever done for myself mentally, it is like teaching my brain to think right.:) So, I am setting that as another goal of mine for this year.

Shennie - way to go on the smaller jeans! I have several pairs in my closet that are waiting for me to get there!:o And, on the Red Plan my CC pizza is 2 slices. I agree with you, though, one slice is enough to make me mad!:jeno: :)

Katie - :woo: 20 inches is awesome!!

Deetsmom - your party sounds so cute!! We have always stayed in, just the 5 of us, and had a special meal and played board games. When they were little, the board games were "Hi Ho Cherry-O" and such like that and we would have nachos! Now that they are bigger, we've graduated to marathon games of Monopoly or Clue!

Mary - Living in Houston, I know you need those allergy meds! I had all 3 of my babies at Women's Hospital on Fannin. I hit downtown traffic on my way to deliver baby #3 on a Friday no less! Hope you get to feeling better!

Julie, mnpeach00, steph618 and all you other chickies who haven't made it here yet - hope you have the happiest new year!:dancer:

All this talk of pizza makes me want some! :p

By the way, Kirstie Alley's new commercials really have inspired me to get with it. This week's People magazine is also very motivating!! I'm ready to be an "after.":dizzy:


sznn 01-01-2006 03:32 PM

Shennie - WTG on the smaller pants!!!!

I am finding it frustrating that the scale is moving, but the pants aren't falling off me. I do have one pair of stretch cords in a 12 that need to be yanked up rather often.

Glad all the festivities are behind me. I did rather well over Christmas, but last night I made a ton of tapas for NYE and I was tasting and nibbling like a fiend!!! I was feeling too virtuous for being so controlled over Christmas. Don't think I did too much damage.

Happy 2006 everybody!!


wtxchick 01-01-2006 03:39 PM

Suzanne - regarding the Take Off without the juice, my counselor suggested substituting oranges. So, instead of drinking take off juice, you would eat a whole orange instead. (Since I get cold sores from too much acid, Shennie had recommended orange juice or cantaloupe. ) The counselor said that the oranges were what they recommended to clients who didn't care for the Take Off drink.


shennie_97 01-01-2006 04:04 PM

andi~ to this day Hi-ho cherry-O and chues and ladders are still my favorite games. I can't wait to have little ones again to paly them with them. HI-Ho chery-o was mine and DGM's game of choice, thanks for the memory you brought back to me when you mentioned it.

Suzanne, I just started going down in size witht his last 5 pounds or so, when I was in the low 160's I was frustrated to that my size wasn't changing, but overnight the pants started coming off...sicne we are twins:D you should see your change soon.

sznn 01-01-2006 04:49 PM

Shennie - Thanks for the encouragement - you are definitely inspiring me. My pants are getting loose, but still fit surprisingly well.
I aim for the end of Jan for them to be falling off:o

Had some friends over for a tapas party - actually we did a progressive dinner party. Tapas here - dinner at another house, and finally dessert and champane at the last house. It was fun.
As soon as my friends arrived they commented that they are really noticing the weight loss - that was very encouraging!

I just signed on for a 67K mountain bike race that takes place in June. I did it 2 yrs ago and vowed I would never do it again. It was grueling, but apparently the negative memories have faded - because here I am enlisting once more.

Enough rambling, hope you are all having a lovely POP day.


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