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HI All-
Beanie- It has been snowing all day. The flakes are really tiny and dry, but pretty thick. Word on the street is that it is not supposed to stop for a few days!! Yahoo!! I love snow.

We have rented a cabin up near Island Park for Christmas that you have to snowmobile 30 miles into. No water, no electricity. Just an out house, a fireplace, and a cook stove. We are taking my fam of 5, my parents, niece and 2 sisters. I am so excited. We are going to cut a tree and make ornaments, play games, make stockings, sled, snowmobile, the works. We are going for 3 days. Some think that we are crazy, but I say, no MIL clear out there!! LOL We are going to do our gift exchange before we leave, all except for Santa of course. It going to be a real, old fashioned Christmas.

So here is a miracle: DH has been so inspired by my losses and BL, that he has started exercising and copying the way that I eat. I am so thrilled with him. He just has a belly to lose. He has no butt, spindly chicken legs, and a Pepsi gut. He wants to know if he can replace one bar a day with a bottle of Pepsi, since he WILL NOT do diet pop. I asked him how he is going to get any protein out of a bottle of Pepsi. Seriously though, I am really glad that he is thinking about his health more. His dad had a near fatal heart attack at the age of 45, and the Doctor at the hospital told DH that he and his brother should both be really careful about their own heart health, since it runs in families.

Shennie- The nude pics? Halarious!! My kids are also food slappers. They are always asking, "Is dat suga free?"

Star- Sounds like your Doc is a keeper!!

Have a great POP day all!! Katie
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Choc Thunder
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Hi Julie - I've missed you today. CONGRATS ON THOSE 14s!!! OOH WEE look at you go! Yes, that's a bookworm. I was so in love with my other avatar I forgot I had others! I decided to retire the sassy lady until I reach ONEderland. That way, I can ask you all if I look good again when she comes back out ! Hopefully, she'll be back by Valentine's Day. I know I won't reach my mini-goal by New Year's, but I can sure work toward it. Question: why do you think you'll be up at WI?

Beanie - where'd you go? I hope you make it home safely in the snowstorm. Here's sending good TO vibes your way for this evening. BTW - what do you plan to have for breakfast? For me, I'm thinking blueberries w/ Splenda! YUM!

Star - I am jealous of your dr. Well, not really jealous because I wish only the best for your recovery, but I've NEVER run into any drs that dedicated. My DSs pediatrician would run a close 2nd though so I feel especially blessed to have her. I firmly believe we all deserve the best in healthcare for as much as it costs, and that's one area in which our country is severely lacking. Okay off my on that topic. But still Star I am so glad to see you in such good hands.

Bre - what type of work do you do? I figure since we are all in the same town I could keep my eyes open as well. I know how the job market is here .

Deets - I hope you enjoy your evening off immensely. We all need a break sometimes, ya know???

Sznn - Best of luck at your 1/2 dozen highly caloric events. Maybe you could volunteer to bring the veggie tray and LAWL OP spinach dip?

Katie- I must say reading about the cabin at first sounded like punishment, but the more I read the better it sounds. Can I come too? That sounds WONderful. We have never just gone away and unplugged. I'll bet it does wonders for your family, but you all are probably already very close, which is great.

Well you all the snow is coming down, just in time for rush hour. I think I may hang around here for another 45 mins or so to give the crazies a chance to clear out of downtown (I opted to drive instead of taking the bus today for some wild reason...).
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Missing Ohio
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Default TurboJam

Star - I'm working this job search and spend alot of time on the computer looking and send out resumes. You would probably love TurboJam by Chalene Johnson. I'm still learning the moves but get a good workout anyway. In fact, it is time for me to do my second WO today. Gonna do 3mile WATP cul

Julie - Thanks for the fingers crossed. It's needed out in today's job market. I have already lower my salary range a couple thou/year.

Okay ladies, I'm off to sweat a little.
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I am new to this forum and I just wanted to say, HI! I am looking forward to meeting some members and learning alot from you gals/guys.
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Hey all you chicks.

So here is a quick post. I have to say that the whole TO with/out the juice is pain in the A**, here is why. That is a **** of a lot of oranges to eat and now my stomach hurts. i was good with not being hungry though, but I tell you i am not sure that i can do that another day. i think that i am going to have to see how i feel in the morning.

SY- thanks for the welcome, been busy and have to say that i am sorry that my boys (ND) beat your Oranagemen. Go IRISH!!!

Talk to everyone tomorrow.
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Project Down-Sizing !!
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I just wanted to say and tell you all what an amazing group of women you are.

I have been lurking for the past few weeks and reading your posts and you are all so supportive of one another

I will continue to read your posts and jump in now and then. All the best for the holidays and good luck with your next COD visit !!
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Hi Everyone! I just wanted to come on and say that I have posted before only once and wanted to now say thanks to all of you who do post and give your insights and wisdom. I really don't have much to contribute but just love reading all of your wisdom and support. So just wanted to say hi and thanks. And I am lurking for the support and hope you all don't think I'm cheating by just reading your posts. Cindy
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Morning chicks!

A bright frosty morning here in the DC area -- well, not so bright, but definately frosty!

Hey to the lurkers - I totally understand - hope you find the right time to jump in more often!

Hi M4life22 - welcome!

Katie - you are a better woman than I - I would grumble the whole time, especially with the no plumbing! Now, if you put that on a beach and the temp was about 80 degrees. . . I'd be knocking at your door!

Wrigley - how many oranges did you have?

Bre - what kind of work are you looking for?

Carmen - I meant, no point to go WI in the PM since I know I'll be up. . . I try to keep as many things the same as I can when I WI - same clothes, same food, same time, etc...(sounds like Batman, almost, doesn't it)

Katie - love what you told your DH about the Pepsi -but truthfully, maybe small changes is the best thing? will he drink any water at all?

What has happened to Britt??? Hopefully she'll have some vacation soon.
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Cindy58: Lurk all you want girl. I'm sure one of these days you'll get the urge to post. Someone is going to say something that you just can't resist commenting on.

Welcome to TeaElleBee and RN4Life22!

Julie: Like Star would say, YOU ROCK! Congrats on the 14s! What a great NSV! Did you catch the name of that family run park in the Rochester, NY? It must have been Sea Breeze? It's a nice park for rides and water slides (not huge like 6 Flags but perfect size for me). Have been there a few times with DN and DN (that's nieces and nephews). Had a blast. Plus, it's very clean.

Repro: Hope my DH doesn't read your post. He's always wanted to do something like that for Christmas. I can't give up Christmas Eve at my Mom's. You're a brave women, and it actually sounds romantic and a nice way to get back into the spirit of how Christmas should be. Normally, I think that staying at an Econo Lodge is ruffing it . Also glad that DH is slowing adding changes to his diet. Good Luck!

Izzy: Hopefully the job market where you're located it much better than in this area. It's a tough world out that in the job market. I'm hoping you land a dream job (with the perks and $$).

Wrigley: . Congrats to ND. They are a great team. I hate to say it, but who didn't beat the Orange this year? Worst year in history for the Orange. Last year, everyone wanted Coach P out of there, and this new as a lot to prove. So far, he's even making the Coach P haters wishing he was back. Just glad it's over for another year. Can't wait to hear what excuses the new coach will have this coming year if they don't win games. Plus the fact, who will want to come to SU to play with a record like that? :s tress:

Hi to everyone else, Sy
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Default Tgif

Hi chickies

Whew - it's snowing and freezing here. The only good thing about this weather is my new coat.. (Doesn't take much to make me happy)

Katie - About your cabin, put me on the picky girly list - no plumbing-no go. Plus be sure and take your sleeping bags for warmth at night. DH and I have a double sleeping bag that we use at our up north place. We have heating up there but we just like it - it's snuggly. DH wants to get snowmobiles but I don't know that I want to be out in the cold and snow for that long. I guess if your ride from bar to bar or resturant to resturant (like Harley people) it would be okay..... BUT really the cabin sounds awesome, hope you have a ball!
Also really happy that your DH is joining you in the quest for health, especially with his family health history - he needs to take care of himself.
This makes me think of something I just did for my boys. Their dad died at 47 of a heart attack. I thought of it becuz of my recent very complete physical. I have wanted them to also have extended physicals becuz of extreme heart and cancer family health histories. Well I did complete family histories, both sides for them to take to the doctors with them. This is information about my and their dads grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles, stuff they wouldn't know BUT is really important. Now they will have it for themselves and their kids. Some of the info was hard to get becuz of the age of my mom, aunts and uncles and I don't have that many left. Just something for you to think about. Geez I think I'm starting to sound like a hypochomdriac SORRY

Bre - Turbo Jam sounds like real fun......always looking for something new and different. I'm really looking forward to next week and going back to the gym....

To you new chicks - stop lurking and come on and say something. As you can tell by my posts - these dear chicks will put up with almost anything - they are like that. They don't know that I've been banned from many other groups........

Okay so I'm at work, need to go and stir up some work. There doesn't seem to be much to do here today and I'm soooooooooooooo bored. Hope some of you can come out and play....

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2BorNot2B...its up 2 me
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Morning all -

TeaElle and Cindy - jump in any time you want and post...the more the merrier!

Hello Star! So how did it feel to excercise?!
Hiya SY!

Happy Friday all!
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Beanie - I didn't exercise yet - I'm gonna start everything on Monday.......
In this order:

(1) - Weigh In at COD
(2) - Eat on Plan
(3) - Exercise
(4) - Well you know
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Cindy, TeaElleBee and RN4Life22~ feel free to lurk or post, but as Sy said eventually you will not be able to resist us.

Julie~ Great NSV

Sy~ I’m with you, roughing it for me is no microwave.

Katie~ your DH sounds great. Pretty soon he will be craving water like he does Pepsi.

Beanie, Carmen~ You made it! TO is over

Star, only if I could loss from just doing Number 4 on your list.

Ok, I’m back in my loosing spurt. I think I have figured it out. One week I don’t loose and then I begin to cheat because I didn’t and then the next week I loose like crazy, so I won’t complain. Down .4 this morning at 161.8. The 150’s are going to feel sooo great.

My entire front yard is now torn up. The city has replaced the sewer line, but they didn't mention that they would take my sidewalk and grass with them. I wonder if I should even attempt to put decorations on the dirt in my front yard now? I probably will just do the house and leave the yard, don't want to draw more attention to it. Can't wait until i move this spring.

Off to DS school for lunch. He has decided he wants to act up at lunch so know he gets to have recess with me and read the Sunday school lessons and then we can both go down to the cafeteria together and have lunch in front of all of his friends. (I am doing all of those things I swore I would never do to my kids. I guess I am an official grown-up, huh?)
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Shennie - WTG!!!!

Like I will ever catch up now
I am aiming to hit 159 on New years day.
That is if I can keep it together at all the upcoming Christmas partys.

Happy Friday Everyone,

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Default T G I F

Hi Everyone.

Well we did it! Beanie, I am so glad that's over, how about you? We survived TO and for my efforts I have dropped 2 more lbs, a total of 4. I was so tempted to say 5 becuz a couple of times this AM the scale dipped a full lb lower, but I won't be greedy and I will take the 4 for now and love it. Today begins a new decade for me FINALLY, and I plan to get to the next lower one asap. It won't be another 3 MONTHS for me to lose another 10 lbs. No, no, no no no.

TLB, Cindy and Mary Ė Hi and Welcome. Mary, you are our 2nd Mary on the threads, and there is also another Cindy (WAGal). Donít be shy ladies, this is a GREAT group of chickies.

Shennie Ė WTG on losing and BRAVO on the Sunday School lessons and lunch with Mom. Only thing is, your son will probably enjoy that as well, so itís a win-win situation.

Julie - Gotcha.

Star - Monday is soon enough, right? I plan to hit the FC today. Wasn't going to becuz I got to work so late, but half of my office called off today so I can go, as there is not much demanding my time today. YAY.

SY - Our snow hit last night/today. The drive in to work was a BEAR. Hopefully by the time we're ready to go home the roads will be cleared. Have you all gotten any of it yet?

Hi to all the other chickies!
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