LAWL: Friends and Losers - December 2005

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  • Hello Again!!!
    I can't even say that I have been lurking. I hopped on to read the posts today and everyone has been soooooooo busy on the Nov thread. I think that I am caught up now.

    We are having a bit of a snow storm here. I had an early class today and made it into Twin (thank God for 4-wheel drive!!!). I used to be so scared to drive on crappy roads, but I am getting better. I seem to do fine, it is the other people out there that don't realize that they may need to SLOW DOWN!!! I got home and my DH was here, he does concrete so they are taking the day off. I think we will go to lunch , good thing I have saved my starches so far today. We have definatly had our problems, but the longer I am with him, the more I realize how lucky I really am!!!

    I was going to go to COD this am, but I did not make it. I will go in tomorrow, if I am not snowed in !!! I gained a couple pounds over the weekend, did TO on Mon and Tues (kinda'), and I think that I should be in the 170's (I hope!!!).

    All the Idaho Chicks-- DRIVE SAFE!!!!!!!! I hope everyone has a POP day!!!!
  • Word has it that we are getting ready to have a snow storm here.

    so far so good for the TO with out the juice. just had a grilled chicken breast and steamed broc. i am eating my first round of cant. and orange now. ummmm yummy.

    welcome back marbear

    hello to everyone else.

    sorry about yesterday and the craze i was in. I think that i am back to normal now.

    hope all are having a great OP Day
  • Beanie - Regina is the Avatar .
  • Hey all that are located west of NYS! Thanks for the snow warnings. We are due more snow this evening. So, you guys get it first. You all are better than the weathermen.

    Star: I have never heard of a doctor working those hours. You must have a crush on him if you'll wait that long. He sounds pretty serious about his job (which is really unusal these days) if he works those hours. You're lucky to have him, and he's lucky people will wait. Guess the only ones that can't wait are the ladies who are having babies. That's to be expected. Glad he takes such great care of you. Star, how is Karen doing (aka RustyWallaceFan)? Send her my greetings.

    Hey, Wrigley - where have you been? Welcome back.

    Julie: Working again today? Missing your posts.

    Marbear: You've done great, keep up the great job.

    I'm biting the bullet and going to the COD today. I've been pretty good, so hoping to be down. Anything from 169.8 would be a good thing!

    I didn't bring my lunch today, what do you think about my choices? I think I did pretty good? The special was Taco Salad. So, I ordered the following: shredded lettuce, scallions, tomatoes (didn't eat), refried beans (about 1/2 cup), a couple jalapenos with salsa (no meat, no shell, no olives, no cheese, no sour cream, no additional dressing). The girl looked at me like what was the point. LOL! I counted it was P V V and the salsa as a condiment. It was a strange combination because for my starch I had 1/2 c of plain oatmeal and cut up my fresh pineapple (it wasn't that good, but I woke up late and didn't make plans for today). I'm not hungry, but probably shouldn't have had that combination on a day that I was headed to the COD after work.

    Hugs to all, Sy
  • Beanie~ yes I am drinking 100% juice. I drink the Indian Summer Apple juice, it is very cheap and tastes great. I can usually get the big one for $1 on sale. I also use the Tropicana orange juice sometimes since it is 100%
    Just take your time in the driving. We got about an inch here and I of course still haven’t got the garage fixed so I had to clean off the car.
    How’s TO today?

    Star~ which state are you in again? I got a new coat this weekend too (40% +15%) off saved about $100 dollars, and it is so warm. You have a great doctor, wow!

    Norissa~ if you want to be accountable tell your kids to watch you, they will be on you like a watch dog, I know my son is. And even the not so nice face is adorable

    Carmen~ great job on TO

    Mary~ maintaining the past 2 weeks was great and if you are happy then you have reached the only goal that matters

    I have reached over 20 lbs lost!!!!!
    162.2 this morning. Still not counting my November goal out until Saturday night. I know I won’t make it, but I want to get as close as possible.
    I broke down this morning and had to get the digital camera out and take some pics of me a la nude. I don’t see a single pound I have lost and I have lost the weight of my 1 year old God son, so I should see something. Hopefully I can look at the pictures when I loose the next 15 and see something.
    Had to password protect those pics though, if my son found them I would be paying for his therapy for years…not a pretty sight.
  • Shennie - Way to go! I am so glad you posted your journal so I can see what you are doing to keep losing so consistently. Which supplements do you take, just a multivitamin?
  • Carmen - I like your new avatar too - cute...

    Sy, my doctor is dedicated. When I was in the hospital it was not unusual for him to show up at 4 a.m. to check on his patients. He doesn't deliver babies though. His wife is a childrens nuro surgeon.....they are from India...
    Glad you are doing so well on plan SY - We can do this....

    Shennie - Congrats on 20 pounds. Even though you can't see it I'm sure everyone else can. 20 pounds is very visable.....Big Congrats to you!
    I live in Michigan, outside of Detroit.......I think I actually got 60% off my coat too and it's nice and warm today......

  • Carmen~ i take a hair, skin and nails daily vitamin and EFA's (I often forget to take them regularly though so I can't imagine they are doing much)
    How are you doing on your waters? after you get all of that extra water out from TO, you will be back on point and just keep water down. because other than that, I proably only get 1-3 POP days and usually 2-5 completely Off P days per month.

    I was really upset becaus eI am going to have to get more weeks (unless I make it to 155 by next thursday ) but you guys just made me feel so much better. I'm telling you, we should get together and sell the plan and have people visit this site instead of the center for support. You guys are better than any counselor I have ever seen.
  • Shennie - Truthfully when I experience a gain it is because I have not had nearly enough water - even if my foods are POP. I usually try to get my water in while I am at work because I take a water pill and I don't like to have to keep getting up in the middle of the night to go to the restroom. I wonder if that might have anything to do with it. Maybe I should space it out more, idunno.
  • Shennie : chin up dear girl - I'm sure you look divine. Stop being so hard on're starting to sound like me.

    If I lose weight in the month of December, it will be a Christmas miracle. I have 1/2 dozen highly caloric events to attend now.
    Maybe I should get my jaw wired shut!

    Mary: Good to see you back. Hope you caught some of the good vibes I sent your way.

  • This darn thread keeps asking me to login. I almost lost me post but he back button and copied it before I logged in for the third time. Lets hope this one works.

    Wrigley - I went to the COD mainly to get the balance of my lites (6 boxes). Not returning anyway. John tried to sell me additional weeks bless his heart. I stopped him and told him that I know he is trying to do his job but NO 'I will not be buying anything else'. I have gained weight which was no surprise to me.

    Star - I want your doctor. I was going to ask why it took so long for him to see you for your appointment but I just finished reading your post and understand now. He sounds as if he's worth the wait and is an angel. You can wait for angels to see you. I was in love with my first podiatrist to the point that my ex-husband was kind of jealous. I told him that if he ever was unfortunate enough to have terrible pain in his feet, he would understand why I loved Dr. Zelwin(with his fine self). This man had the chairside manner of a saint. I used to listen to how he talked to children and senior citizens and that was enough for me. He had a genuine heart for his patients and would call me at home to see how I was doing after my surgery. If only they could all be like that.

    Shennie - you are crazy with the nude pictures and therapy. It can't be that bad because you almost near goal.
  • Carmen~ I sometimes get 32 oz in between 8 and 10 at night, so I don’t know either. But I do know that when I don’t get in my water…nothing happens. I am sure TO will get you right on track and ready to go.

    Thanks sznn, but you still better not pass me up

    I am so glad the semester is almost over. I have 1 class tonight and then just have to turn in final papers next week. But I start my spring practicum in January and I have no idea how I am going to make it through that one- I have to work 20 hours a week on top of class and my regular 40 hour job, I swear if I make it to graduation I will be in such a daze I won’t even remember it.

    Deets~ I know you are out shopping today, but we miss you anyway.
  • Hi Bre - How is the job search going? I'm hoping you find something that is perfect for you and your cool self. Hopefully a place with a group of folks with an appreciation for your sense of humor.....
    One more thing about my doctor and then I'll shut up. When I was in the pre surgery room this time with my DH, the doc knew DH had hurt his back, well he talked to him about it for 15 minutes, told him what to do, etc. Then he turned to me and said 'your surgery is a piece of cake this time.' It ended up being a four hour surgery, but that's becuz he is so thorough.

    Shennie - You are really close to your goal - way to rock!
  • Hey Shennie
    Now how did you guess I might be SHOPPING?! LOL! I actually was RETURNING a lot today, I am a compulsive shopper and returner....
    My sons bus comes at 8am, by 10:30 Id already hit Target, Kohl's, Office Max, the craft store and a trip to the supermarket with the other 2 kids, then it was the other son to school and a conference at the other school - yadda yadda yadda!

    Im grabbing a min since my DH is home for the first night in 10 in a row and I dont have to do bathtime!!! After dinner, my best friend and I are hitting the mall (yes, more returns!!) and going out for coffee...I am NOT getting the Starbucks I wanted since I WI tomorrow and want to see the 136's!!! Ill be having some decaf tea

    Its been a long week, I cant wait to go out with an adult
  • Hey chicks -

    It's me, checking in late --

    Had to get out early for a publicity photo - I was playing fetch and carry - then did some work getting orders ready for people. . . Very interesting work.

    It's amazing, but there are associations for everything in this area - we were at the International Association of Fun Parks today - the prez's family has been involved in a family run park in NY (Rochester) for 105 years. Amazing.

    Looks like all are doing really well! Haven't gone to WI since Monday, but plan to go tomorrow - I've been leaving so early, that there doesn't seem to be much point to go later - I know I'll be up, and I know I've been OP, except for not getting in all my portions! And got to watch the water!

    I did have a NSV today - my size 14 relaxed fit black jeans fit well enough to wear in public! I'm not like a sausage in them!

    Star - sounds like your doctor is a marvel - you should send him vitamins at Christmas so he sticks around for several more years!

    Norrisa - looks like you have plenty of blackmail pictures for when your DK's become teenagers. . .

    Mary - I agree with you about learning to reach for better choices since I've been on LAWL -

    Regina - how was Branson? Is it pretty walkable?

    SNOW - yuck- I bought firewood this week - the guy said he thought it was going to be a tough winter - deers have more fat, more squirrels doing what squirrels do - bees have built nests/hives higher in trees. . . Just hoping that it stays away . . But with 26 tropical storms (a record) - should be interesting!

    Wrigley - glad you are more like yourself today!

    Beanie and Carmen - you are doing FAB girls - with TO -

    Carmen and Karen - love the new avatars -- okay, Carmen -is it a bookworm??

    Sy - have my fingers crossed for you at WI, chickie!

    Bre - fingers crossed for you and the job hunt!

    Shennie - WOW - nekkid pictures of yourself! Talk about bravery! You are joining Deets in the incredible shrinking woman club.

    Sznn - getting my mouth wired shut - that sounds like something they should start selling around the time the T-day turkeys come out. .

    Deets - I meant to post on the coffee drink - I'd have been tempted to count it as a dairy and a fat? You're already returning things?

    Hugs to all,