LAWL: Friends and Losers - Nov 2005

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  • Welcome all the newbies. I am practically new myself. You will enjoy this board.

    I love getting new ideas for meals from everyone. There are some good recipes I have found.

    Does anyone have the LA recipe that is in their cookbook for the Chicken Salad? I have heard that it is good and would like the recipe if someone doesn't mind posting for me.

    Thanks so much.
  • Pushin. I don't know much about the 3 day plan, so I hope soemone can help you with that and tell me what it is too.

    congratulations Sarah, you must be so happy.

    I am doing pretty good. Was 166.6 this morning, but i won't count it until tommorrow, especially since i went to a memorial service todaya and had soem salty food. i only had a spoonful of dressing, 1 piece of ham and a spoonful of macaroni had alot of green beans, but they were unsalted and for the older people so that was ok. (i am really proud of myself, because i mean a regular spoonful, not a serving spoon full) But i am tasting the salt and i have already had 8 glases of water, just sinc ei left there abotu 2 hours ago, plus I didn't have a bow movement yesterday and i really can't remeber if I had one the day before

    Kisha, let me know how you like the melba toast, it really isn't that bad. And if you got the 14 brs of lites in your box, that is considered a double box, so it counts as 2.

    Tina, i see your nov goal moves some..congrats.

    Just got back to work, i guess i should do dsome work, huh?

    Have a POP day everyone
  • Hi again, Thanks for the welcomes! The 3 day plan was from 2002. I really enjoyed it more. I think it was 2 eggs each day, plus unlimited protein, green veggies and, now this is where I can't really remember 2 or 3 glasses of the juice.

    Thanks again,

  • good evening all,

    i just had to come upstairs, as im doing take off and my family is downstairs having lasgna and garlic bread !! I hate the first day of take off, the second is no problem. The silly thing is im not going to the bathroom as much as i usually do. i hope im not going to retain alot of water. i am aiming for this take off to get me to my 20 lbs lost mark.
    tommorow will be hard it is my daughters first birthday and i have to make a cake . And she walked today

    okay time to give braden my 2 year old a bath, i am still trying to get the paint and dye off of him from halloween

    see you all later
  • Sarah: Congrats on the new addition!

    Shennie: You're doing awesome on the WL! Congrats to you girl!

    Angel: How are you doing on TO? Cheers to DD walking! Another milestone. Do you keep a baby book? Don't forget to post that date as babies first steps!

    Pushin: Welcome! I've only seen 2 version of Take Off, and both are 2 days, maybe the plan changed a little since 2002. Did you get the information you needed? I didn't see anyone post it, but I'm pretty sure that I posted 1 version a few months back. If needed, I will post again.
  • sy:

    Thanks! No, I'm still looking, but if I don't get it by tomorrow I will just go with what I know. Then I will go back to the purple plan to start. My biggest thing is using the bars again. They REALLY seemed to keep me on track. My hubby made me feel a little better this morning by saying he never would have thought I had gained back 20lbs. ( he didn't think it was that much). That made me feel a little better but also a little embarassed by admitting this to him. Especially after all the money I had spent to lose it in the first place. Oh well, I guess I just have to keep plugging away and not go back to my old habits.

    I'm getting back to my walking again too, after all summer of being laid up with a bad ankle. I just got over my ankle surgery, and the rain has finally stopped, so it feels good to be outside walking again.

    Have a great day all!

  • D: A lot of us here that have been or are in your shoes with the losing weight, making goal and regaining. Maintenance is the toughest part of the plan and one of the parts that are most neglected. Of course, I'll have a better idea if I ever, I mean WHEN I get to my current goal. Don't be embarrassed. Be proud of yourself that you realized it at 20 lbs instead of 55 lbs. I'll do a search for the take off stuff and post the link here.
  • Hey chicks!

    I'm going to be away for most of the morning; my DM is having a colonoscopy(SP?) and I'm designated driver. . .not sure if I'll go to WI today or tomorrow because of this. . but definately want to get in my 10 visits this month.

    About the scales - there's always a difference between my home scale and the COD scale -but my home scale doesn't have those nifty decimals. But - they should recalibrate it occasionally - wouldn't hurt to ask? Also, there can be a difference in the clothes, whether you've used the restroom between, or drank or ate anything?

    Sarah - woohoo -that's great news!

    Angel - how exciting that your DD walked yesterday! You may not have as much fluid to release this time if you've been careful with the sodium?

    Pushin - you are so smart to have come back to the plan at 20 pounds instead of regaining all the weight again - that's the life lesson I need to learn, too. . .When I joined a year ago, there wasn't a version of 3 day TO -- but you can do it for 3 days if you want

    Carmen - I'm still waiting to hear about what that costume looked like? I mean how hot is HAWT?

    Shennie -you're doing great!

    Hey Sy, Karen,Mary, Andi, Britt, Nana2girls, Bre, Regina,Beanie --- ! Sorry if I missed anyone!

  • Thank Sy,

    That's what I keep telling myself. it's good to hear it from others . Hang in there you'll meet your goal too. It really is a good feeling, I can't wait to have it again. My goal is 5lbs by Thanksgiving and 12 by Christmas and then finish off in the New Year. Last time I started 2 weeks before Christmas so I know what I'm up against.

    Julie: Thanks, your ticker is very impressive. Keep up the good work.

    Gotta get my son on the bus.

    Thanks again,

  • Good morning ladies!

    I had posted a long msg to you yesterday, after yours, and I still don't see it. Anyway, I was just saying, I guess if it's 2 boxes in this 1, than I have 14 boxes left instead of 28. I wonder if they're going to be paying attention to that real closely. They didn't mention it yesterday. But, man they were pushing for a bigger sale. They try to pretend so hard that they're concerned about you, but sometimes you can see the horns come out of 2 of the girls there. The others are great, just that these 2 are always adding up their checks right there, and talking about what they need to buy with it. Then when I don't buy something, they give me a look, and then aren't too friendly anymore. Like they're thinking, oh you wont get a sale off of her, so don't waste the muscles in your cheeks and chin smiling at her! One of them is a party girl, and gave me great ways to count rum and diet coke, and red wine as a fruit! I can't drink right now, because I'm nursing. Then again, I don't really drink anyway. But, it was funny how they just assumed I did! Did you get your pkg yet? Oh, thanks for the congratulations, and congratulations to you too! Girl, as soon as you get that number, you should record it! It's real!

    My update: This morning my scale said 178.2, a couple of times. Then later I went back and got on it, and it said LO. I was thinking wow, it thinks my weight is too low to read? HA HA!! Well, I guess I need to change the battery in it. I can't wait to see what the scale at the center says tomorrow. I try to wear the exact same thing that I weigh myself in at home to the center. It's usually something that barely weighs a couple of ozs. itself, like lycra workout clothes. Well, I'm going to go eat breakfast, because they're having a big ole party at the center for the new lites!!

    Hello to all the ladies!
  • goodmorning ladies,

    with referance to the diffrent weight, i have a weight in outfit. that way i know its true weight loss. the only thing that messes me up is that sometimes i go in the morning and others in the evening.

    i think at all centrs there are girls or guyswe dont like. I have 3 at our center that i dont get along well with, 2 girls, theyjust dont match my personality, i like people that are upbeat not ones tha just sit their, and the othe one is a guy, and he just has a cocky additude.

    well for me today it is still take off, and decorating my house for amelias , daughters 1st birthday!!!! Its amazing how fast the year has gone by. But how am i going to stay away from the birthday cake is the ???.

    have a great day everyone.

  • Just checking in.

    My dad has been in since Sunday and he's headed back to my sister's tomorrow (he lives 10 hours away, so my sister's house is a fun halfway point for him). We've been having a ball catching up. I so enjoy him. He turned 74 this year and is really enjoying his life at this stage.

    As for LAWL, I called my center yesterday with a question only to find out that yet another one of my favorite counselors has quit. I swear, they must pay these girls next to nothing. Of course, the very first thing the new gal has to say to me is "are you using your LA Lites." I guess I might as well get used to that question if the turnover is going to be this bad.

    Dad wants a hamburger for lunch today, so I've got to give up 2 perfectly good starches for that or eat it with 1/2 a bun!!

  • I just had a huge egg sandwich, I am trying to switch things up and ate 2 starches (I only get three) right off the bat and will eat a smaller meal for dinner. I usually only use 1/2 P, 1 S and 1F for breakfast but today, did a whole P, 2S and 1F. Going back to that "eat like a queen" for breakfast theory posted here. Hope it helps, I had a TERRIBLE WI week last week despite being POP and am paranoid about this week as well
  • Hey Andi, missed You around here. If you are making the burger at home andi, you can try bunless and add some ff cheese, onions and mushrooms and just cut it to eat it.

    Kisha~ I got it yesterday and thanks so muchÖyouíre a jewel.

    Pushin~ When I did take-off a while back, I messed up the first day and the counselor suggested me doing a 3rd day. I didnít really get much results from that 3rd day, think I went down like .2. So your 3 day plan might work a little better if you figure it out, plus my body can be way different than yours, so who knows.

    Angel~ Tell Amelia the chicks over at 3FC wish her a happy 1st birthday. I love first birthday parties, because the kids usually are so much more excited about playing with wrapping paper and boxes, they donít even care about the presents.

    I have to get on the water wagon today because yesterday was my aunts birthday and I took her out for dinner and had a margarita and some chicken w/ pasta. Not a lot of pasta so I think I was ok with that, but the sodium in the margarita did me in. (it was a small one, and I counted it as fruit and a fat, was that right?) I not a big drinker, but it was her day and I didnít want to damper the party by eating a salad with vinegar, if you know what I mean. But I am sure the sodium is kicking my butt now, especially since it was a late dinner and I didnít have enough time to get in more water after dinner last night. That little bit of alcohol had me tired.
    Plus I still haven't had a bm in three days now, so I am gettign worried, might get a laxitive tonight.
  • Deets~ are you on blue? I miss my extra starch from blue