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Unhappy What if you've fallen off for a day??

Hi... I started L.A. approx. 1 1/2 weeks ago, and was at a party on Saturday Night, and couldn't resist some of the food. I felt awful after I left, and know today, Monday, I still feel bloated and fat. I'm thinking maybe I should cut back on some of my food today, to make up for what I ate? Any thoughts?? P.S. I love this website, and am so glad I came across it. Thanks to all of you who post on here, it's a great help!
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Also try some warm lemon water to help with the bloating. One way that I had it explained to me about trying to compensate for the day before is that its the same as trying to catch up on sleep when you didn't get enough the day never really can do it. So just start the next day fresh and jump right back on board. I've found the longer I wait the harder it is to jump back on.
If you are really worried, maybe try to pick lighter food choices today, like a slice of bread rather than rice, lean seafood, rather than beef...etc.
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We are all human, we have slipups, it's normal. For me the best thing is to just get right back on the normal program, maybe add more water, make 'light' choices. One day of a "life happens" event won't ruin your plan. Letting one day drag on for a week will really mess up your progress. Just get right back on and keep on keeping on......
With time when you run into those 'life happens' events you will handle them much better......
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I just wanted to add to all these great comments. I agree with all of them and I too have fallen off but as long as you just get right on plan you will be fine... i started in June and have lost 24 lbs... i know it could be more, but like i say "Life happens" and you move on. just my 2 cents :-)
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you get back up and do it again
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